7 kinds of sports can both enhance intelligence and lose weight

7 kinds of sports can both enhance intelligence and lose weight

Our brain has about 100 billion neurons. Although the development of the brain is mainly carried out in childhood, the results of continuous innovation show that neuron cells will continue to produce and change in adulthood.

Although some of them will decline with age, as long as you can exercise, you can promote the regeneration of brain cells!

  Activity 1 Walking: Many office workers often repeat because they work long hours and are busy, without having time to exercise.

As a simple and effective cardiopulmonary exercise, walking is more effective than ordinary walking: the heart rate is increased by 13%, and the amount of oxygen obtained by the brain is increased by at least 5%.

Walking can also balance the coordination of hands and feet and enhance the body’s dominance.

  Walking is recommended to be at least 3 times a week, and the speed is adjusted according to your own ability. Every half hour or so, it can promote 15% of the brain’s learning ability, attention and abstract reasoning ability.

  Activity 2 Yoga Researchers in the United States have found that yoga can improve a person’s intelligence level, relax people’s mood and improve their ability to control the body.

  Yoga is one of the most popular fashion activities for local women in the past two or three years.

  After comparing all the postures of yoga, the researchers found that the backward bending position is the most helpful to improve IQ, but also reminded that the softness and flexion of the body depends on each person’s ability.is the most important.

  At the same time, in addition to improving the health of the human body, replenishing vitality and taking a short break, yoga can also help reduce anemia, epilepsy, prevent vein dilatation, irregular menstruation, insomnia, headache, and constipation.

  Activity 3 Go dancing to HipHop on the weekends, or learn line dancing, becoming one of the coolest weekend leisure activities nowadays.

  Animals are born with many abilities, and humans exercise their brains by constantly mastering new skills.

  Do n’t think it ‘s easy to learn dance. Remember that dance moves rely on the organization and understanding of the left brain. To keep up with the beat and jump out of the charm and beauty, it is the right brain ‘s coordination and imagination of the limbs.

  Activity 4 Cycling Studies have shown that when riding a bicycle, the body secretes a “happy” hormone, which makes us open-minded and refreshed.

  In the East Coast Park on weekends, a group of adults and children who love cycling are gathered.

  Studies have shown that when riding a bicycle, the body secretes a “happy” hormone, which makes us open-minded and refreshed.
  At the same time, riding a bicycle makes you not only pay attention to the environmental impact of the week, but also do a good job of balancing hands and feet, and promote blood circulation, so that the brain eliminates more oxygen.

So, every time you ride a bicycle, you may feel clear and thinking.

  Activity 5 Swimming Swimming can promote the development of brain cells.

  The massage and stimulation of blood vessels at both ends can improve our nervous system’s ability to respond to the outside, and promote the development and use of the right brain.

  Activity 6 Table tennis scientific research shows that table tennis requires the brain to think quickly and nervously, promote blood circulation in the brain, provide sufficient energy to the brain, and have good brain function.

  When playing table tennis, the eyes are aimed at table tennis. It constantly adjusts and moves far and near, up and down, left and right, and constantly contracts and relaxes the ciliary muscle and extraocular muscles, which promotes the blood supply and metabolism of the eyeball tissue.Effectively improve the function of the ciliary muscle.

  Activity 7 Although there are no four seasons in spring, many people like to go skiing in countries with winter.

  When gliding, the close cooperation of eyes, hands, legs, and feet can train the reaction speed to the maximum extent, especially the alpine skiing has created a strong sense of success and improved a person’s self-confidence in facing various challenges.

  In addition, when skiing, coordination, softness, and exercise at the same time.

  Exercise can improve both intelligence and weight loss. This is a perfect solution.

Relief of pulses, meticulous generation, etc.

Relief of pulses, meticulous generation, etc.

The slow pulse is all around, unhappy, not slow, not strong, not weak, the pulse is gentle, the hardness of the pulse, and the tension is moderate. It is a normal pulse with stomach qi. It is found in healthy people.

The disease is found in the dampness syndrome that the air machine is trapped in wetness, or recovers after the illness.

  Hongmai (with large veins) has a large pulse shape. The pulses come like waves, they rise and fall, the pulse shape is wide, and the change is large.

The main hot card is Yang hot.

Common in patients with high fever.

  Big pulse: The pulse shape is large and the situation of prosperity and decline is mostly the phenomenon of disease progression. The so-called big disease progresses (large and powerful), and the main is positive (large and weak).

