Five damaging eyes: smoking, light pollution, messy eye drops

Five damaging eyes: smoking, light pollution, messy eye drops

The latest data show that the daily outpatient amount of Beijing Tongren Hospital has exceeded 10,000. Among them, the daily outpatient amount of ophthalmology exceeds 4,500, an increase of 14%.

At the same time, the number of ophthalmological consultations at Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Friendship Hospital was higher than in previous years.

  People’s eyes can’t stand a Taiwan target against 10?
A survey conducted by 65-year-olds shows that most people stare at TV, computers, and mobile phones for an average of 49 hours per week. Nearly eight adults have experienced eye swelling, pain, tears, and dryness.

An epidemiological survey also found that the prevalence of dry eye disease is increasing, with the number of patients in Beijing alone reaching 2 million, of which white-collar workers account for a large proportion.

  Xie Peiying, director of the Optometry Research Center of the Peking University School of Medicine, pointed out that modern life makes Chinese eyes vulnerable, and each age has different problems.

Yu Minbin, a professor at the Ophthalmology Center of Guangzhou Zhongshan Medical University, points out that if you start to lose sight when reading at close range or continuous reading; when you feel dazzling when you shine directly into your eyes, it means your eyes are injured.

  What are the causes of the five major evils that make modern eyes more and more vulnerable?

  Working with eyes at the far end is tiring, and it is the first step to take away the bright eyes.

Xie Peiying said that whether it is more and more myopia children, or young and middle-aged people who are fatigued by eyesight and dry eye bleeding, the common feature is excessive use of eyes.

Long-term overload of the eyes can easily cause fatigue, blurred vision, dryness and itching.

These adverse reactions are exacerbated by incorrect sitting postures, wearing contact lenses, walking, reading books and electronic devices while riding in the eye.

  Poor eye hygiene habits When the eyes are uncomfortable, people will habitually rub them.

As everyone knows, the most bacteria on your hands.

Professor Li Ying, a myopia treatment center of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, has been an ophthalmologist for 20 years and has never had eye disease. The most important reason is not to rub the eyes casually.

  The messy eye drops work is tired and refreshing, and the eyes are red and itchy . As long as the eyes are uncomfortable, too many people ask for eye drops for help.

Actually, doing it harms your health.

Li Ying introduced that most of the eye drops currently contain preservatives. Long-term use may not only damage the cornea, but may also cause serious consequences due to symptoms.

  Light polluting the colorful lights in home decoration, outdoor stylish glass curtain walls, the little car lights . are the “accomplices” of injured eyes.

Nie Jing, associate professor of the Research Institute of Environmental Pollution and Health of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, pointed out that the light reflected from the walls of glass or mirrors, the polished marble floor, and various colored light sources are called “light pollution”, which will stimulate the retina reflection many times.Visual fatigue occurs and visual function decreases.

Especially for those who have been in contact with glass for a long time, and the light reflected by the mirror, the incidence of cataract will increase.

  Carbon monoxide produced during smoking can severely affect optic nerve function and cause vision loss.

  Eye care tips for ophthalmologists. In order to have healthy and bright eyes, in addition to changing the wrong habits, you must also pay attention to methods.

In this regard, the exclusive coup of the three ophthalmologists is the best eye care guide.

  Do not rub your eyes accidentally. If your eyes are uncomfortable, wash your hands first, then close your eyes and press lightly.

When there is a foreign body in your eyes, you should also close your eyes first, wait for a lot of tears to repeat, then open your eyes and blink a few times. In many cases, tears can wash out the foreign body.

  Do “5 no” reading without lying; discontinuous continuous, close-looking, more than 45 minutes, take a 10-minute rest, look at the distance first, then the near; do not lie on the table with your head tilted; do not lightLook in dark or too bright places; don’t look at books or screens that are too small.

  Home decoration to avoid light pollution as little as possible, install mirrors, glass and other accessories on wooden boards; choose paint with low light reflection coefficient, the wall is mainly light-colored such as beige, light blue; living room, study, kitchen headlights are best to chooseHue, that is, a light that can emit white light; direct light to avoid direct eyes.

