Comprehensive care for sensitive menstrual skin


Comprehensive care for sensitive menstrual skin

I wonder if you have noticed that our skin will change slightly during menstruation, and many skin problems will also break out here. This is because the estrogen and progesterone in the human blood slowly drop to the lowest level during menstruationBecome very sensitive.

However, after menstrual cramps, problematic skin (such as “acne”) will gradually improve.

To keep your skin glowing during your menstrual period, you need to start with both diet and health, because skin care alone is not enough.

  Treatment of menstrual acne After menstruation, the secretion of estrogen in the blood begins to weaken, and the acne will gradually recede.

For “acne” that is about to appear or have already appeared, “anti-acne” products should be used to prevent the further development of “acne”.

In addition, pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin, especially the skin of the T-shaped part, because at this stage the skin is experiencing strong oil secretion.

  Use of skin care products Menstrual skin is in a highly sensitive period. Skin care products for sensitive skin can be used. Try not to use irritating or high nutrition skin care products.

In addition, during the menstrual period, the human body easily feels tired, especially the eye skin is easy to fatigue, and eye cream can be used to relieve eye fatigue.

  Menstrual diet care During the menstrual period, eat some blood-enriching foods, especially at night, which can not only replenish blood, but also make the skin delicate and smooth.

In addition, be careful not to eat spicy and cold foods to prevent blood cold stagnation and qi and blood flow.

  Recommended recipes for nourishing blood and nourishing beauty: nourishing blood and nourishing beauty soup: 4 candied dates, 12 grams of white fungus, 2 Sydney, 3 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiensis, 10 grams each of north and south apricot, moderate sugar.

Cut the core of Sydney into 4 pieces, add other ingredients and cook in 1?

5 hours, add rock sugar.

  Jujube black sticky rice porridge: After washing the black sticky rice, soak it in water?
For 10 hours, add red dates, lotus seeds, and longan.

Add the right amount of water and cook in a saucepan to make porridge.

  Warp 1.
Menstrual Period Health Care Notes:

Get plenty of sleep and exercise to relieve abdominal congestion, but avoid headaches and continuous exercise.


Shower at least once a day during menstrual periods.


Choose mild, non-irritating bath products, preferably containing a bacteriostatic formula to inhibit microbial growth and avoid bacterial infections.

  Essential oils relieve dysmenorrhea. Lavender, chamomile, sage, mint, pelargonium and other ingredients can relieve pain whether used alone or in combination.

  The first method: add a few drops of essential oil to the washbasin, add an appropriate amount of hot water, soak the towel in the basin, wring it dry, and apply it to the lower abdomen while hot.

  The second method: After dripping a few drops of essential oil on the hand, massage it in a clockwise circle from the inside to the outside near the waist.

  Special recipes for dysmenorrhea 1.

Eat more fresh organic vegetables and fruits to reduce animal meat and dairy products.


Regular aerobic exercise can relieve psychological stress and improve endocrine balance.


Choose a sanitary napkin with good breathability to avoid inferior products causing skin discomfort and even vaginal inflammation.


Massage your hands, ears and feet daily for 5 minutes to relieve pain and relieve muscles and mood.


A lamp in front of the bed: The moon’s movement affects the ebb and flow of the ocean, and also affects the flow of many body fluid systems in the human body.

Put a soft light lamp beside the bed when you sleep, like the moonlight at the full moon, and turn the irregular menstrual cycle back to a cycle on the 28th. It can be said that it is quite natural and harmless.