  The veins (small veins) are as thin as a line, the veins are narrow, and the fluctuation is small.

Master deficiency syndrome (qi deficiency and blood deficiency).

Common in patients with deficiency, chronic diseases.

  The small veins are also the fine veins. The main disease is the same as the fine veins.

  The pulse counts quickly, and sometimes it stops, and there is no fixed number, that is, the pulse is interrupted quickly.

For Yang Sheng heat, or stagnation of qi, blood, phlegm and food, is found in stagnation of qi, blood, phlegm, food, stasis, pain, and heat syndrome.

The pulse is thin and weak, and it is mostly a sign of collapse.

  The knots and pulses come slowly, and there is only one stop, and there are no fixed numbers, that is, the pulse is slow and irregular intermittently, which is the cold and stasis of yin or qi and blood stasis.Wait.
The result of weakness and weakness is qi and blood deficiency, which is found in arrhythmias caused by chronic fatigue and various types of cardiovascular disease.

  The pulses come to rest, only a fixed number, can not be returned, long-term re-activation, that is, regular interruption, the pulse beats to a certain number to stop once, the rest time is shortened, it is a sign of visceral gas failure, which can be seen in the rhythmArrhythmia, triplet, etc.

Yoga: Practice Perfect Shape

Yoga: Practice Perfect Shape

Face-to-knee (constricted thighs and knees) face up, legs straight.

Take five breaths.

Inhale, straighten your arms, and hug your calves to fully stretch your upper body.

Take five breaths.
Exhale and restore your legs.

  Stretch your legs and lie face up with your legs straight.

Use a long cloth strip to bypass the sole of the left foot so that the left leg is properly raised and held for a moment.

Keep your legs straight, as close to the front as possible.

After 20 seconds, lean your upper body forward, close to your legs, and lie back slowly.

Change your right leg.

  The kitten position (pressurized spine) helps support the shoulders and crawls crisply on the floor.

Inhale, arch your back upwards and move your chest and head.

Exhale, slowly retract your back and head, and do this action as if someone was irritated by the cat.

Repeat 5 times.

  Puppy-down (retracting the legs, side ribs) with all four limbs on the ground.

Exhale, straighten your legs until you want to bend, straighten at the same time, and step on the ground.

Keep the rate.

Inhale, straighten your legs and exercise your quadriceps for a minute.

  Slightly forward (contracting the legs and back) and extend, with feet as wide as shoulders and arms hanging down from the sides.

Exhale, leaning your hips forward and your legs upright and relaxing.

Hold for a minute.
  Cobra (constricted back, hips, intercostal muscles) face down, palms on the ground.

Exhale, step on the floor, lift your head, raise your chest, and press your legs against the ground.

Straighten your arms (but not tense) and lift them up for 30 seconds.

  The butterfly (tighten the tailbone and insert the thighs) sits on the floor, with the back straight, the soles of the two feet in contact, and crosses open.

With the heels facing each other, clamp the pelvis and squeeze your feet firmly.

Hold for 2 minutes.

Exhale and slowly spread your feet apart.

  The child’s posture (constricted spine) is brittle on the ground, and the toenails touch the ground.

Sit up on your heels, exhale, and crawl forward with your forehead on the ground.

Relax your arms and place them on the floor for two minutes.

Breathe naturally.

  The legs are separated in a triangle posture, with a distance of four feet in the middle, the left foot is rotated 15 degrees, the right foot is extended 90 degrees, and the arms are straightened in the body.

Exhale, bend your upper body to the side, put your right hand on the right leg for support, hold for 45 seconds, inhale, recover, and change to the other side.

Get rid of blackhead edema 3 strokes to return you Baijing_1

Get rid of blackhead edema 3 strokes to return you

Spring is coming to an end. The rising temperature followed the climate to announce the beginning of early summer. Instead, it disrupts the renewal cycle of the stratum corneum. The skin’s water retention capacity is reduced. The skin is rough and dry.But his face became stink, why not make people crazy?

In the face of the small temper of the skin, how can we rescue?

  Condition 1: Skin loss of elastic pores and large pores can be described as a “special gift” in summer, and even in the early summer, which has not yet officially arrived, it can easily make your skin more fragile. UV rays and dry air may cause skin dissatisfaction.Large pores and finely slack skin are two major anomalies. At this time, you may feel that the skin loses elasticity, and the skin is tight after cleansing, but it is shiny when you wake up in the morning.