  The reason why the multi-blinking eyeballs are black and white and watery is inseparable from the moisturizing effect of tears in addition to the special tissue structure.

But when looking at the computer, the number of blinks will be greatly reduced, resulting in dry eyes.

Blink more in dry winters and air-conditioned rooms.

  The color of sunglasses that you must wear when you go out in summer is best to choose a dark color, and it is best to use polarizers to eliminate glare from vehicles and buildings.

  Eat more yellow-green vegetables such as carrots, corn, broccoli, kiwi, etc., which are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which can prevent the degradation of eye function.

  When playing table tennis, the eyes will rotate through fast-moving objects to regulate and relax, delay presbyopia, and prevent myopia.

  Contact lenses that are worn less commonly The contact lenses that are commonly used now have a poor oxygen permeability, which makes the cornea hypoxic. Once there are bacteria and viruses, it is particularly vulnerable to infection.

Whole wheat foods help children fight cancer

Whole wheat foods help children fight cancer

Scientists from Georgetown University used female laboratory mice as their subjects to study the effects of these different foods eaten during pregnancy on the health of offspring.

  In the experiment, the diet of pregnant female rats was kept at about 6% of plant fiber. The sources of these fibers were different. They were derived from whole wheat flour, oat flour, and defatted flaxseed powder.Artificially extracted cellulose feeds.

After the mother rats gave birth to mice, they were then injected with a formaldehyde-inducing chemical.

  The results showed that the offspring of the whole wheat flour fiber group had the lowest prevalence of diabetes; the offspring of the defatted corn kernel fiber group and the replacement reference had a higher probability of developing diabetes; the oat meal fiber group was not much different from the corresponding.

  Scientists also say that women eating more whole grain foods during pregnancy may be beneficial to the health of future generations.

0-3 years old baby reading plan

0-3 years old baby reading plan

Reading, don’t think that this is just a matter of big talents.

For a young baby, he/she can also have a reading from a beautiful picture, and the mother can read it.

Especially for babies before the age of 3, it is much more important to help him/her form an attitude or concept than to teach them a specific skill (such as literacy, counting).

The significance of early reading is to let children get happiness from the book.

This kind of happiness can help them form a beneficial attitude towards the book and cultivate a lifelong appreciation.

Be a fashion parent, even if you are busy, you must enter the reading time with your child at some point in the day.

  Step 1: Reading for half an hour every day is the best way to guide your baby’s thinking. If you can tell a story to your child every day, you are an amazing mother.

Don’t underestimate the half-hour parent-child reading every day, it can make your child have great fun in the unlimited imagination space. The “puppy is angry” in your mouth, “the kitten becomes home” is all vividThe voice-over, while the small grass, small flowers, small animal expressions, colors and movements in the picture, also became a vivid picture because of the mother’s expression.

  A baby 0-3 years old, what can she/he remember?

Do we really need to insist on this?

  Psychologist Mei Shan said that when it is infancy, it needs environmental stimulation. Reading with children can stimulate her hearing, vision, big-oriented cards, and mother’s gaze to the baby, caressing, sweet voice to the baby.It is a kind of stimulation, and such stimulation must not be understood as to obtain a very shaped result.

Early education is as natural as a spring breeze that has passed through the earth. It cannot be regarded as a kind of teaching.

It is the form of our lives and the beautiful state of life between us and our children.

  This period is a period in which children’s language and intelligence develop rapidly. The baby learns from babbling, repeats the words “car”, “hat”, etc. until he can say simple sentences and express complete meaning in this process.In the middle, we are delighted to see the great progress of the baby.

Mother telling stories to her baby is a good puzzle training. We need to know the significance of telling stories to children repeatedly.

  When mothers are full of drama and passionately read the story to the baby over and over again, if it causes a poetic thought, implies a beautiful feeling, touches the human heart, our baby is like us, they alsoCan feel the existence of beauty.

It’s this repetition that repeats the child’s own imagination and the incomparable magic that comes from your participation, making the story the best way to influence your child’s thinking.

  Step 2: Start a reading game with your baby in a relaxed and warm atmosphere. Every day, we start our reading game with our baby in a relaxed and warm environment.

