0-3 years old baby reading plan

0-3 years old baby reading plan

Reading, don’t think that this is just a matter of big talents.

For a young baby, he/she can also have a reading from a beautiful picture, and the mother can read it.

Especially for babies before the age of 3, it is much more important to help him/her form an attitude or concept than to teach them a specific skill (such as literacy, counting).

The significance of early reading is to let children get happiness from the book.

This kind of happiness can help them form a beneficial attitude towards the book and cultivate a lifelong appreciation.

Be a fashion parent, even if you are busy, you must enter the reading time with your child at some point in the day.

  Step 1: Reading for half an hour every day is the best way to guide your baby’s thinking. If you can tell a story to your child every day, you are an amazing mother.

Don’t underestimate the half-hour parent-child reading every day, it can make your child have great fun in the unlimited imagination space. The “puppy is angry” in your mouth, “the kitten becomes home” is all vividThe voice-over, while the small grass, small flowers, small animal expressions, colors and movements in the picture, also became a vivid picture because of the mother’s expression.

  A baby 0-3 years old, what can she/he remember?

Do we really need to insist on this?

  Psychologist Mei Shan said that when it is infancy, it needs environmental stimulation. Reading with children can stimulate her hearing, vision, big-oriented cards, and mother’s gaze to the baby, caressing, sweet voice to the baby.It is a kind of stimulation, and such stimulation must not be understood as to obtain a very shaped result.

Early education is as natural as a spring breeze that has passed through the earth. It cannot be regarded as a kind of teaching.

It is the form of our lives and the beautiful state of life between us and our children.

  This period is a period in which children’s language and intelligence develop rapidly. The baby learns from babbling, repeats the words “car”, “hat”, etc. until he can say simple sentences and express complete meaning in this process.In the middle, we are delighted to see the great progress of the baby.

Mother telling stories to her baby is a good puzzle training. We need to know the significance of telling stories to children repeatedly.

  When mothers are full of drama and passionately read the story to the baby over and over again, if it causes a poetic thought, implies a beautiful feeling, touches the human heart, our baby is like us, they alsoCan feel the existence of beauty.

It’s this repetition that repeats the child’s own imagination and the incomparable magic that comes from your participation, making the story the best way to influence your child’s thinking.

  Step 2: Start a reading game with your baby in a relaxed and warm atmosphere. Every day, we start our reading game with our baby in a relaxed and warm environment.

Even if he/she doesn’t quit a bunch of inexplicable words, we have to look at him/her with encouraging eyes: Wow, it’s as good as my mother.

Let him/her imitate your facial expressions, gestures and pitch changes and you will find that he/she is really smart.

When you talk to him/her about new words, you have to gesture to him/her to characterize them, and like the game, repeat these new words, the baby likes the mother to accompany him/her to read, tell the book.In the story, for the baby, the book is a toy that can be opened and closed to learn to speak.

  In the range he/she can see, put his/her little picture book, preferably have a cute little bookcase, let the baby realize that the colorful, picture-like things that are called books by the mother are very good., very fun stories and games.

  Step3: 0-3 years old, the baby grows in reading for 0-6 months. Mom uses the sound and expression to bring the baby to the world. The favorite reading game for the baby is 0-6 months. It is some catchy, rhythmic, short and delicate children’s songs.A colorful, simple-looking painting book.

The quality of the book must be good, the color contrast should be large, it is best to round the book, so as not to scratch the child.

This kind of reading not only allows the baby to understand the simple things around: fruits, vegetables, flowers, grass, toys, etc., but also cultivates the baby’s basic understanding of the rhythm and the initial impression of color, and cultivates their appreciation of the beauty.

  In fact, in addition to simple understanding, children can get more from reading games with their mothers.

Mother’s voice, expression, mother’s self-satisfaction when reading, can make the baby realize the mother’s love for reading, this love will melt into the child’s young life.

  6-12 months mother’s situation reading, let the baby read the world in the story For the children of this age, the mother can choose three kinds of stories.

First, simple enlightenment readings; second, simple stories and picture books that meet their comprehension; third, beyond their age, parents feel richer and more interesting readings, let him from the storytelling people’s tone, posture, expressionExperience the beauty brought by the story.

Of course, mothers should try to avoid reading stories that are too horrible, sad, and enduring.

  The third story requires parents to think about it when reading with their children.

A mother tells her story about Little Red Riding Hood to her less than one year old every night.

The child does not really understand the meaning of the story (he has never seen a real wolf or a gray wolf in the present), he just loves to hear the storyteller and likes her strokes.

The mother’s reading method is: when the little girl is lying in the red hat, touch the baby’s head, the little girl touches the baby’s hand when picking flowers, the little girl touches the baby’s body when she squats, the little red riding hat is eaten by the wolfWhen the baby is held tight, the hunter touches the baby’s belly when he cuts the gray wolf’s belly.

The scientist always changed the name of the hunter to the name of the child, and finally he couldn’t forget to compose a song that sang the little hunter.

Therefore, the most important point that children experience from “reading” is: love.

His understanding may be: encounter difficulties – small hands to solve – mother praise.

Through the mother, the child understands the story, appreciates the story, and realizes the meaning of reading.   A 1-2 year old baby understands life and experiences emotions while reading.

After the baby is 1 year old, he begins to learn to understand simple fables, jokes, poems, and novels.

All genres of literary works can be understood by children as long as they cover no more than the child’s life experience.

To choose a book for children, it is necessary to consider factors other than the knowledge content to enrich the child’s life experience and increase his/her appreciation of the literary works.

  At this time, parents should share their reading with their children every day.

Children of this age love grotesque stories.

A mother said that her child’s most laughed work is “A Strange Old Lady’s Story”: The old lady is going downstairs without taking the stairs, holding the bricks as a dish, falling off her head and falling off her butt, and, lostI can’t find it myself.

Parents of such stories can do it themselves.

At this stage, the children themselves can already enjoy the good emotions from reading.

On this basis, parents can develop a little more, and read some of the works that children like very much, but they like them very much.