  Reason: Firming cream + lotion + cream don’t actually go to the beauty salon, you can reset this condition at home.

Use a massage cream for skin sagging. After massaging with the massage cream, use a lot of lotion to hydrate, then apply the cream, and finally apply the moisturizing beauty liquid to tighten the skin care ingredients inside the skin. The next day is like a laser.Care is full of elasticity.

  Condition feature 2: Dark skin, especially eye puffiness. Although it ‘s a good time to get up, you do n’t know why the eyelids are swollen. It ‘s like a night without rest. It ‘s more unbearable. The skin also becomes uncomfortable.Very dark, in fact, MMs in the early summer are very likely to experience swelling and dullness caused by poor drainage of the body. At this time, you may find that you are more likely to have “eye bags” than usual.

  Prevention: Half Body Massage + Hydrogen Facial Cleanser To promote lymph circulation and improve puffiness, apply a large amount of massage oil from the face to the shoulders when taking a half body bath. 5?
After 10 minutes, use a steam towel to heat the surface 2?
After 3 minutes, the massage oil is gently wiped off with a steam towel. After the shower, apply lotion and cream, and the skin will be white and tender the next day!

In addition, it absorbs the power of hydrogen, and foams the facial cleanser containing hydrogen. After 3 minutes, it is washed away with water, and the skin will appear transparent and bright.

  Condition 3: Rough nose skin often peeling. Perhaps you haven’t noticed that the strawberry nose has grown quietly, but the nose is thicker than usual, and even peeling, but you can’t help but ignore it.

In the spring, sebum membranes become active, and acne and strawberry nose gradually form during this time.

  According to: Toner + Vitamin C Beauty Liquid Toner is a toner with weak cleaning power. For general cleaning products, the toner is mild enough, but for ordinary toners, the toner is easier to clean.Li, in the tail of the spring, girls who still have to worry about allergies can try toning the nose with a toner.

In addition, the introduction of vitamin C molecules and beauty liquids from the outside for care is not only effective for acne, but also very effective for calming acne.

Apply the beauty liquid on the acne-prone and acne-prone areas, and cover it with a piece of paper for a simple mask.

Want to gain muscle, please face up to vegetables

Want to gain muscle, please face up to vegetables

To gain muscle, you must first increase the amount of vegetables in your diet.

Low-calorie vegetables can provide many nutrients that are lacking in daily diet, such as cellulose, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

  In fact, most bodybuilders know that vegetables account for an important proportion of the diet, but for various reasons, many of them still have insufficient amounts of vegetables in practical applications.

First, bodybuilders are so valuable to protein that other nutrients are ignored.

Once the exerciser consumes one gram of protein per pound of body weight per day as required, coupled with a sufficient amount of complex complications, it is difficult for him to eat anything else.

In fact, vegetables are relatively cumbersome to cook, causing exercisers to often ignore them and eat comfortably enough.

  Our latest thing is: if you want to achieve the best level of health and make the most progress in your exercise, eat at least two cups of vegetables (about two small bowls) a day.

This helps improve immune system function, improve digestion, and stabilize energy levels in the body, all of which play an important role in the recovery and growth of the body.

  Obtaining cellulose from vegetables Almost all vegetables are blended with cellulose. Cellulose is a kind of cellulose that is difficult to digest, and it is also a neglected bodybuilding nutrient.

It does not bring extra calories to the body, and it has great benefits for muscle growth.

Its role is reflected in two aspects.

First, carbohydrates enter the body at a slower rate, keeping blood sugar levels to a certain level.

If blood sugar levels rise, the body will release a large amount of corticosteroids, a metabolic hormone that will break down muscles and increase the difficulty of recovery.

In itself, cellulose helps the absorption of amino acids.

It can keep the intestinal wall clean and improve work efficiency.

At the same time it is also beneficial for protein absorption.

  Get Vitamins and Minerals from Vegetables Every high-intensity exercise bodybuilder needs to absorb a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Unfortunately, many people believe that simply relying on multivitamin and multimineral supplements can meet the needs of the body.

These supplements do have some effect, but they cannot replace natural foods on the basis of the entire diet.

You need to supplement enough vegetables, the complex ingredients they contain and the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

These complex ingredients also promote the absorption of vitamins and minerals from meat, cereals and even sports supplements.

Bodybuilding nutrition isn’t just a few simple numbers, it’s not a simple stack of calories, glucose, protein, and aunt.