Even if he/she doesn’t quit a bunch of inexplicable words, we have to look at him/her with encouraging eyes: Wow, it’s as good as my mother.

Let him/her imitate your facial expressions, gestures and pitch changes and you will find that he/she is really smart.

When you talk to him/her about new words, you have to gesture to him/her to characterize them, and like the game, repeat these new words, the baby likes the mother to accompany him/her to read, tell the book.In the story, for the baby, the book is a toy that can be opened and closed to learn to speak.

  In the range he/she can see, put his/her little picture book, preferably have a cute little bookcase, let the baby realize that the colorful, picture-like things that are called books by the mother are very good., very fun stories and games.

  Step3: 0-3 years old, the baby grows in reading for 0-6 months. Mom uses the sound and expression to bring the baby to the world. The favorite reading game for the baby is 0-6 months. It is some catchy, rhythmic, short and delicate children’s songs.A colorful, simple-looking painting book.

The quality of the book must be good, the color contrast should be large, it is best to round the book, so as not to scratch the child.

This kind of reading not only allows the baby to understand the simple things around: fruits, vegetables, flowers, grass, toys, etc., but also cultivates the baby’s basic understanding of the rhythm and the initial impression of color, and cultivates their appreciation of the beauty.

  In fact, in addition to simple understanding, children can get more from reading games with their mothers.

Mother’s voice, expression, mother’s self-satisfaction when reading, can make the baby realize the mother’s love for reading, this love will melt into the child’s young life.

  6-12 months mother’s situation reading, let the baby read the world in the story For the children of this age, the mother can choose three kinds of stories.

First, simple enlightenment readings; second, simple stories and picture books that meet their comprehension; third, beyond their age, parents feel richer and more interesting readings, let him from the storytelling people’s tone, posture, expressionExperience the beauty brought by the story.

Of course, mothers should try to avoid reading stories that are too horrible, sad, and enduring.

  The third story requires parents to think about it when reading with their children.

A mother tells her story about Little Red Riding Hood to her less than one year old every night.

The child does not really understand the meaning of the story (he has never seen a real wolf or a gray wolf in the present), he just loves to hear the storyteller and likes her strokes.

The mother’s reading method is: when the little girl is lying in the red hat, touch the baby’s head, the little girl touches the baby’s hand when picking flowers, the little girl touches the baby’s body when she squats, the little red riding hat is eaten by the wolfWhen the baby is held tight, the hunter touches the baby’s belly when he cuts the gray wolf’s belly.

The scientist always changed the name of the hunter to the name of the child, and finally he couldn’t forget to compose a song that sang the little hunter.

Therefore, the most important point that children experience from “reading” is: love.

His understanding may be: encounter difficulties – small hands to solve – mother praise.

Through the mother, the child understands the story, appreciates the story, and realizes the meaning of reading.   A 1-2 year old baby understands life and experiences emotions while reading.

After the baby is 1 year old, he begins to learn to understand simple fables, jokes, poems, and novels.

All genres of literary works can be understood by children as long as they cover no more than the child’s life experience.

To choose a book for children, it is necessary to consider factors other than the knowledge content to enrich the child’s life experience and increase his/her appreciation of the literary works.

  At this time, parents should share their reading with their children every day.

Children of this age love grotesque stories.

A mother said that her child’s most laughed work is “A Strange Old Lady’s Story”: The old lady is going downstairs without taking the stairs, holding the bricks as a dish, falling off her head and falling off her butt, and, lostI can’t find it myself.

Parents of such stories can do it themselves.

At this stage, the children themselves can already enjoy the good emotions from reading.

On this basis, parents can develop a little more, and read some of the works that children like very much, but they like them very much.

Seven medicated recipes to help you fight aging

Seven medicated recipes to help you fight aging

Many people in life dream of having a look that never ages and youth.

But years are ruthless. As you get older, wrinkles at both ends will increase.

So, what foods can help us fight aging in our daily lives?

Below I will introduce seven medicated recipes to help you fight aging.

… Seven medicated recipes help you anti-aging lemon honey juice. Infuse an appropriate amount of honey in the other bottle in the morning, then cut the lemon into thin slices and dip in the honey.

