Star White Bailu whitening maintenance method!


Star White Bailu whitening maintenance method!

Xiao Bian, even for people with lighter skin, will inevitably have a little freckle. Although it can’t be seen, it can still be found at close range.

Xiaobian is also very worried about how to remove the freckle of black people, seeing the star whitening and maintenance of the Heart Sutra, I am really happy.

Xiao Bian also found star care for those who want white and red skin.

  First of all, Xiao Yaxuan: The skin is too white, emphasizing freckle because of its natural whiteness. Xiao Yaxuan claims that he hardly tries whitening products in beauty skin care products, and does not even deliberately apply sunscreen.

“I actually want black, people who are often white want black, and black people want white.

“Even though the skin is inherently fair, as the saying goes, the whiter it is, the easier it is to get spots. Xiao Yaxuan Elva also has this trouble, because the skin is too white, so it is easy to see as long as there are a little spots. Therefore, Elva is easy to noticeof.
Whitening skin care products.

In addition, Xiao Yaxuan also strongly recommends grape juice and almonds, which are taken or rinsed with grape branch and leaf decoction, which has a good whitening effect.

Sweet almonds are rich in stool oil, protein, vitamin A, vitamin E and minerals, all of which are great nutritional supplements. They can help the skin resist oxidation and inhibit the formation of melasma.

  Second, Gao Yuanyuan: do enough moisturizing before whiteningIt will be more effective on skin full of moisture, just like a wet sponge, it can absorb moisture more.

“In addition, you must choose a sun protection index that suits you: Usually, the sun protection index is higher in summer and 15 times daily.” I’m not afraid of sun exposure. I wear hats in summer. I just fear sun spots.

Gao Yuanyuan thinks that girls don’t have to be too white, and their skin tone is evenly beautiful.

  Third, Kong Wei: pay attention to sunscreen and eat less celery. Sexy Kong Wei has become a new fashion darling because of her international face. Her personal experience in the whitening project is the most effective step. Sunscreen is the most effective step.The sun and ultraviolet rays have suffered more than 80% of the damage, so in summer I go out and apply sunscreen and then use an umbrella.

Use sunscreen when you apply makeup.

“Home-made whitening mask: Soak the mask paper bought from the supermarket outside in cucumber juice and leave it on for 15 minutes. The whitening and cleaning effect is very significant.

In addition, in summer, eat less celery, easy to grow spots, eat more foods containing vitamin C, some fruits.

“If you have been exposed to the sun during the day, you can try to cool the skin with ice-covered Fang Li, and cover it with a towel wrapped in ice cubes, so that it is not easy to leave spots.

  Fourth, Huo Siyan: Bai Li turns red to develop healthy skin. Huo Siyan, like Elva, is also a natural “bone essence”. Her skin is very white, but she is worried about the skin’s hydration.
However, sometimes because the skin is too white but there is no blood color, it is estimated that Huo Siyan’s favorite food supplements are barley kernels and red dates.Rock sugar, it tastes good, and barley has a good whitening effect.

“And adding red dates can make your face rosy and healthy, and look good.” In fact, I think the most beautiful girl should be a healthy color, and the skin with redness in the white is the most beautiful.Many beauty holy products.

“When Huo Siyan is okay, he will chew Ejiao dates for snacks.