A good nutrition plan does not simply focus on the main nutrients.

In further improving muscle recovery and growth, some minor groups can play unexpected roles.

  Other benefits from vegetables The latest scientific research proves that vegetables contain lycopene, phytochemicals, antioxidants, carotenoids, and sulfur-containing compounds that play an important role in a large number of metabolic processes, including immune support.

Muscle recovery is inseparable from the strength of the immune system.

If immune function declines, not only will recovery be affected, muscle growth will slowly decline, and even higher calorie and protein intake will not help.

So, for known and unknown reasons, you need to replenish your vegetables in sufficient quantities.

  Eat Multiple Vegetables Many bodybuilders only eat one or two vegetables, usually either spinach or broccoli.

This is much better than not eating or just eating a little bit, but if you increase the variety further, the effect will be better.

Add all kinds of vegetables you like, even some kinds of vegetables that you don’t know much to your recipe.

Such as: asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, green sprouts, mushrooms, onions, peppers (of various colors), spinach and pumpkin.

  Must meet the minimum intake of at least two glasses of vegetables a day, can be divided into three meals or more.

It’s a good idea to pair vegetables with meat.

  For example, you can have a meal of broccoli, cabbage next time, and finally mung bean sprouts.

Save some vegetables in the refrigerator for future use. You can also mix several different vegetables to eat, or buy pre-mixed frozen packaging.

This helps reduce the amount of lubrication time and increases the variety of vegetables.

  Let vegetables help you shape If you are restricting your diet, reducing your calorie intake and eating enough food, vegetables can help you.In the meantime, increase the consumption of vegetables to 6 cups per day.

When the calories are greatly reduced, the replacement amount of important vitamins and minerals is likely to be affected. At this time, low-fat vegetables can solve your urgent needs.

They can relieve your sense of drought and prevent you from controlling yourself to eat foods you shouldn’t.

  Let vegetables promote exercise Some vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage, can exert anti-estrogen effects because they contain phytochemicals.

This is very useful for bodybuilders, as low estrogen levels help to reduce the body’s lightness and moisture retention and increase insulin ketone levels.

Therefore, during the daily exercise, you should eat vegetables regularly. When you exercise excessively or feel tired, you should increase your intake accordingly.

  Many people make vegetables more delicious unless they have a cooking method that makes them more delicious.

Outside the season, you can fry with olive starch, add a few more, put a few slices of low-fat cheese, or add a salad dressing.

During your diet, you can add some low-calorie condiments.

  Green Diet If your exercise program has not achieved the desired results, you should consider adjusting your diet.

Eating more vegetables is one of the common adjustment methods.

In contrast to protein, vegetables may not have as significant a role in bodybuilding as protein and glucose, but they can make certain proteins ineffective.

Delicious food supplements for periodontitis

Delicious food supplements for periodontitis

Adolescent periodontitis diet Yali: Eat some fresh pears after meals, wash the tooth surface by chewing slowly, massage the gums to eliminate food residues between the teeth, eliminate gum hyperemia, atrophy, and improve blood circulation in the mouth.

In particular, it has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on the redness and swelling of the gums caused by gastritis.

  Walnuts: Walnut kernels are rich in trace oils and acids that can penetrate into the dentin tubules and act as an isolation; trace amounts of protein and calcium in walnuts can also be assisted by chemical changes.

Walnut kernels can be used to grow the jaw, or chewed repeatedly with the affected teeth after a little warming, 3-4 times a day.

  Chinese wolfberry: Chinese medicine believes that: “If the kidney fails, the tooth will fall off, and if the kidney is solid, the tooth will be firm.”

Lycium barbarum has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, and it can strengthen kidneys and bones for a long time.

It has a very good implantation effect on senile periodontitis.

Orchid medlar can be taken orally, 30g daily, and chewed with warm boiling water.

The efficacy and role of Dendrobium officinale and how to eat it

The efficacy and role of Dendrobium officinale and how to eat it

Dendrobium officinale, a perennial epiphytic herb of the orchid family.

Born on 1600 meters above sea level in semi-humid rocks, it enjoys a warm and humid climate and a half-yin and half-yang environment, and is not cold-resistant.

Generally can withstand low temperature of -5 ℃.

Dendrobium can be divided into dozens of species such as yellow grass, golden tincture, horsewhip, etc. Dendrobium candidum is the best of Dendrobium. It is named after the skin is iron-green.

