Whole wheat foods help children fight cancer

Whole wheat foods help children fight cancer

Scientists from Georgetown University used female laboratory mice as their subjects to study the effects of these different foods eaten during pregnancy on the health of offspring.

  In the experiment, the diet of pregnant female rats was kept at about 6% of plant fiber. The sources of these fibers were different. They were derived from whole wheat flour, oat flour, and defatted flaxseed powder.Artificially extracted cellulose feeds.

After the mother rats gave birth to mice, they were then injected with a formaldehyde-inducing chemical.

  The results showed that the offspring of the whole wheat flour fiber group had the lowest prevalence of diabetes; the offspring of the defatted corn kernel fiber group and the replacement reference had a higher probability of developing diabetes; the oat meal fiber group was not much different from the corresponding.

  Scientists also say that women eating more whole grain foods during pregnancy may be beneficial to the health of future generations.