[How to eat three meals to lose weight]_ weight loss _ diet conditioning _ how conditioning

[How to eat three meals to lose weight]_ weight loss _ diet conditioning _ how conditioning

For the majority of people who want to lose weight, it is very important to eat three meals a day. What you should eat must be eaten so that the body can have sufficient nutrition and will not harm your health, but you should not eat itOtherwise it will be difficult to lose weight.

I. Breakfast “Eat breakfast like an emperor.

“This is the dietary advice of nutrition experts. Many young office workers don’t pay much attention to breakfast. They just use cookies to deal with it. They don’t even eat breakfast and wait until noon to” make up “.

Experts believe that breakfast can provide 30% of energy and nutrition throughout the day, which cannot be returned by other meals.

In addition to not eating breakfast can cause hypoglycemia, a lot of bile, and pancreatic diseases are also related to not eating breakfast.

It’s not good not to have breakfast, but it’s useless to eat too fine breakfast.

“Eating like an emperor” does not mean that breakfast should be extravagant and detailed, but that breakfast should be comprehensive.

Milk, eggs, staple food, fruits, and vegetables have different nutrition.

Although exquisite pastries have good taste, they are nutritious and easy to be digested.

A good breakfast even needs to be nutritious and “hungry.” In the morning, it is usually a time when people work more intensively. For example, it takes two hours to digest, and they get hungry at 10 o’clock, and then they cannot work.

The ideal breakfast is best with porridge. Experts suggest that oatmeal is better. In addition to being nutritious and digesting for a long time, you can put five or six red dates in the porridge to supplement VC, so that the staple food and fruits in the breakfast are available.If you have time, you can make a scrambled egg with tomatoes, so that you have both vegetables and eggs.

Breakfast milk is indispensable. Needless to say its nutrition, and its digestion time is about 3 hours, double that of porridge.

The best staple food is rice or potato, which is better than bread buns.

Second, lunch is much slower. Office workers have a lot of work, so they often eat quickly when they eat. Experts point out that this is a very wrong way to eat.

We should take it as a treat and try to be slow in the speed of eating. Only in this way can the body digest and absorb food.

If you eat fast, it will slow down the digestion and absorption of food and nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract, which will affect the normal exertion of mental or physical work ability in the afternoon, and will also make you quickly obese.

In order to be able to lose weight quickly, many office workers often eat only fruits during lunch, which is a very unfavorable way to lose weight.

A reasonable way to lose weight should be fruits and vegetables. This is because fruits and vegetables have their own nutritional characteristics, but they cannot be replaced.

Therefore, in terms of what to eat for lunch, you should try to eat two kinds of food together, and vegetables should eat more, because all kinds of vegetables are rich in supplementary fiber, it promotes absorption of peristalsis and keeps the metabolism of the stomach and stomach normal.
Third, eating dinner before dinner is a good health policy recommended by medical experts to people.

Relevant research shows that eating dinner early can greatly reduce the incidence of urinary calculi.

In the dinner food, there is a lot of calcium. During the metabolism, some calcium is absorbed and utilized by the small intestine, and the other part is filtered through the glomerulus to enter the urinary tract to be excreted from the body. The peak of calcium excretion in humans is often after meals 4?
5 hours, if the dinner is too late, when the peak calcium excretion comes, the person will fall asleep, and the urine will remain in the ureter, urinary bladder, urethra and other urinary tracts.Crystals, over time, gradually expand to form stones.

Dinner elements For dinner, you must be partial vegetarian. Overlap foods are the main factor. In particular, you should take more fresh vegetables, try to reduce too much protein, and a small amount of food.

But in real life, because there is relatively much preparation time, most family dinners are very rich, which is not good for health.

Too much protein is absorbed, the body cannot stay in the body, it will stay in the body, will deteriorate, produce toxic substances such as ammonia, indole nitrate, ammonia sulfide, and stimulate the intestinal wall to induce cancer.

If your aunt eats too much, you can increase blood lipids.

