Three easy steps to create a water snake slim waist

Three easy steps to create a water snake slim waist

Yoga limbs are a large system, which consists of several parts, so that each part can maintain a good state in order to have a healthy body.

Yoga adjusts the physiological functions of various organs through asanas, pacing, and other methods to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body.

  Rear view slim waist: 1.

Sit upright with your legs straight and your toes pressed down.


The left leg is bent, the right leg is bent, the right heel is trying to approach the outside of the base of the left thigh, and the upper right is attached to the ground.


Inhale, twist your body to the left, and bend your left foot instead of the upper right. Insert your right hand around the left leg and insert it. Hold your left foot and replace it, exhale.

(I feel the fracture of the top and top, stay for a deep breath, slowly restore it, change the side, and do it again.

) Efficacy This method can stimulate the spine, correct the back spine, strengthen the abdominal muscles, stimulate the internal organs, make the liver function strong, eliminate excess meat in the waist, and adjust the central and sympathetic nerves.

  When doing important actions, the upper body must be kept straight and not bent.

  Three steps to get a thin waist and thin abdomen to enhance digestive function, promote metabolism, improve internal organ sagging, tighten muscles . Time: morning, middle, evening, can be practiced on an empty stomach before meals.

 Practice 5 ̄10 minutes each time, and each position can be used for 2 ̄3 rounds.

  Tiger style: waist-abdomen function: increase strong spinal and sciatic nerves, reduce aunts in the waist, hips, thighs, and strong reproductive organs, especially suitable for female exercises.

Kneeling with your legs bent on your knees, your hands supporting the ground, your body straight, your body in a quadrangle, your left and right wrists, and your arms forward.

 Inhale, raise your head, stretch your chest at the same time, and lift your right leg backwards.

Exhale while recovering the right leg to the abdomen, and lower your head.

The head is in contact with high blood pressure below the abdomen.

Repeat 4 to 6 times.

Change your left leg.

  V-shaped posture: The function of tightening the waist and abdomen: tightening the abdominal muscles, tightening and raising the protruding stomach, improving the drooping of internal organs, at the same time correcting the legs and correcting the spine.

Sit forward with your feet upright, bend your knees, hold the soles of your hands with both hands, and pull your fingers toward your chest.

 Inhale, straighten forward, straighten your chest, adjust your breathing, pull your feet up with your hands, stretch them straight, use the coccyx as the fulcrum, keep your body balanced, and breathe naturally 5 times.

 Exhale while slowly returning to the original sitting position.

  Cobra twist type: waist-abdomen effect: enhance digestive function, relieve constipation, promote metabolism, reduce waist, back, excess fat.

Prone position: Place your hands on your side and chin on the ground.

Inhale and support your body with gravity. Slowly raise your spine and tilt back in the order of head, neck, shoulders, and chest.

Exhale, twist your shoulders, head to the right and back at the same time, keep your posture, and breathe 5 times naturally.

Inhale, turn your shoulders and head back to the middle position, exhale in the opposite direction, keep your posture, and breathe 5 times naturally.

Inhale back to the middle position, exhale slowly back to the original prone position, you can relax your hips with your head sideways.