Pick the right essence to give your whitening work extra points_1

Pick the right essence to give your whitening lessons extra points

Even if the financial crisis is fierce, it is probably the hardest thing for women to lower their skin standards.

That being the case, women may be more willing to close the door, ignore the tumultuous world, and concentrate on their own beauty career.

In the bright spring of March, our annual highlight, whitening, finally appeared in this issue.

More and more consumers have begun to study the principles and technology of whitening. At the same time, whitening demands are more diverse and complex.

And the most effective product is the essence.

Today, we start with the essence to solve several difficult problems.

  Whitening bonus points: The causes of pigmentation are different. There are stubborn pigmentations that gradually increase and there are also tiny pigmentations that are forming and potential pigmentations that are about to appear.

Even the same person may have different types of spots in the elderly, and different colored spots require different targeted technologies to deal with.

Whitening is no longer a skin-care theme in a certain season. To make the spots constantly fade and prevent their generation, supplementary whitening protection work must be done!

  Recommended use: Estee Lauder Brightening Whitening Essence, Lancome Smart Key Whitening Essence, Dior Dior Snow Crystal Brightening Essence Liquid Lancome Smart Key Whitening Essence 830 yuan / 30ml unique GNWhite key whitening system, 360 degrees fullThe orientation is whitening, and the high-tech thin tube shape is easier to set accurately.

  Dior Dior Snow Crystal Brightening Brightening Essence uniquely created the “five-dimensional whitening” concept, a highly concentrated translucent brightening complex, which accurately counters existing pigmentation and prevents the formation of new pigmentation.

  Estee Lauder Brightening Essence Whitening Essence 780 yuan / 30ml will dissolve the stubborn spots into tiny particles invisible to the naked eye, blocking potential spots, and letting the skin reveal a pure white luster.

  Whitening bonus points keyword: Anti-aging is recognized for mature women, whitening and anti-aging must be the relationship between fish and bear’s paw.

How to take into account?

In fact, the two major needs are not incompatible: anti-aging is good, whitening can add more points.

Once the skin is aging, no matter how white it is, the effect is also limited, let alone anti-aging for whitening!

The skin will become darker and older. First, the skin is stimulated by the environment and stress. Therefore, to do whitening and anti-aging at the same time, you should choose skin care products with anti-oxidant function.

Recommended use: LaPrairie Triple Whitening Concentrate LaPrairie Triple Whitening Concentrate 2050 yuan / 30ml is specially developed for Asian skin. The characteristic is that a bottle of essence has triple whitening effect.

  Whitening bonus points: Moisturizing, while paying attention to spots and whitening effects, you must also pay attention to whether the skin is sufficiently moisturizing. Only a small amount of skin can accelerate the absorption of whitening products, and it is white and moist, transparent and shiny!

Recommended use: Biotherm Deep Sea Source White Essence Biotherm Deep Sea Source White Essence 680 yuan / 30ml extracts the essence of red algae from Atlanta, replacing the melanin transport route from the source and accelerating the epidermal melanin replacement.

  Whitening points: Whitening products for safe acne skin. You can choose whitening products containing salicylic acid, which can help the metabolism of old skin cells and the function of removing scars.

The ingredient that needs to be avoided is hydroquinone. Although it is a very effective whitening drug ingredient, it may cause acne skin to become acne again due to excessive stimulation, and the effect is counterproductive.

Whitening must pay attention to safety, so brands that use plant extracts as raw materials and pass safety tests are worth trying.

Recommended use: the new Clinique Clinique Crystal Whitening Essence, ImpressIC ImpressionCentral Care Qinbai Essence Milk The new Clinique Clinique Crystal Whitening Essence White 680 yuan / 30ml new formula, in which salicylic acid can gently remove the skin surfaceMelanin, sucrose and caffeine help calm the skin.

  Impress IC Intensive Care Qinbai Essence Milk 720 yuan / 40ml Extraction of natural ingredients, original whitening agent, early inhibition of melanin production.