A large number of clinical medical studies have confirmed that people who eat fast food at dinner usually have 3 to 4 times higher blood lipids than people who often eat vegetarian food, and people with high blood lipids and hypertension who eat fast food at dinner are tantamount to getting angry.oil.


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Lixun Precision (002475): High-growth communications for consumer electronics, automotive for the future

Lixun Precision (002475): High-growth communications for consumer electronics, automotive for the future
Event: The company released the 2018 annual report, and the company achieved sales revenue of 358 in 2018.500,000 yuan, an annual increase of 57.06%; total profit realized 32.82 ppm, an increase of 60 in ten years.99%; realize net profit attributable to owners of the parent company.23 ppm, an increase of 61 in ten years.05%. The rapid growth of the consumer electronics business has demonstrated superior precision manufacturing platform capabilities.Based on the complete planning of consumer electronics products, the company fully cuts into the North American customers ‘cables, connectors, acoustics, wireless charging, motors, antennas and other high value-added components, as well as accessories such as wireless headphones and smart watchesAnd the increase in the supply of old products is the main driving force for the company’s performance growth.In 2018, the company’s consumer electronics business revenue was 26.8 billion, a year-on-year increase of 76.5%.The company’s highly outstanding quality management work, years of high standards and strict requirements have pushed the company to continue to move closer to the top quality management standards.Thanks to this, the company’s production costs have been repeatedly reduced, and its overall competitiveness has been continuously improved.Continuous R & D and high investment prospects The company’s future growth foundation.In the past three years, the company has gradually invested 49 in research and development.8.9 billion, the proportion of R & D investment in operating income continued to rise.In 2018, the company incurred R & D expenses25.150,000 yuan, an increase of 63 in ten years.09%, newly applied for 244 patents, and obtained 238 patent authorizations. With the arrival of 5G, the communication interconnection and automobile interconnection business will become the company’s emerging growth point, and it is expected to be on par with the global leading connector manufacturers in the future.The products that the company has laid out ahead of time in the communications, data center, industrial, and automotive electronics markets have contributed to the company’s development.In the field of communication business, the company has formed a fully interconnected product and solution layout around “cloud”, “management” and “end”. In 2018, the company’s communication interconnection business revenue increased by 30.0%.With the advent of the 5G era, the company’s base station antennas, filters and data center interconnection products will also give full play to its market competitiveness.In the automotive market, the company has formed a complete product line of components such as wiring harnesses, connectors, electronic modules, and insert injection molding functions, and has established a better foundation in the field of new energy vehicles. 1 Breakthrough in customer base.In 2018, the company’s car interconnection business increased by half a year.8%, the future car interconnection business will be a stable growth point that can be expected. The acceleration of 5G millimeter wave construction in the United States is expected to drive the company’s millimeter wave business beyond expectations.The appointment of the US President on December 4 stated that the United States will spend $ 275 billion on the construction of a 5G network in the wireless industry.The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) plans to start the largest spectrum auction in the history of the United States from December 10 this year. Operators can bid on several high-frequency frequency resources of 37GHz, 39GHz and 47GHz.Looking at the 5G spectrum resources released by the United States, the main push is the construction of millimeter wave networks, and the United States market is Apple’s largest source of revenue. We judge that 5G iPhones are expected to support millimeter wave functions in 2020. From Apple ‘s announcement of millimeter wave antenna patents, it is expected to use LCP The flexible board implements a millimeter wave antenna frame.In the field of LCP flexible board modules, Luxun Precision has in-depth industrial chain supporting cooperation and product supply with major customers. The future millimeter wave business is worth looking forward to. Investment suggestion: It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies from 2019 to 2021 will be 38.08 billion, 50.5.6 billion, 65.6.3 billion.Maintain BUY-A investment 佛山桑拿网 rating with 6-month target price of 32.55 yuan, equivalent to 35 times PE in 2019.

