Morning and night abdominal massage helps detox

Morning and night abdominal massage helps detox

The pace of life is fast, and there is no regular diet. Many white-collar workers often have a decreasing amount of “poison” in their bodies. Detoxification has become a healthy slogan for women after the holiday.

  In fact, the so-called “poison”, according to traditional Chinese medicine, is the residue of the old toilet inside the initialization.

White-collar workers do not prevent trying these methods and eliminate the “poison” in the body as soon as possible.

  The first is diet adjustment.

To eat rough, eat some coarse foods, such as pumpkin, potatoes, corn and the like.

Eat more vegetables and fruits, such as celery, chives, spinach, bananas and persimmons.

  The second is exercise resistance.

It is recommended that white-collar women walk fast for 30 minutes every day, it is best to do a set of aerobic exercises every day to help the body promote metabolism, so that the waste in the body can be completely released through sweating.

  The third is self-massage.

The doctor introduced a white-collar self-massage method: hold the palm under the navel and massage 50 times clockwise, then 50 times counterclockwise, once in the morning and evening, it is recommended to use palm massage.