The beauty of life starts from the mouth

The beauty of life starts from the mouth

As the saying goes: Toothache is not terrible.

The nerves in the oral cavity are abundantly distributed. The nerves buried under each tooth are like a tree root. They can be felt by anyone who has extracted teeth. This small wound can cause pain for several days, and people oftenIt only cares about the health of large organs in the body, and ignores oral health.

  Would you do an oral exam once a year?

Will you clean your teeth every six months?

Can you stick to your daily routine of brushing your teeth sooner or later?

If you have a toothache, will you go to the hospital for treatment immediately?

Did you know that oral diseases can affect other diseases?

Most of the people interviewed by the reporters from the West China Metropolis Daily had almost no oral examinations, and very few people cleaned their teeth.

  The “Guide to Oral Health of Chinese Residents” states that oral health directly or indirectly affects general health.

Some microorganisms exist in the oral cavity for a long time, which can cause or aggravate certain systemic diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc., endanger the health of the whole body and affect the quality of life.

For example, diabetic patients have reduced anti-infection ability, often accompanied by periodontitis, difficult to heal tooth extraction wounds, doctors and patients with early oral lesions and so on.

  Experts advocate more healthy tooth life. Parents will let their children eat less sugar when they are young, to prevent bad teeth and worm teeth, but once they grow up, the permanent teeth are fixed. Such an admonition is treasured in memories.

On the contrary, the high incidence of adult dental caries and unclean hygiene habits have led to more and more oral diseases.

It is precisely due to the increase in these hard needs that a large number of specialized dental hospitals have emerged. There is no need to wait in line for medical treatment. In the community, on the street, every street has a dedicated dental chair for you, even more and more.More and more chain dental specialist hospitals have also promoted tooth health to people’s lives. One-on-one services by professional doctors and disposable dental treatment tools have avoided cross-infection in dental treatment.

Although it is medically guaranteed, prevention is better than cure. If the tooth is not painful, you will not patronize here. You still follow your habit to overdraw the tooth health unbridledly, and make up for bad teeth.The scar forgot the pain and hurt it again.

  Experts suggest: Do n’t chew food and chew your teeth. It is also a “facade” for a person or even a city. From the past, rinsing with water to brushing your teeth with toothpaste to the use of drug mouthwash, people not only pay attention to oral hygieneIn addition, regular inspections and deep cleaning of the oral cavity are required to prevent dental caries, periodontitis and even other oral diseases.

If the tooth is not good, the appetite is not good. If the appetite is not good, nutrition cannot be fully absorbed, and the entire body function is in a sub-healthy state.

Although the mouth is small, it is the first way for people to eat and absorb nutrients. Only by protecting the way can life be better.

  Related sub-health solutions: darkened face, dry teeth, fragile gums (bleeding in the kidneys), bleeding gums, loose teeth (renal and spleen failure), repeated oral ulcers (inadequate liver blood), oral ulcers (gastric insufficiency), gasping with bad breathStomach qi and stomach fire are excessive) Mouth ulcer (poor liver and blood) Bad breath (spleen and stomach failure) Dry mouth (kidney disease)