Thin waist yoga cut round waist _1

Thin waist yoga cut round waist

Under the influence of the cold currents in winter, many otakus and otakus chose to stay at home, resulting in a significant reduction in exercise volume, coupled with the temptation of unbearable food, swimming circles increased.

Today, Xiaobian recommends several thin waist yoga exercises for everyone, reminding you not to neglect exercise because of the cold weather, good body is not lazy.

  The seated position is reversed. 1, sit on the yoga mat with your legs straight up, and insert your arms into the floor on your side.

Bend your left leg and step your left foot outside starboard.

  2. Cross your left leg over your right leg. If possible, wind your left foot to the right calf and hook your left foot to your right.

  3. Hold your hands on the back of your hips and prepare for inhalation. When exhaling, start the entire lower body from the waist to turn to the right until your left knee hits the ground.

  Side waist contraction 1, sit sideways on yoga, support the ground with your left hand, insert your right hand into the standing right knee and prepare.

  2. Lift your left hip, lift your body off the ground, and support your body with your left hand and left knee.

  3, the right hand runs along the side, driving the curve on the right side.

During the pause, let the body stretch the flank muscles, and then exercise while changing.

  Triangle style 1, ready for mountain standing.

  2. Keep your feet apart about twice the width of your shoulders, extend your left foot by 90 degrees, and turn your right foot by about 30 degrees. Keep your hands flat and the side height.

  3. When you breathe in, feel that the spine extends to the top of your head. When you exhale, tilt your upper body to the left, and then slowly place your left hand on the ground or left leg. Do not step on the tendon after your legs.Insert your waist and feel that the left buttocks and coccyx are pushed inward, making the right buttocks and left buttocks feel overlapped.

Finally, straighten your right hand upwards, keeping your hand in line with the front, and if possible, turn your eyes to the tip of your right finger.

When you’re done, change side.