How do college students respond to career assessments?

How do college students respond to career assessments?

There is no doubt that people are very interested in these “scientific evaluation” tools and technologies, and hope to use the evaluation to help determine whether a person can be hired or hold some important positions.

Procter & Gamble and other top 500 companies around the world have also replaced their professional personality tests with online applications or written tests as the primary method for eliminating talents that do not fit the “career orientation”.

  Testing is popular In order to select more suitable employees, many companies in recent years have introduced psychological testing to online application and even interview conversion.

  Talent assessment, in the most popular terms, is to let job applicants do some psychological test questions, and then the psychological professionals analyze the individual’s ability and personality characteristics according to the answer results, so as to determine the occupation suitable for the military.

  American career guidance expert Hollander has compiled a career interest test. He believes that personality characteristics and career adaptability are closely related. Certain personality is suitable for a certain occupation. At the same time, different occupations have different personality requirements.

Such a professional personality test is used as a part of career planning in the job search process for college students in the United States to help job seekers find the best career that matches their personality.

  Expressing myself frankly Xu Li, a recent undergraduate graduate who has applied for P & G’s summer internship, has a cold on professional personality evaluation: “When applying online, I was cautious in conducting psychological tests and tried to show an outwardly, capable, and motivated image, But did not expect the results did not even pass the Internet application!

“In doing so, Mr. Wang Feng, who specializes in professional psychology research at East China Normal University, said that many of the translations in the psychological test scale are” lie-detection “questions, in order to test whether the testees truly identified themselves.Reflected in the answer, “The psychological tests of systematic science have been rigorously designed and can definitely reflect a person’s true personality characteristics.

If you lie too much, the results of this psychological test will be invalidated directly, and the recruitment company has to reason to doubt the integrity of the job applicant.

“In the face of these instrumental psychological tests and problems, job seekers should respond with their most real and immediate thoughts and express a true self.

“Secretly or acting against it, it may be passed by chance, and it is very likely that you have chosen an inappropriate occupation for yourself, which is extremely detrimental to personal career development.

“Although the degree of reliance on psychological tests for corporate recruitment is constantly increasing, it is far from being the biggest factor in determining whether an individual can obtain a position. Generally, human resource managers will look at the decisionLook at the results of a person’s psychological test, but it is only a reference standard.

  Angela, a human resources manager of a well-known foreign company, said that during the company’s recruitment process, some psychological tests were more arranged by them, and the robes were handed to the supervisors of relevant departments.Personality reference standard.

  Recruiters are always more concerned about the qualifications and past work experience of the job applicant, not just the results of psychological tests.

After all, communication between people can reflect more abilities.

It is impossible to directly decide whether to hire someone with only one set of psychological tests.

“The psychological test itself is effective, but it is mechanical after all, and it is difficult to guarantee that it is not at all wrong.