Seven medicated recipes to help you fight aging

Seven medicated recipes to help you fight aging

Many people in life dream of having a look that never ages and youth.

But years are ruthless. As you get older, wrinkles at both ends will increase.

So, what foods can help us fight aging in our daily lives?

Below I will introduce seven medicated recipes to help you fight aging.

… Seven medicated recipes help you anti-aging lemon honey juice. Infuse an appropriate amount of honey in the other bottle in the morning, then cut the lemon into thin slices and dip in the honey.

Mix with cold water (warm boiling water can be used in winter), this can make the skin tender and smooth, and freckles and dark spots can be placed.

  Apricot flower almond 12g, osmanthus 6g, moderate amount of rock sugar, mash the almonds, cook in the pot for 15 minutes, then cook the osmanthus for another 10 minutes, filter out the residue and add the rock sugar to taste and serve.

The fragrance is fragrant, delicious, and has the effects of beauty, skin and freckle. It is recognized that women often drink it all year round.

  Tremella medlar tremella 15 grams, medlar 25 grams.

Put the white fungus and wolfberry into the pot, add an appropriate amount and fry it with simmered heat to add a thick sauce. Add honey and fry for 5 minutes.

Once every other day, warm water to serve.

This recipe has the effects of nourishing yin and kidney, nourishing qi and blood, moisturizing the skin, and good color.

  Bird’s nest and jujube soup: 25g of bird’s nest, 15g of jujube, and brown sugar. Soak the bird’s nest with water to remove impurities. Then, put it in the pot with jujube (denucleated).

This formula has the effect of nourishing and wrinkles, making the complexion shiny and moisturized.

  Ginger jujube tea 200g ginger, 200g jujube, 20g salt, 30g licorice, 30g each clove and agarwood.

The medicine is mashed into coarse powder and uniform. Take 10-15 grams every morning and soak in boiling water for 10 minutes.

This formula can be used for a long time to make the skin rosy and smooth.

  Cosmetic cream fresh ripe papaya, fresh milk each amount.

Cut the papaya into small pieces, add water and cook with the sugar until the papaya is ripe. Then mix the fresh milk and bring it to a boil.

This formula has the effect of beauty skin care, black hair, regular drink can make the skin smooth, tender, delicate, wrinkles reduced, and complexion.

  The shamisen beauty juice cuts ravioli, carrots, and apples into small pieces, adds them to the juice maker, twists them, and seasons them with any honey.

Contains a large amount of phosphorus, potassium and multivitamins, carrots, apples contain the fruit acids, carotene can restore skin nutrition, make it shiny, delicate and soft.