Mix with cold water (warm boiling water can be used in winter), this can make the skin tender and smooth, and freckles and dark spots can be placed.

  Apricot flower almond 12g, osmanthus 6g, moderate amount of rock sugar, mash the almonds, cook in the pot for 15 minutes, then cook the osmanthus for another 10 minutes, filter out the residue and add the rock sugar to taste and serve.

The fragrance is fragrant, delicious, and has the effects of beauty, skin and freckle. It is recognized that women often drink it all year round.

  Tremella medlar tremella 15 grams, medlar 25 grams.

Put the white fungus and wolfberry into the pot, add an appropriate amount and fry it with simmered heat to add a thick sauce. Add honey and fry for 5 minutes.

Once every other day, warm water to serve.

This recipe has the effects of nourishing yin and kidney, nourishing qi and blood, moisturizing the skin, and good color.

  Bird’s nest and jujube soup: 25g of bird’s nest, 15g of jujube, and brown sugar. Soak the bird’s nest with water to remove impurities. Then, put it in the pot with jujube (denucleated).

This formula has the effect of nourishing and wrinkles, making the complexion shiny and moisturized.

  Ginger jujube tea 200g ginger, 200g jujube, 20g salt, 30g licorice, 30g each clove and agarwood.

The medicine is mashed into coarse powder and uniform. Take 10-15 grams every morning and soak in boiling water for 10 minutes.

This formula can be used for a long time to make the skin rosy and smooth.

  Cosmetic cream fresh ripe papaya, fresh milk each amount.

Cut the papaya into small pieces, add water and cook with the sugar until the papaya is ripe. Then mix the fresh milk and bring it to a boil.

This formula has the effect of beauty skin care, black hair, regular drink can make the skin smooth, tender, delicate, wrinkles reduced, and complexion.

  The shamisen beauty juice cuts ravioli, carrots, and apples into small pieces, adds them to the juice maker, twists them, and seasons them with any honey.

Contains a large amount of phosphorus, potassium and multivitamins, carrots, apples contain the fruit acids, carotene can restore skin nutrition, make it shiny, delicate and soft.

Eat more citrus to prevent alcoholic liver

Eat more citrus to prevent alcoholic liver

Basically, excessive drinking causes diseases such as alcoholic liver, adult liver and cirrhosis.

Therefore, experts surveyed men who consumed 25 grams of ethanol (about 640 milliliters or more of beer) per day.

It turns out that people who eat less than 1 citrus per day are more likely to eat 3?
People with 4 citrus are nearly twice as likely to develop alcoholic liver.

Experts believe that this is mainly due to the reduced antioxidant capacity of patients with viral hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis, and the rich carotenoids and vitamins in citrus can improve the antioxidant capacity and be beneficial to protect the liver.

  In addition, experts point out that arteriosclerosis will worsen with people’s age. Lifestyle habits such as diet, smoking, and drinking will affect the hypertension. Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and obesity are the causes of arteriosclerosis.

The survey found that people with high levels of carotenoids in the serum may be less likely to develop arteriosclerosis than people with low levels of carotenoids.

This proves that eating more citrus and absorbing a large amount of carotenoids can reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis.

Six healthiest yoga recipes

Six healthiest yoga recipes

The yoga diet encourages eating more fruits and vegetables. Many fruits and vegetables are also suitable for cooking together, which can increase the nutritional value of the diet.

  Materials: 1 carrot, 80 grams of dutch beans, half a cabbage, 1 green bell pepper, purple cabbage instead.

  Seasoning: Moderate amount of salt.

  Practice: 1.

Wash and slice carrots, cabbages, and purple cabbages; choose to clean the dutch beans; wash and slice the green bell peppers after removing the stems and seeds.


Set the pan on the fire, heat in an appropriate amount of oil, add carrots, and stir-fry the cabbage, then add dutch beans, green bell pepper, and purple cabbage to fry.

  Tip: You can also choose vegetables based on your favorite. This is simple, nutritious, and delicious.

  Material: 500 grams of winter melon, 10 grams of fungus.

  Seasoning: Ginger, salt, mushroom essence, sesame oil each amount.