Dendrobium officinale has unique medicinal value. It is used for its stem. The name of the traditional Chinese medicine: Dendrobium, a yin tonic in the tonic medicine. Chinese Pharmacopoeia: Yiweishengjin, nourishing yin and clearing heat.

  Efficacy and role of Dendrobium candidum: The stem of Dendrobium candidum is processed and twisted into a spiral shape while being fried.

  The taste is slightly salty, and the wild maple bucket is not cold and cold, it has the function of nourishing the stomach, nourishing yin, clearing heat, and removing troubles.

Can cure dry mouth and thirst, deficiency of fever or yin deficiency after the illness, and deficiency of body fluid in the elderly.

Available with 6-12 grams of decoction or tea service.

  The Qin and Han Period “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” records that Dendrobium candidum “in the main injury, removes paralysis, lowers qi, fills the five internal organs, exhausts, leans, strengthens yin, and thickens the stomach for a long time”; a Taoist medical classic published more than 1,000 years ago”Dazang” lists Dendrobium officinale as the first of “Chinese Nine Immortals”; Li Shizhen evaluated Dendrobium officinalis in “Compendium of Materia Medica” for its strong yin and essence, thick intestines and stomach, nourishing insufficiency, flat stomach, long muscles, and nourishingIt is known as “saving life grass” by modern folks. The stems of modern Dendrobium officinale can clear away heat, relieve inflammation, relieve pain, moisturize the throat, and have a good effect on the treatment of hoarse voice.

There are many ancient books about the efficacy and role of Dendrobium.

An allusion to the Dendrobium officinale record “Compendium of Materia Medica”: In addition to removing qi and qi, supplementing the five internal organs, depleting, losing weight, strengthening yin and refining.

Jiufu, thick intestines and stomach, nourishing insufficiency, flat stomach, long muscles, hot and suffocating from skin to skin, hot and cold feet, knees, pain, cold and weak, fixed wisdom and shock, light weight prolonged.

Replenish qi and remove heat, Jianyang, wind and paralyze the skin, keep cold in the bone, and nourish the kidney and strengthen the body.

Smelt from perspiration.

    ”Shen Nong’s Compendium of Materia Medica”: in the main injury, remove paralysis, lower qi, tonic the five internal organs, toil, thin, strong yin.

Jiufu has a thick stomach, light weight, and longevity.

    ”The Book”: sweet and flat.

In the main injury, remove paralysis, lower gas, make up the five internal organs, fatigue, weakness, strong yin, long serving thick stomach.

The outline of the fourth year of Dendrobium officinale seedlings: sweet and slightly salty, treating fever and spontaneous perspiration, and stagnating the kidney and purging the pus.

    ”Summary of Compendiums”: Qingwei in addition to deficiency heat, Shengjinya strain, replaced tea, appetizers and spleen.

Definitely shock the wind, can calm sputum, Gan Fang lowering qi.

    ”Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”: It is slightly salty, treats fever and spontaneous perspiration, and pains and ulcers and pus.

    ”Pharmaceutical Pharmacology”: cure lung deficiency and cough.

    ”Don’t record”: Yijing tonic is absolutely inadequate, flat stomach, long muscles, hot skin and evil heat, weak feet and knees, Jianyang, kidney tonic.

    ”Rihuazi Materia Medica”: treatment of weak and weak muscles and bones, warm water and dirty, nourishment, flattening qi, and purifying evil.

    ”Compendium of Materia Medica”: Healing dreams and slippery essence.

    ”Ben Cao Xin Xin”: Regulates stomach qi, clears stomach fire.

In addition to thirst in the heart, the kidneys can be treated with deficiency of heat, soothe the nerves, and relieve night sweats.

    ”Argument on Compendium of Materia Medica”: Dendrobium is a kidney medicine, a lung medicine, and a gastrointestinal medicine.

    ”Chinese Pharmacopoeia”: Yiweishengjin, nourishing yin and clearing heat, used for yin injury and loss.

  下面随小编看下石斛的一些药膳食疗方法铁片石斛的食用方法:  一、西洋参石斛茶  [原料]西洋参5克,石斛30克。  [Manufacturing method]First, the American ginseng is mixed, washed, dried or dried, cut into pieces, put into a container, and set aside.

Pick Dendrobium, wash it, dry it, cut it into pieces, put it in a casserole, add enough water, and boil over high heat, cook over low heat for 30 minutes, filter with clean gauze, remove the residue, collect the juicePut it in a container with American ginseng tablets, cover it with stuffy for 15 minutes, and replace.

