Office white-collar workers should not lie on their backs

Office white-collar workers should not lie on their backs


Since ancient times, the so-called “three-cold and two-full” regimen has been adopted. For white-collar workers at work, the control of three-cold and seven-full can be achieved.

Not all units can provide you with a nap time. Even if you have time, how do you sleep at this nap?

Lie on your back or on your back?

  After lunch, to ensure the digestion and absorption of food, most of the body’s blood flows to the digestive system, and the blood in the brain is relatively reduced. In addition, after working or studying in the morning, the brain cells are also fatigued, so they are drowsysense.

  This drowsiness during midday is the performance of normal sleep and awake biological rhythms. It is adjusted by siesta. Siesta can compensate for lack of sleep at night, which can relax and rest the human brain and various systems of the body., Work or study at night.

  In addition, napping can also protect the brain and relieve tension.

When sleeping, not only the nerve cells of the cerebral cortex are protected and inhibited, but also the rest of the body is fully rested. The muscles of the whole body are relaxed, and the physical energy consumed by the activity can be gradually recovered.The organ can work normally on top of calmness.

  Having said so much, I just want to tell everyone that it is natural to be sleepy in summer.

However, many companies now only have an hour’s break at noon. Apart from eating time, there is only half an hour left for you to take a break.

So how can female friends use this half an hour to take a meaningful nap?

  Teach you the right way to nap: 1. Try to lie on a chair as much as possible to reduce the discomfort of sleeping with your head on your head.

  2. Do not take more than 20 minutes for each nap.

  3. For those who wear contact lenses, it is best to take off the lenses before taking a nap, so as not to feel sour in the eyes.

  4, immediately after taking a nap, wash your face, drink a cup of hot tea, sugary sweet drinks will make the body tired easily, try not to drink.

  Keep in mind three taboo nap taboos: one avoids sitting or lying on the snoring. Too many people are sitting or lying on the edge of the table to take a nap because of the conditional restrictions. They have long formed the habit of sitting or lying on their backs.

  Second, the longer the siesta, the better. The siesta time is preferably half an hour to one hour. Sleeping too much. As you go into deep sleep, you will feel uncomfortable after waking up.

  Three bogey siesta siesta can not be casually under the corridor, in the shade of the tree, on the grass, lying on the concrete floor and sleeping on the ground, and do not take a nap in the wind or the wind.

Because the person’s body temperature regulation central function declines during sleep, the severe case suffers cold and cold, the mild person wakes up and feels unwell.

  Napping on your stomach is more harmful: Hazard one: Because your eyes are oppressed while sleeping on your stomach, temporary blurred vision usually occurs after you take a nap.

In the long-term, it will cause excessive intraocular pressure, which will cause the eyeballs to swell over time, increase the axis of the eye, form high myopia, and easily increase the incidence of glaucoma.

  Harm two: Because lying on the bed and sleeping, many nerves are oppressed. When napping, they often worry in their hearts and sleep less securely.

At the same time, please note: Don’t rush to take a nap after a meal.

Because if you eat lunch and lie on the table immediately to sleep in the morning, it will affect the digestive function of the stomach and cause the stomach to swell.

  Hazard 3: Sleeping on your stomach, long-term pressure on your arms and face will affect normal blood circulation and nerve metabolism, make your arms and face numb and even feel sore.

Over time, it can develop into localized nerve palsy or deform the face.

Therefore, white-collar friends, if possible, try not to lie down on your stomach and take the correct nap.