  Practice 1.

Winter melon peeled, zested and sliced; soak fungus in water and tear into small flowers; wash ginger and pat loose.


Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pan, add winter melon, and cook for 3?
Add the fungus for 5 minutes, heat for about 3 minutes, add ginger, and season with mushroom extract and salt.


Put the soup in a soup bowl and drizzle with sesame oil.

  Yoga motto: Please follow the instructions of yogis, use yoga postures to build a healthy body, and establish a balanced diet while developing good breathing habits.

  Tip 1.

Winter melon is a negative food in the yoga diet. It should not be eaten when the body is too cold, but it has the effects of removing dampness, swelling and lowering blood pressure.

  Fungus is not an inertial food in yoga food, but it may not be said that it can not be eaten, but it should not be eaten too much, and you must pay attention to adopting pleasant cooking methods, such as steaming, cooking, etc.


For beautiful dishes, add one or two coriander leaves as a garnish.

  Ingredients: 500 grams of carrot, 1 tomato, 1000 grams of vegetable soup.

  Seasoning: 2 tablespoons of cream, 125 grams of orange juice, vanilla, salt, pepper.

  Practice 1.

Wash the carrots, peel and slice them, put the cream in a pan, and cook on medium heat (stirring) for about 10 minutes.


Wash the tomatoes, cut into cubes, add the vegetable soup and orange juice to the carrot pot, boil them together, add herbs, salt, pepper, and cook on a low heat for about 20 minutes until the carrots are soft and rotten.

  Yoga motto: talk less and do more, ask less and pay more, waste less and smile more.

  Tip: The yoga diet encourages eating more fruits and vegetables. Many fruits and vegetables are also suitable for cooking together. This can improve the nutritional value of the diet.

Carrots are rich in carotene and minerals needed by the human body, which also have a good effect on vision recovery.

  Note: The unit of measurement in the recipe is as follows: 1 tsp = 5 ml 1 tbsp = 15 ml Material: 2 white lotus roots, each with appropriate amount of green, yellow and red bell peppers, some kind of purple cabbage.

  Seasoning: 3 grams of salt, moderate amount of olive oil.

  Practice 1.

茭 White peeled, washed, sliced; green, yellow, and red bell peppers were peeled, washed, and sliced; purple cabbage was washed and sliced.


Set the pan on the fire, pour in olive oil, heat, add simmered white, green, yellow, red bell pepper, and purple cabbage, stir-fry before salting.
  Yoga motto: When breathing is unstable, one’s mind will drift; and when breathing is stable, one’s consciousness will be firm.
  Tip: This is a full-colored dish. It is also a very home-made and easy-to-make dish. In the yoga diet, bell peppers are very rich in vitamins and can be eaten in moderation. Scientifically put various peppers or vegetables inTogether, they can not only make the dishes attractive, but also increase the nutritional content of the dishes. Just pay attention to not too many dishes, and the order of the various vegetables, because some dishes are easier to cook and some are not.

  Materials: 400 grams of fungus dishes, 15 grams of white fungus.

  Seasoning: salt, vinegar, sesame oil each amount.

  Practice 1.

Wash and clean the fungus dishes, and blanch in the boiled water until the dishes become green and bright, and immediately simmer out, cool down, and cut into long sections. After the tremella is foamed, wash it and tear it into small flowers.


Put the fungus dish into the dish, add the white fungus, mix with the seasoning and mix well and serve.

  Material: 1 small pumpkin, red bell pepper oxide.

  Practice 1.

Wash the pumpkin, cut into small pieces and cut into small pieces; after removing the sweet peppers, wash and cut into pieces similar to the pumpkin.


Set the pan on the fire, pour in an appropriate amount of oil and heat, add the pumpkin and stir-fry until it is ripe, add red bell pepper pieces, salt, and fry.

Tips pumpkin is a positive food, cold people can eat more, it can provide transformation to the human body, is a good stomach warmer food.

  The method of cooking pumpkin is also very simple. You can choose your favorite method, steaming and cooking are suitable.

  Tip: The fungus here is not black fungus, it is a leafy green.