(Or crush American ginseng and Dendrobium into fine powder and drink it on behalf of the tea, 3 times each time?
5 grams per day?
2 times.

)  [吃法]当茶,可分上、下午2次,频频饮用,代茶饮服,当日吃完。  [Effect]Ziyin Yangwei, Shengjin cough.

This therapeutic formula is suitable for patients with stomatitis due to deficiency of stomach yin and real fever.
  [Comment]American ginseng is cool in nature, sweet in taste, slightly bitter, good at nourishing qi and nourishing yin, and clearing fire.

Modern pharmacological research proves that American ginseng can improve the body’s disease resistance and inhibit the growth of polysaccharides.

The function of Dendrobium to nourish the stomach and yin, and to stimulate the body fluids. Clinical research data show that Dendrobium is effective for cancer chemotherapy, radiotherapy, radiation injury and yin deficiency due to excessive thirst, dry throat, dry stool and constipation.

The two flavors are compatible with diet teas, which have obvious nourishing yin and nourish the stomach, regenerating and relieving cough, and have better adjuvant treatment effect on patients with gastric yin deficiency fever leukemia complicated with stomatitis, especially suitable for children and elderly patients with hypertension., Steamed Dendrobium snail raw materials: green snail (Snail snail) 1500 grams, pork spine 9 grams, Dendrobium 6 grams.

  Seasoning: Saline-alkali production method: 1.

The green snails spit out mud, washed, scalded with boiling water, and picked up.

The soup is filtered and retained.


Pick out the snail meat, wash it with brine, drain, and mix in a stew pot.

The pork spine is cut into pieces and the blood is removed with boiling water.


The snail juice and Dendrobium are first boiled in a small pot for about 20 minutes, then the residue is removed, and the juice is filtered and set aside.


Pour the medicinal sauce into the stew pot, and then place the pork spine on the surface of the snail meat in the pot. After simmering for about 1 hour, add salt and serve immediately.

  Features: Fresh and slightly sweet.

  Efficacy: Dendrobium, stewed with green snails, and pork, can nourish yin and moisturize, urinate urinate, quench thirst, and water, reduce skin weakness, constipation, dry cough, and stay drunk.

  Three, Yangyin Xiaoke soup raw materials: 6-9 grams of Dendrobium, Kaidong, Yuzhu, Nansha ginseng, Polygonatum sibiricum, cooked land, Huaishan, Poria, 12 grams each, 5 grams of peel.

  Usage: Feel free to add an appropriate amount of lean meat or chicken, add eight bowls of boiling water and cook for three hours.

Season with salt.

Efficacy: It is quite effective for diabetes and thirst certificates, excessive liver and stomach yin injury caused by excessive tobacco and alcohol.

  Fourth, Dendrobium cassia granules raw materials: Dendrobium, American Ginseng 30-50 grams each, Chinese wolfberry, chrysanthemum, dodder, Shayuanzi, Ligustrum lucidum, Cassia seed plantago 60 grams each, Salvia miltiorrhiza 60-80 grams.

  Usage: Research on Chinese medicine.

3-5 grams twice daily.

Boiling water.

It is better to take it continuously for more than three months.

  Efficacy: Effective for hypertension, glaucoma, cataract and other symptoms caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency.

  Five, American ginseng stew Dendrobium materials: American ginseng, Dendrobium 6 grams each, four dates.

  Use the law: Add the above ingredients and lean pork or peeled chicken to an appropriate amount, add five bowls of boiling water to an electric earthenware pot, turn on the power before going to bed, and simmer for one night on low heat. You can take it at any time after getting up in the morning.use.

  Efficacy: nourishing qi and promoting energy, nourishing stomach and nourishing yin.