CNPC Engineering (600339): It is expected to benefit from the establishment of National Pipeline Company; revenue in 2019 may exceed expectations

CNPC Engineering (600339): It is expected to benefit from the establishment of National Pipeline Company; revenue in 2019 may exceed expectations

Company status From May 9-10, 2019, we participated in the third company day of PetroChina Antiques in Zhuhai.

The leaders of CNPC Engineering gave a keynote speech and introduced the company’s business development and strategic prospects.

Comments In the long run, the establishment of the National Pipeline Company will benefit the company’s development.

Leaders re-determined the company’s leading onshore long-distance pipeline construction technology and production capacity as the main builder of China’s main pipeline network.

At the same time, the company believes that the establishment of a national pipeline company helps the company to obtain more orders. Regarding the issue of the establishment of a national pipeline company or restraining the company’s revenue growth in the short term, the company believes that the risks are controllable, mainly consideringThe contract is concluded, and the time to reflect the income is relatively relative (about 2-3 years).

We think the company’s 2019 revenue guidance is conservative.

The company’s 2019 revenue growth guidance only accounts for 4%, which is far lower than other companies in the industry, causing some investors to occupy.

We consider the guidance to be too conservative or to consider the company’s preferred implementation of contract strategy.

We believe that the company has sufficient reserve projects. The construction of projects such as Guangdong Petrochemical is expected to accelerate during the year, and the company’s revenue has greater potential than expected.

The company’s new long-term guidance for 2019 is expected to accelerate.

On May 9, the company 武汉夜生活网 issued an announcement stating that it was worth the letter of intent to sign the contract for the general contracting and operation and maintenance services of the EPC of the Hafaya Natural Gas Processing Plant project from PetroChina Iraq.

About 700 million US dollars, the official award letter will be issued before and after the relevant procedures.

We believe that the formal gradual advancement of the project will help the company accelerate the completion of the new 977 trillion guidelines for new breakthrough orders this year.

The “two golds” are expected to continue to improve.

The company’s “two golds” (account receivables and inventory) had significant pressure control effects in 2018. This year, the company insisted on increasing project settlement efforts and supervised the recovery of account periods to each 杭州桑拿 project.

We think the company’s “two golds” is expected to continue to improve this year.

It is recommended to maintain profit forecast and recommendation rating.

Maintain target price of 6.

3 yuan, corresponding to 1.

4x 2019 PBR and 53% upside.

Currently leading trades at 0.

9 times 2019 P / B ratio.

Risks In the new millennium, orders fell short of expectations, and order execution rates fell short of expectations.

0-3 years old baby reading plan

0-3 years old baby reading plan

Reading, don’t think that this is just a matter of big talents.

For a young baby, he/she can also have a reading from a beautiful picture, and the mother can read it.

Especially for babies before the age of 3, it is much more important to help him/her form an attitude or concept than to teach them a specific skill (such as literacy, counting).

The significance of early reading is to let children get happiness from the book.

This kind of happiness can help them form a beneficial attitude towards the book and cultivate a lifelong appreciation.

Be a fashion parent, even if you are busy, you must enter the reading time with your child at some point in the day.

  Step 1: Reading for half an hour every day is the best way to guide your baby’s thinking. If you can tell a story to your child every day, you are an amazing mother.

Don’t underestimate the half-hour parent-child reading every day, it can make your child have great fun in the unlimited imagination space. The “puppy is angry” in your mouth, “the kitten becomes home” is all vividThe voice-over, while the small grass, small flowers, small animal expressions, colors and movements in the picture, also became a vivid picture because of the mother’s expression.

  A baby 0-3 years old, what can she/he remember?

Do we really need to insist on this?

  Psychologist Mei Shan said that when it is infancy, it needs environmental stimulation. Reading with children can stimulate her hearing, vision, big-oriented cards, and mother’s gaze to the baby, caressing, sweet voice to the baby.It is a kind of stimulation, and such stimulation must not be understood as to obtain a very shaped result.

Early education is as natural as a spring breeze that has passed through the earth. It cannot be regarded as a kind of teaching.