The ingredients of this dish can also be changed to other green leafy vegetables according to your preferences, such as spinach is also a very good choice.

Butt yoga

Butt yoga

The first type: tighten the hip muscles, beautify the hip curve, and reduce the front side.

  (1) Lie on your back, cascade to the side of your body, and adjust your breathing.

  (2) Inhale, bend your knees, and try to approach the shorts with your heels.

  (3) Exhale, hold your feet tightly and step on, slowly lift your body off the ground, tighten your hip muscles, hold for 30 seconds, and breathe naturally.

  (4) Exhale slowly, the body falls back to the supine position, and repeat again.

  Alternative: If you can’t reach the pedals, keep your hands flat on the ground.

  The second type: beautify the front end and strengthen the leg muscles and toes.

  (1) While inhaling as in the first formula, lift your body, support your waist with both hands, and support your arms to the ground.

  (2) Exhale, raise the heel, contract and close, and clamp the thigh tibia muscles.

  (3) Inhale first, then exhale, while keeping your left leg straight up, hold for 5-10 seconds, and breathe naturally.

  (4) Inhale, drop your left leg, support, exhale, straighten your right leg upward, hold it for a few seconds, and breathe naturally.

  (5) Do 3 left and right legs, then relax.

  The third type: reduce excess meat on the shoulders, waists, and side waists, and stretch the posterior ligaments of the legs.

  (1) Lie on your side, with your right arm on the ground, and your right hand supporting the side of your face to adjust your breathing.

  (2) Inhale, bend your left leg, hold your left hand to make a foot.

  (3) Exhale, pull your left leg up with your left hand, straighten your left knee, hold for a few seconds, and breathe naturally.

  (4) Revert to falling. After repeating 3 times, change to the other side.

  The fourth type: raise the hip line, tighten the gluteal muscles, strengthen the waist and hip muscles.

  (1) Lie on your back with your chin on the ground, and insert your fists into your body.

  (2) Place your palms upwards and place them at the base of your thighs.

  (3) Inhale, tighten the gluteal muscles, lift your legs up with your forehead, and apply pressure to the ground.

Hold for 10-20 seconds and breathe naturally.

  (4) Exhale, your legs fall down, your chin is on the ground, and you take a deep breath.

Do this 3 times.

  Fifth style: improve the hip line, tighten the waist, abdomen and hip muscles, strengthen leg strength and balance ability.

  (1) Stand straight and adjust your breathing.

  (2) Inhale, lift your left leg backward, grab your left foot with your left hand, and straighten your right arm upward.

  (3) Exhale, pull your left leg up and stretch upwards, and keep your right arm forward to maintain balance.

Hold for 20 seconds and breathe naturally.

  (4) Exhale, return to the position of (2), return to the standing position, and then change your legs.

Do it 3 times each.

Comprehensive care for sensitive menstrual skin


Comprehensive care for sensitive menstrual skin

I wonder if you have noticed that our skin will change slightly during menstruation, and many skin problems will also break out here. This is because the estrogen and progesterone in the human blood slowly drop to the lowest level during menstruationBecome very sensitive.

However, after menstrual cramps, problematic skin (such as “acne”) will gradually improve.

To keep your skin glowing during your menstrual period, you need to start with both diet and health, because skin care alone is not enough.

  Treatment of menstrual acne After menstruation, the secretion of estrogen in the blood begins to weaken, and the acne will gradually recede.

For “acne” that is about to appear or have already appeared, “anti-acne” products should be used to prevent the further development of “acne”.

In addition, pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin, especially the skin of the T-shaped part, because at this stage the skin is experiencing strong oil secretion.

  Use of skin care products Menstrual skin is in a highly sensitive period. Skin care products for sensitive skin can be used. Try not to use irritating or high nutrition skin care products.

In addition, during the menstrual period, the human body easily feels tired, especially the eye skin is easy to fatigue, and eye cream can be used to relieve eye fatigue.

  Menstrual diet care During the menstrual period, eat some blood-enriching foods, especially at night, which can not only replenish blood, but also make the skin delicate and smooth.

In addition, be careful not to eat spicy and cold foods to prevent blood cold stagnation and qi and blood flow.

