How to give a full moon baby home care

How to give a full moon baby home care

Many novice mothers are both excited and overwhelmed when they are facing the new life of their babies. They are faced with a fragile little life while they are moved by happiness, and they do not know how to care for them.

Therefore, the editor has specially compiled the changes in 20 aspects of nursing care in the five aspects after the baby’s full moon. I believe that mothers will definitely be very helpful after watching, and they will not be confused.

First, how the baby sleeps after the full moon is very important for the baby.

The mother must help her baby develop good sleeping habits in the first month, so as to help her grow up healthily.

1. Sleep time is at least 20-22 hours. Babies in confinement usually sleep or half sleep all day, can they sleep 20 a day?
22 hours, but there are also relatively abundant babies, who usually only sleep for more than ten hours.

Therefore, the mother does not have to worry too much about how long the baby sleeps. As long as the baby is in good mental condition and appetite, he does not need to worry too much.

2. Only wear lingerie when sleeping. Baby is just like adults when sleeping, just wear lingerie and take off socks.

For babies born in summer, you can prepare a special mat and cover with a towel blanket. For babies born in winter, it is best to prepare a sleeping bag and a small quilt. In spring and autumn, due to large temperature differences between day and night,The temperature is relatively low. In addition to a sleeping bag, a thin quilt should be added.

3. Don’t pull the curtains while sleeping. The baby is sleeping most of the day. In order to prevent the phenomenon of day and night upside down in the future, when the baby is sleeping during the day, the mother is better not to pull all the curtains and leave the natural light to let the baby learn to distinguish the day.And night.

In addition, when the baby is sleeping, the mother should not clean the bedroom, otherwise the raised dust may cause the baby’s respiratory diseases.

4, sleep habits early to develop a confinement baby that is not very adaptable to the external environment, often want the mother to play asleep.

Therefore, to prevent the baby from having a bad habit of “not being pregnant”, the mother can try to lie face to face with the baby, and then gently sing the baby’s back while gently singing to help the baby fall asleep.

Second, how to dress your baby after the full moon is the baby’s second layer of skin. When buying for a baby, the mother should focus on the comfort and softness of the fabric.

The baby’s skin is not yet tender, preventing rough cloth from abrading the baby.

1. Wear clothes until you don’t sweat. The warmth of your baby’s hands is about one week after birth. You can wear as much clothes as adults.

However, because the temperature difference between day and night in autumn is relatively large, and the newborn baby is not perfect due to its own heat dissipation function, when the midday temperature is relatively high, it is necessary to adjust the clothes for the baby in time to prevent the baby from wearing too much and causing eczema.

In addition, when going out, the mother can also bring a windproof cloak, because in the late autumn season, the chill in some areas is already very heavy.

If you are not sure whether your baby is wearing enough clothes, the mother can caress the baby’s little hands. If the baby’s little hands are sweating, it proves that they are wearing too much. If the baby’s little hands are cold, it proves that the clothes are insufficient.

Generally small hands do not sweat, warm is appropriate.

2. Focus on protecting the baby’s belly. The baby’s belly must not be cold, otherwise it will easily cause diarrhea.

So no matter what season it is, a warm working mother with a small belly must be in place.

In the colder seasons, the mother can add a circle of belly protection to the baby’s underwear, or add a small waistcoat; in the hot summer, you can wear a small bellyband to protect the baby’s abdomen to avoid a small bellyCatch cold.

3. Choose light-colored, cotton texture. The baby’s clothing should be light-colored to avoid the danger of dyes to the baby’s health. When choosing underwear, you should choose the type of clothing with the trademark sewn on the outside of the underwear, This can prevent the trademark from irritating the baby’s skin; as far as possible, avoid the fabric of the fabric being replaced with pure cotton texture, so that the water absorption and breathability are better; in addition, the bodysuit is the best choice for the baby at this stagePrevent the lower belly from being exposed and prevent the lower belly from getting cold.

4. Choose baby-specific lotion. Wash your baby ‘s clothes separately from adults ‘clothes to avoid bacterial split infection.

Moreover, adult detergents are not suitable for washing baby’s clothes, because adult detergents contain chemicals that cause irritation to the baby’s skin.

The mother can replace the baby’s special cleaning agent, pay attention to the ingredients contained in the cleaning agent when choosing, it is appropriate to have a light fragrance and no harmful chemical ingredients.

Third, how to care for the baby after the full moon The baby’s skin is very delicate. If the care is not proper, it will easily cause skin problems and require special care from mothers. Therefore, mothers should have better countermeasures.

1. Applying baby oil after bathing Many baby’s skin problems, such as molt, chapped, etc., are caused by excessive dryness, so the mother must do a good job of moisturizing the baby.

Apply baby oil to your baby’s whole body after each bath to prevent skin moisture loss.

In addition, if the room is air-conditioned, it is best to add a humidifier in the room to increase the humidity of the room.

2. Choose natural and skin-care products without any chemical ingredients. The skin-care products that mothers choose for their babies must be chemical-free and pure natural skin-care products for babies, so as to avoid irritating the baby’s skin.

Therefore, when buying, moms should pay attention to check whether the product production license number, standard number, health license number and other information are complete.

In addition, the production date and shelf life are also important points to pay attention to, it is better to buy as far as possible.

3. First try a new skin care product on a small area of skin for the first time to prevent the baby from developing skin allergies and other complications. The mother can try it for a few days first. If there is no problem, then try it on the back of the baby’s hand or neck.Trial in a small area (that is, apply on a small area of the skin). If there are no adverse reactions after a few days of trying, you can safely use it for your baby.

4, pay attention to the baby’s cold and warm to prevent frostbite or cause eczema. Because the baby’s sweat glands and blood circulation system are still in the development stage, self-regulation ability is relatively weak, so the mother should always pay attention to the baby’s cold and warm, especially in the winter, pay attention to the baby’s small hands andThe temperature of the back of the neck (it’s better to be warm and not sweating) to avoid being too cold and increasing the chance of getting frostbite, or over-inducing eczema.