It is the form of our lives and the beautiful state of life between us and our children.

  This period is a period in which children’s language and intelligence develop rapidly. The baby learns from babbling, repeats the words “car”, “hat”, etc. until he can say simple sentences and express complete meaning in this process.In the middle, we are delighted to see the great progress of the baby.

Mother telling stories to her baby is a good puzzle training. We need to know the significance of telling stories to children repeatedly.

  When mothers are full of drama and passionately read the story to the baby over and over again, if it causes a poetic thought, implies a beautiful feeling, touches the human heart, our baby is like us, they alsoCan feel the existence of beauty.

It’s this repetition that repeats the child’s own imagination and the incomparable magic that comes from your participation, making the story the best way to influence your child’s thinking.

  Step 2: Start a reading game with your baby in a relaxed and warm atmosphere. Every day, we start our reading game with our baby in a relaxed and warm environment.

Even if he/she doesn’t quit a bunch of inexplicable words, we have to look at him/her with encouraging eyes: Wow, it’s as good as my mother.

Let him/her imitate your facial expressions, gestures and pitch changes and you will find that he/she is really smart.

When you talk to him/her about new words, you have to gesture to him/her to characterize them, and like the game, repeat these new words, the baby likes the mother to accompany him/her to read, tell the book.In the story, for the baby, the book is a toy that can be opened and closed to learn to speak.

  In the range he/she can see, put his/her little picture book, preferably have a cute little bookcase, let the baby realize that the colorful, picture-like things that are called books by the mother are very good., very fun stories and games.

  Step3: 0-3 years old, the baby grows in reading for 0-6 months. Mom uses the sound and expression to bring the baby to the world. The favorite reading game for the baby is 0-6 months. It is some catchy, rhythmic, short and delicate children’s songs.A colorful, simple-looking painting book.

The quality of the book must be good, the color contrast should be large, it is best to round the book, so as not to scratch the child.

This kind of reading not only allows the baby to understand the simple things around: fruits, vegetables, flowers, grass, toys, etc., but also cultivates the baby’s basic understanding of the rhythm and the initial impression of color, and cultivates their appreciation of the beauty.

  In fact, in addition to simple understanding, children can get more from reading games with their mothers.

Mother’s voice, expression, mother’s self-satisfaction when reading, can make the baby realize the mother’s love for reading, this love will melt into the child’s young life.

  6-12 months mother’s situation reading, let the baby read the world in the story For the children of this age, the mother can choose three kinds of stories.

First, simple enlightenment readings; second, simple stories and picture books that meet their comprehension; third, beyond their age, parents feel richer and more interesting readings, let him from the storytelling people’s tone, posture, expressionExperience the beauty brought by the story.

Of course, mothers should try to avoid reading stories that are too horrible, sad, and enduring.

  The third story requires parents to think about it when reading with their children.

A mother tells her story about Little Red Riding Hood to her less than one year old every night.

The child does not really understand the meaning of the story (he has never seen a real wolf or a gray wolf in the present), he just loves to hear the storyteller and likes her strokes.

The mother’s reading method is: when the little girl is lying in the red hat, touch the baby’s head, the little girl touches the baby’s hand when picking flowers, the little girl touches the baby’s body when she squats, the little red riding hat is eaten by the wolfWhen the baby is held tight, the hunter touches the baby’s belly when he cuts the gray wolf’s belly.

The scientist always changed the name of the hunter to the name of the child, and finally he couldn’t forget to compose a song that sang the little hunter.

Therefore, the most important point that children experience from “reading” is: love.

His understanding may be: encounter difficulties – small hands to solve – mother praise.

Through the mother, the child understands the story, appreciates the story, and realizes the meaning of reading.   A 1-2 year old baby understands life and experiences emotions while reading.

After the baby is 1 year old, he begins to learn to understand simple fables, jokes, poems, and novels.

All genres of literary works can be understood by children as long as they cover no more than the child’s life experience.

To choose a book for children, it is necessary to consider factors other than the knowledge content to enrich the child’s life experience and increase his/her appreciation of the literary works.