  Recommended recipes for nourishing blood and nourishing beauty: nourishing blood and nourishing beauty soup: 4 candied dates, 12 grams of white fungus, 2 Sydney, 3 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiensis, 10 grams each of north and south apricot, moderate sugar.

Cut the core of Sydney into 4 pieces, add other ingredients and cook in 1?

5 hours, add rock sugar.

  Jujube black sticky rice porridge: After washing the black sticky rice, soak it in water?
For 10 hours, add red dates, lotus seeds, and longan.

Add the right amount of water and cook in a saucepan to make porridge.

  Warp 1.
Menstrual Period Health Care Notes:

Get plenty of sleep and exercise to relieve abdominal congestion, but avoid headaches and continuous exercise.


Shower at least once a day during menstrual periods.


Choose mild, non-irritating bath products, preferably containing a bacteriostatic formula to inhibit microbial growth and avoid bacterial infections.

  Essential oils relieve dysmenorrhea. Lavender, chamomile, sage, mint, pelargonium and other ingredients can relieve pain whether used alone or in combination.

  The first method: add a few drops of essential oil to the washbasin, add an appropriate amount of hot water, soak the towel in the basin, wring it dry, and apply it to the lower abdomen while hot.

  The second method: After dripping a few drops of essential oil on the hand, massage it in a clockwise circle from the inside to the outside near the waist.

  Special recipes for dysmenorrhea 1.

Eat more fresh organic vegetables and fruits to reduce animal meat and dairy products.


Regular aerobic exercise can relieve psychological stress and improve endocrine balance.


Choose a sanitary napkin with good breathability to avoid inferior products causing skin discomfort and even vaginal inflammation.


Massage your hands, ears and feet daily for 5 minutes to relieve pain and relieve muscles and mood.


A lamp in front of the bed: The moon’s movement affects the ebb and flow of the ocean, and also affects the flow of many body fluid systems in the human body.

Put a soft light lamp beside the bed when you sleep, like the moonlight at the full moon, and turn the irregular menstrual cycle back to a cycle on the 28th. It can be said that it is quite natural and harmless.

What to do if my face turns yellow?

Six Food Therapies Completely Remove Yellow Qi

What to do if my face turns yellow?
Six Food Therapies Completely Remove Yellow Qi

Click to buy the summer is here. In order to whiten, the beauty eyebrows must not only do some sun protection work, but also don’t forget to remove some yellow gas!

What degree of yellow is no longer a problem.

Now I will tell you six food treatment recipes to make you truly a fair woman.

  A comprehensive “sweep yellow” strategy for the face. Appearance of dark yellow dietary recipes such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons, and fresh rose petals. After washing, squeeze together and squeeze the juice, then add honey. You can use it at any time.

Tomato, cucumber vitamin C and glutathione (a peptide consisting of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine, which plays an important role in activating certain biological enzymes in the human body and on biological redox processes), Citric acid Citric acid, regular drinking of this juice can promote skin metabolism, eliminate pigmentation, and make the skin delicate and fair.

This formula is more effective for the complexion caused by metabolic disorders.

  Second, the complexion of Huanghuang dietary recipe previously 100 grams of rice, 50 grams of mung beans, washed, add water to boil porridge, add pork liver slices (100 grams amount) before cooking, ready to serve after the liver is cooked, three times a day.

This formula has the effect of clearing away heat and nourishing blood, cleansing and yellowing the skin, and is suitable for the complexion of waxy yellow caused by weak blood and weak qi.

  Third, complexion 30 grams of Chinese jujube kernel, 15 grams of longan meat, 10 grams of brown sugar, 100 grams of rice.

Wash the first two flavors, cut into small pieces, and put them into the pot together. Add the previous rice (washed clean) and 1000 grams of water to cook the porridge. Transfer the brown sugar before leaving the pot and eat it sooner or later.

This formula has the effect of nourishing the heart and spleen, soothing and soothing the skin, and is suitable for dry skin and pale skin caused by insufficient blood of the heart and spleen.

  Fourth, the complexion of Huanghuang diet therapy fresh peach blossom dry, soaked in wine, the wine is higher than peach blossom, take 15 days later, drink 15 ml daily.

