The efficacy and role of Dendrobium officinale and how to eat it

The efficacy and role of Dendrobium officinale and how to eat it

Dendrobium officinale, a perennial epiphytic herb of the orchid family.

Born on 1600 meters above sea level in semi-humid rocks, it enjoys a warm and humid climate and a half-yin and half-yang environment, and is not cold-resistant.

Generally can withstand low temperature of -5 ℃.

Dendrobium can be divided into dozens of species such as yellow grass, golden tincture, horsewhip, etc. Dendrobium candidum is the best of Dendrobium. It is named after the skin is iron-green.

Dendrobium officinale has unique medicinal value. It is used for its stem. The name of the traditional Chinese medicine: Dendrobium, a yin tonic in the tonic medicine. Chinese Pharmacopoeia: Yiweishengjin, nourishing yin and clearing heat.

  Efficacy and role of Dendrobium candidum: The stem of Dendrobium candidum is processed and twisted into a spiral shape while being fried.

  The taste is slightly salty, and the wild maple bucket is not cold and cold, it has the function of nourishing the stomach, nourishing yin, clearing heat, and removing troubles.

Can cure dry mouth and thirst, deficiency of fever or yin deficiency after the illness, and deficiency of body fluid in the elderly.

Available with 6-12 grams of decoction or tea service.

  The Qin and Han Period “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” records that Dendrobium candidum “in the main injury, removes paralysis, lowers qi, fills the five internal organs, exhausts, leans, strengthens yin, and thickens the stomach for a long time”; a Taoist medical classic published more than 1,000 years ago”Dazang” lists Dendrobium officinale as the first of “Chinese Nine Immortals”; Li Shizhen evaluated Dendrobium officinalis in “Compendium of Materia Medica” for its strong yin and essence, thick intestines and stomach, nourishing insufficiency, flat stomach, long muscles, and nourishingIt is known as “saving life grass” by modern folks. The stems of modern Dendrobium officinale can clear away heat, relieve inflammation, relieve pain, moisturize the throat, and have a good effect on the treatment of hoarse voice.

There are many ancient books about the efficacy and role of Dendrobium.

An allusion to the Dendrobium officinale record “Compendium of Materia Medica”: In addition to removing qi and qi, supplementing the five internal organs, depleting, losing weight, strengthening yin and refining.

Jiufu, thick intestines and stomach, nourishing insufficiency, flat stomach, long muscles, hot and suffocating from skin to skin, hot and cold feet, knees, pain, cold and weak, fixed wisdom and shock, light weight prolonged.

Replenish qi and remove heat, Jianyang, wind and paralyze the skin, keep cold in the bone, and nourish the kidney and strengthen the body.

Smelt from perspiration.

    ”Shen Nong’s Compendium of Materia Medica”: in the main injury, remove paralysis, lower qi, tonic the five internal organs, toil, thin, strong yin.

Jiufu has a thick stomach, light weight, and longevity.

    ”The Book”: sweet and flat.

In the main injury, remove paralysis, lower gas, make up the five internal organs, fatigue, weakness, strong yin, long serving thick stomach.

The outline of the fourth year of Dendrobium officinale seedlings: sweet and slightly salty, treating fever and spontaneous perspiration, and stagnating the kidney and purging the pus.

    ”Summary of Compendiums”: Qingwei in addition to deficiency heat, Shengjinya strain, replaced tea, appetizers and spleen.

Definitely shock the wind, can calm sputum, Gan Fang lowering qi.

    ”Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”: It is slightly salty, treats fever and spontaneous perspiration, and pains and ulcers and pus.

    ”Pharmaceutical Pharmacology”: cure lung deficiency and cough.

    ”Don’t record”: Yijing tonic is absolutely inadequate, flat stomach, long muscles, hot skin and evil heat, weak feet and knees, Jianyang, kidney tonic.

    ”Rihuazi Materia Medica”: treatment of weak and weak muscles and bones, warm water and dirty, nourishment, flattening qi, and purifying evil.

    ”Compendium of Materia Medica”: Healing dreams and slippery essence.

    ”Ben Cao Xin Xin”: Regulates stomach qi, clears stomach fire.

In addition to thirst in the heart, the kidneys can be treated with deficiency of heat, soothe the nerves, and relieve night sweats.

    ”Argument on Compendium of Materia Medica”: Dendrobium is a kidney medicine, a lung medicine, and a gastrointestinal medicine.