It is best to sleep 7-8 hours a day

It is best to sleep 7-8 hours a day

After getting rid of the heavy physical labor, people find that there is still a long way to go before the ideal happy life.
Because most people find it difficult to enjoy a comfortable sleep-lethargy and insomnia bother people.
In order to make more people have better sleep, recently, scientists in Japan and the United States have begun to study sleep as a separate subject.
  The Japanese Academy of Sciences, composed of representatives from various societies, recently decided to establish sleep science.
This is a brand-new comprehensive discipline, involving interdisciplinary collaborations such as molecular biology, psychology, and sociology.
According to researchers, sleep science consists of three parts: 1.
Study the principle of sleep through biological experiments and molecular biology to establish sleep science; 2.
In order to treat insomnia and narcolepsy, establish sleep medicine to treat mental disorders; 3.
By preventing accidents caused by insomnia and mental disorders, establishing a sociology of sleep that improves the working environment and avoids economic loss.
  A survey by the National Psychiatric Center of Japan showed that nearly 20% of the Japanese population suffer from insomnia, and there are 20.96 million people with insomnia of all ages.
They are tortured by insomnia: elderly people suffer in their later years, middle-aged people still have frequent accidents, and their children’s minds are distorted.
At the same time, there are 840,000 people suffering from narcolepsy, and these people can’t get anything done except to sleep.
  Researchers believe that the causes of abnormal sleep are different: the elderly are mainly not adapted to the role change, and the mental distress caused by the feeling of insomnia makes them insomnia or drowsiness; middle-aged people have insomnia because of stress and depression; adolescent insomnia isAdolescents are depressed and lack communication.
  American scientists have focused their research on the effects of sleep on life expectancy.
  A survey showed that in the United States, 13% of the surveyed people had less than 6 hours of sleep, and 3% had reached or exceeded 9 hours.
At the annual conference of the Federation of Sleep Professionals in June of this year, researchers proposed that based on the results of three independent studies, too much or too little sleep may lead to death. Adults who sleep 7-8 hours a day have heart disease.It has the lowest probability and is easier to live longer.
Medical workers analyzed data from 4,541 studies, and the results showed that those who slept 9 hours or more per day had a 70% higher mortality rate than those who slept 7-8 hours in 14 years, and a 50% higher mortality rate when they sleep less than 6 hours%.
  However, experts from Boston University School of Medicine also said that the data they collected from heart studies showed that although sleep and death were linked, it had not yet been proved to be causal.

Pick the right essence to give your whitening work extra points_1

Pick the right essence to give your whitening lessons extra points

Even if the financial crisis is fierce, it is probably the hardest thing for women to lower their skin standards.

That being the case, women may be more willing to close the door, ignore the tumultuous world, and concentrate on their own beauty career.

In the bright spring of March, our annual highlight, whitening, finally appeared in this issue.

More and more consumers have begun to study the principles and technology of whitening. At the same time, whitening demands are more diverse and complex.

And the most effective product is the essence.

Today, we start with the essence to solve several difficult problems.

  Whitening bonus points: The causes of pigmentation are different. There are stubborn pigmentations that gradually increase and there are also tiny pigmentations that are forming and potential pigmentations that are about to appear.

Even the same person may have different types of spots in the elderly, and different colored spots require different targeted technologies to deal with.

Whitening is no longer a skin-care theme in a certain season. To make the spots constantly fade and prevent their generation, supplementary whitening protection work must be done!

  Recommended use: Estee Lauder Brightening Whitening Essence, Lancome Smart Key Whitening Essence, Dior Dior Snow Crystal Brightening Essence Liquid Lancome Smart Key Whitening Essence 830 yuan / 30ml unique GNWhite key whitening system, 360 degrees fullThe orientation is whitening, and the high-tech thin tube shape is easier to set accurately.

  Dior Dior Snow Crystal Brightening Brightening Essence uniquely created the “five-dimensional whitening” concept, a highly concentrated translucent brightening complex, which accurately counters existing pigmentation and prevents the formation of new pigmentation.

  Estee Lauder Brightening Essence Whitening Essence 780 yuan / 30ml will dissolve the stubborn spots into tiny particles invisible to the naked eye, blocking potential spots, and letting the skin reveal a pure white luster.

  Whitening bonus points keyword: Anti-aging is recognized for mature women, whitening and anti-aging must be the relationship between fish and bear’s paw.

How to take into account?

In fact, the two major needs are not incompatible: anti-aging is good, whitening can add more points.

Once the skin is aging, no matter how white it is, the effect is also limited, let alone anti-aging for whitening!

The skin will become darker and older. First, the skin is stimulated by the environment and stress. Therefore, to do whitening and anti-aging at the same time, you should choose skin care products with anti-oxidant function.

Recommended use: LaPrairie Triple Whitening Concentrate LaPrairie Triple Whitening Concentrate 2050 yuan / 30ml is specially developed for Asian skin. The characteristic is that a bottle of essence has triple whitening effect.