This formula has the effects of relieving liver and stagnation, promoting qi and activating blood circulation, and is suitable for complexion caused by liver qi discomfort and poor blood circulation, dry and gloomy, which can eliminate facial chloasma and make the face white as jade.

  Fifth, remove the shell from the chestnuts with 200 grams of grayish-yellow diet therapy, and cook them with an appropriate amount of duck soup. Then add 200 grams of cabbage and a small amount of refined salt for the main course.

Duck soup nourish yin and invigorate deficiency, chestnuts strengthen spleen and kidney, cabbage can nourish yin and moisten dryness, regular food can improve kidney gas replacement, and the dryness of yin is black and yellow, which is also effective for reducing dark spots on the skin and eliminating dark circles.

  Sixth, withered and yellow diet therapeutic formula, 200g of sea cucumber, cut into long strips, sliced with 100g of fresh bamboo shoots, put them in a pot, add 50g of lean pork and stew with appropriate amount of water, and finally add refined salt to taste.

Sea cucumber nourishes yin and nourishes blood, bamboo shoots clear heat and dissipate fire, lean meat is nourishing and strengthening, and regular eating is effective for anemia withered yellow, which can make the complexion smooth.

Different day and night skincare priorities


Different day and night skincare priorities

The skin condition is different at different moments, so the skin care points and techniques are different between day and night.

So, what are the key points and techniques for skin care during the day and night? Let ‘s compare them: Morning muscle warming: Mask is applied to the skin in the morning after a night of repair, it is in the best state, so there is not muchFor care, you only need to clean away the excess oil secreted that night, and add water.

  Many MMs, especially those with oily skin, will feel up early in the morning, and the skin is dull, which is a manifestation of severe skin dehydration.

Why not use 3?
Make a mask in 5 minutes.

  Applying a mask in the morning will always make the skin exceptionally bright and hydrated, making it easier to apply makeup in the future.

In addition, you can use a mask for emergency repairs in the early morning the next morning when you fall asleep without removing makeup, and the effect is also very good.

  Tip: Skin has its own biological clock.

At 8pm to 11pm, the micro blood vessels have the weakest resistance and are susceptible to susceptibility. At this time, it is not appropriate to apply a mask.

  Quick skin rejuvenation: It ‘s important to wash your face at night to strengthen your makeup and remove makeup. It ‘s just that you are applying heavy makeup or light makeup today. Even if you do n’t have makeup today, you just apply a layer of isolation and make up makeup removal.The cleanser washes away.

The makeup of the cream category belongs to lipophilic makeup and has strong adhesion to the skin. It cannot be cleaned with a simple hydrophilic facial cleanser at all.

  Therefore, it is best to choose a foam type of facial cleanser at night, which can deeply clean the face.

In the morning, you can change to a milder facial cleanser to remove the oil secreted from the face overnight.

  Tip: In order to make the skin cleaner, some people have suggested using a facial cleanser twice at night, which is too misleading.

If everyone does that, I believe that it won’t be long before the skin’s own moisturizing ability is destroyed and the skin becomes dry and sensitive.

  More accurate maintenance: Day Cream vs Night Cream The biggest difference between day cream and night cream is their ability to be absorbed by the skin.

Day cream focuses on isolation, like putting a protective coat on the skin, while night cream is a nutrient for the skin, mainly repairing and nourishing.

At least, replace softer night creams before the age of 25; over 25 to 40 years of age, the skin has just begun to age and replace nutrient-rich night creams; and those over 40 years old can choose night creams with enhanced repair and nutrition.

  If you have oily skin and excessive oil secretion from your skin, choose a refreshing day cream; if you have mixed skin, avoid using T-zones when using a day cream; if you have dry skin, choose dry skinDedicated day cream.

When applied, a little massage can help the skin absorb more effectively.

  TIPS: Many people do not have the habit of day cream and night cream, which will cause very serious consequences.

Use night cream in the morning, especially in summer. Excessive nutrition may cause the pores to be blocked due to excess nutrients. After the skin becomes dull and dull, it will not escape the signs of acne and blackheads.