    ”Chinese Pharmacopoeia”: Yiweishengjin, nourishing yin and clearing heat, used for yin injury and loss.

  下面随小编看下石斛的一些药膳食疗方法铁片石斛的食用方法:  一、西洋参石斛茶  [原料]西洋参5克,石斛30克。  [Manufacturing method]First, the American ginseng is mixed, washed, dried or dried, cut into pieces, put into a container, and set aside.

Pick Dendrobium, wash it, dry it, cut it into pieces, put it in a casserole, add enough water, and boil over high heat, cook over low heat for 30 minutes, filter with clean gauze, remove the residue, collect the juicePut it in a container with American ginseng tablets, cover it with stuffy for 15 minutes, and replace.

(Or crush American ginseng and Dendrobium into fine powder and drink it on behalf of the tea, 3 times each time?
5 grams per day?
2 times.

)  [吃法]当茶,可分上、下午2次,频频饮用,代茶饮服,当日吃完。  [Effect]Ziyin Yangwei, Shengjin cough.

This therapeutic formula is suitable for patients with stomatitis due to deficiency of stomach yin and real fever.
  [Comment]American ginseng is cool in nature, sweet in taste, slightly bitter, good at nourishing qi and nourishing yin, and clearing fire.

Modern pharmacological research proves that American ginseng can improve the body’s disease resistance and inhibit the growth of polysaccharides.

The function of Dendrobium to nourish the stomach and yin, and to stimulate the body fluids. Clinical research data show that Dendrobium is effective for cancer chemotherapy, radiotherapy, radiation injury and yin deficiency due to excessive thirst, dry throat, dry stool and constipation.

The two flavors are compatible with diet teas, which have obvious nourishing yin and nourish the stomach, regenerating and relieving cough, and have better adjuvant treatment effect on patients with gastric yin deficiency fever leukemia complicated with stomatitis, especially suitable for children and elderly patients with hypertension., Steamed Dendrobium snail raw materials: green snail (Snail snail) 1500 grams, pork spine 9 grams, Dendrobium 6 grams.

  Seasoning: Saline-alkali production method: 1.

The green snails spit out mud, washed, scalded with boiling water, and picked up.

The soup is filtered and retained.


Pick out the snail meat, wash it with brine, drain, and mix in a stew pot.

The pork spine is cut into pieces and the blood is removed with boiling water.


The snail juice and Dendrobium are first boiled in a small pot for about 20 minutes, then the residue is removed, and the juice is filtered and set aside.


Pour the medicinal sauce into the stew pot, and then place the pork spine on the surface of the snail meat in the pot. After simmering for about 1 hour, add salt and serve immediately.

  Features: Fresh and slightly sweet.

  Efficacy: Dendrobium, stewed with green snails, and pork, can nourish yin and moisturize, urinate urinate, quench thirst, and water, reduce skin weakness, constipation, dry cough, and stay drunk.

  Three, Yangyin Xiaoke soup raw materials: 6-9 grams of Dendrobium, Kaidong, Yuzhu, Nansha ginseng, Polygonatum sibiricum, cooked land, Huaishan, Poria, 12 grams each, 5 grams of peel.

  Usage: Feel free to add an appropriate amount of lean meat or chicken, add eight bowls of boiling water and cook for three hours.

Season with salt.

Efficacy: It is quite effective for diabetes and thirst certificates, excessive liver and stomach yin injury caused by excessive tobacco and alcohol.

  Fourth, Dendrobium cassia granules raw materials: Dendrobium, American Ginseng 30-50 grams each, Chinese wolfberry, chrysanthemum, dodder, Shayuanzi, Ligustrum lucidum, Cassia seed plantago 60 grams each, Salvia miltiorrhiza 60-80 grams.

  Usage: Research on Chinese medicine.

3-5 grams twice daily.

Boiling water.

It is better to take it continuously for more than three months.

  Efficacy: Effective for hypertension, glaucoma, cataract and other symptoms caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency.

  Five, American ginseng stew Dendrobium materials: American ginseng, Dendrobium 6 grams each, four dates.

  Use the law: Add the above ingredients and lean pork or peeled chicken to an appropriate amount, add five bowls of boiling water to an electric earthenware pot, turn on the power before going to bed, and simmer for one night on low heat. You can take it at any time after getting up in the morning.use.

  Efficacy: nourishing qi and promoting energy, nourishing stomach and nourishing yin.