Different day and night skincare priorities


Different day and night skincare priorities

The skin condition is different at different moments, so the skin care points and techniques are different between day and night.

So, what are the key points and techniques for skin care during the day and night? Let ‘s compare them: Morning muscle warming: Mask is applied to the skin in the morning after a night of repair, it is in the best state, so there is not muchFor care, you only need to clean away the excess oil secreted that night, and add water.

  Many MMs, especially those with oily skin, will feel up early in the morning, and the skin is dull, which is a manifestation of severe skin dehydration.

Why not use 3?
Make a mask in 5 minutes.

  Applying a mask in the morning will always make the skin exceptionally bright and hydrated, making it easier to apply makeup in the future.

In addition, you can use a mask for emergency repairs in the early morning the next morning when you fall asleep without removing makeup, and the effect is also very good.

  Tip: Skin has its own biological clock.

At 8pm to 11pm, the micro blood vessels have the weakest resistance and are susceptible to susceptibility. At this time, it is not appropriate to apply a mask.

  Quick skin rejuvenation: It ‘s important to wash your face at night to strengthen your makeup and remove makeup. It ‘s just that you are applying heavy makeup or light makeup today. Even if you do n’t have makeup today, you just apply a layer of isolation and make up makeup removal.The cleanser washes away.

The makeup of the cream category belongs to lipophilic makeup and has strong adhesion to the skin. It cannot be cleaned with a simple hydrophilic facial cleanser at all.

  Therefore, it is best to choose a foam type of facial cleanser at night, which can deeply clean the face.

In the morning, you can change to a milder facial cleanser to remove the oil secreted from the face overnight.

  Tip: In order to make the skin cleaner, some people have suggested using a facial cleanser twice at night, which is too misleading.

If everyone does that, I believe that it won’t be long before the skin’s own moisturizing ability is destroyed and the skin becomes dry and sensitive.

  More accurate maintenance: Day Cream vs Night Cream The biggest difference between day cream and night cream is their ability to be absorbed by the skin.

Day cream focuses on isolation, like putting a protective coat on the skin, while night cream is a nutrient for the skin, mainly repairing and nourishing.

At least, replace softer night creams before the age of 25; over 25 to 40 years of age, the skin has just begun to age and replace nutrient-rich night creams; and those over 40 years old can choose night creams with enhanced repair and nutrition.

  If you have oily skin and excessive oil secretion from your skin, choose a refreshing day cream; if you have mixed skin, avoid using T-zones when using a day cream; if you have dry skin, choose dry skinDedicated day cream.

When applied, a little massage can help the skin absorb more effectively.

  TIPS: Many people do not have the habit of day cream and night cream, which will cause very serious consequences.

Use night cream in the morning, especially in summer. Excessive nutrition may cause the pores to be blocked due to excess nutrients. After the skin becomes dull and dull, it will not escape the signs of acne and blackheads.