  Whitening bonus points: Moisturizing, while paying attention to spots and whitening effects, you must also pay attention to whether the skin is sufficiently moisturizing. Only a small amount of skin can accelerate the absorption of whitening products, and it is white and moist, transparent and shiny!

Recommended use: Biotherm Deep Sea Source White Essence Biotherm Deep Sea Source White Essence 680 yuan / 30ml extracts the essence of red algae from Atlanta, replacing the melanin transport route from the source and accelerating the epidermal melanin replacement.

  Whitening points: Whitening products for safe acne skin. You can choose whitening products containing salicylic acid, which can help the metabolism of old skin cells and the function of removing scars.

The ingredient that needs to be avoided is hydroquinone. Although it is a very effective whitening drug ingredient, it may cause acne skin to become acne again due to excessive stimulation, and the effect is counterproductive.

Whitening must pay attention to safety, so brands that use plant extracts as raw materials and pass safety tests are worth trying.

Recommended use: the new Clinique Clinique Crystal Whitening Essence, ImpressIC ImpressionCentral Care Qinbai Essence Milk The new Clinique Clinique Crystal Whitening Essence White 680 yuan / 30ml new formula, in which salicylic acid can gently remove the skin surfaceMelanin, sucrose and caffeine help calm the skin.

  Impress IC Intensive Care Qinbai Essence Milk 720 yuan / 40ml Extraction of natural ingredients, original whitening agent, early inhibition of melanin production.

The beauty of life starts from the mouth

The beauty of life starts from the mouth

As the saying goes: Toothache is not terrible.

The nerves in the oral cavity are abundantly distributed. The nerves buried under each tooth are like a tree root. They can be felt by anyone who has extracted teeth. This small wound can cause pain for several days, and people oftenIt only cares about the health of large organs in the body, and ignores oral health.

  Would you do an oral exam once a year?

Will you clean your teeth every six months?

Can you stick to your daily routine of brushing your teeth sooner or later?

If you have a toothache, will you go to the hospital for treatment immediately?

Did you know that oral diseases can affect other diseases?

Most of the people interviewed by the reporters from the West China Metropolis Daily had almost no oral examinations, and very few people cleaned their teeth.

  The “Guide to Oral Health of Chinese Residents” states that oral health directly or indirectly affects general health.

Some microorganisms exist in the oral cavity for a long time, which can cause or aggravate certain systemic diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc., endanger the health of the whole body and affect the quality of life.

For example, diabetic patients have reduced anti-infection ability, often accompanied by periodontitis, difficult to heal tooth extraction wounds, doctors and patients with early oral lesions and so on.

  Experts advocate more healthy tooth life. Parents will let their children eat less sugar when they are young, to prevent bad teeth and worm teeth, but once they grow up, the permanent teeth are fixed. Such an admonition is treasured in memories.

On the contrary, the high incidence of adult dental caries and unclean hygiene habits have led to more and more oral diseases.

It is precisely due to the increase in these hard needs that a large number of specialized dental hospitals have emerged. There is no need to wait in line for medical treatment. In the community, on the street, every street has a dedicated dental chair for you, even more and more.More and more chain dental specialist hospitals have also promoted tooth health to people’s lives. One-on-one services by professional doctors and disposable dental treatment tools have avoided cross-infection in dental treatment.

Although it is medically guaranteed, prevention is better than cure. If the tooth is not painful, you will not patronize here. You still follow your habit to overdraw the tooth health unbridledly, and make up for bad teeth.The scar forgot the pain and hurt it again.

  Experts suggest: Do n’t chew food and chew your teeth. It is also a “facade” for a person or even a city. From the past, rinsing with water to brushing your teeth with toothpaste to the use of drug mouthwash, people not only pay attention to oral hygieneIn addition, regular inspections and deep cleaning of the oral cavity are required to prevent dental caries, periodontitis and even other oral diseases.

If the tooth is not good, the appetite is not good. If the appetite is not good, nutrition cannot be fully absorbed, and the entire body function is in a sub-healthy state.

Although the mouth is small, it is the first way for people to eat and absorb nutrients. Only by protecting the way can life be better.

  Related sub-health solutions: darkened face, dry teeth, fragile gums (bleeding in the kidneys), bleeding gums, loose teeth (renal and spleen failure), repeated oral ulcers (inadequate liver blood), oral ulcers (gastric insufficiency), gasping with bad breathStomach qi and stomach fire are excessive) Mouth ulcer (poor liver and blood) Bad breath (spleen and stomach failure) Dry mouth (kidney disease)