  At this time, parents should share their reading with their children every day.

Children of this age love grotesque stories.

A mother said that her child’s most laughed work is “A Strange Old Lady’s Story”: The old lady is going downstairs without taking the stairs, holding the bricks as a dish, falling off her head and falling off her butt, and, lostI can’t find it myself.

Parents of such stories can do it themselves.

At this stage, the children themselves can already enjoy the good emotions from reading.

On this basis, parents can develop a little more, and read some of the works that children like very much, but they like them very much.

What to do if my face turns yellow?

Six Food Therapies Completely Remove Yellow Qi

What to do if my face turns yellow?
Six Food Therapies Completely Remove Yellow Qi

Click to buy the summer is here. In order to whiten, the beauty eyebrows must not only do some sun protection work, but also don’t forget to remove some yellow gas!

What degree of yellow is no longer a problem.

Now I will tell you six food treatment recipes to make you truly a fair woman.

  A comprehensive “sweep yellow” strategy for the face. Appearance of dark yellow dietary recipes such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons, and fresh rose petals. After washing, squeeze together and squeeze the juice, then add honey. You can use it at any time.

Tomato, cucumber vitamin C and glutathione (a peptide consisting of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine, which plays an important role in activating certain biological enzymes in the human body and on biological redox processes), Citric acid Citric acid, regular drinking of this juice can promote skin metabolism, eliminate pigmentation, and make the skin delicate and fair.

This formula is more effective for the complexion caused by metabolic disorders.

  Second, the complexion of Huanghuang dietary recipe previously 100 grams of rice, 50 grams of mung beans, washed, add water to boil porridge, add pork liver slices (100 grams amount) before cooking, ready to serve after the liver is cooked, three times a day.

This formula has the effect of clearing away heat and nourishing blood, cleansing and yellowing the skin, and is suitable for the complexion of waxy yellow caused by weak blood and weak qi.

  Third, complexion 30 grams of Chinese jujube kernel, 15 grams of longan meat, 10 grams of brown sugar, 100 grams of rice.

Wash the first two flavors, cut into small pieces, and put them into the pot together. Add the previous rice (washed clean) and 1000 grams of water to cook the porridge. Transfer the brown sugar before leaving the pot and eat it sooner or later.

This formula has the effect of nourishing the heart and spleen, soothing and soothing the skin, and is suitable for dry skin and pale skin caused by insufficient blood of the heart and spleen.

  Fourth, the complexion of Huanghuang diet therapy fresh peach blossom dry, soaked in wine, the wine is higher than peach blossom, take 15 days later, drink 15 ml daily.

This formula has the effects of relieving liver and stagnation, promoting qi and activating blood circulation, and is suitable for complexion caused by liver qi discomfort and poor blood circulation, dry and gloomy, which can eliminate facial chloasma and make the face white as jade.

  Fifth, remove the shell from the chestnuts with 200 grams of grayish-yellow diet therapy, and cook them with an appropriate amount of duck soup. Then add 200 grams of cabbage and a small amount of refined salt for the main course.

Duck soup nourish yin and invigorate deficiency, chestnuts strengthen spleen and kidney, cabbage can nourish yin and moisten dryness, regular food can improve kidney gas replacement, and the dryness of yin is black and yellow, which is also effective for reducing dark spots on the skin and eliminating dark circles.

  Sixth, withered and yellow diet therapeutic formula, 200g of sea cucumber, cut into long strips, sliced with 100g of fresh bamboo shoots, put them in a pot, add 50g of lean pork and stew with appropriate amount of water, and finally add refined salt to taste.

Sea cucumber nourishes yin and nourishes blood, bamboo shoots clear heat and dissipate fire, lean meat is nourishing and strengthening, and regular eating is effective for anemia withered yellow, which can make the complexion smooth.

Three easy steps to create a water snake slim waist

Three easy steps to create a water snake slim waist

Yoga limbs are a large system, which consists of several parts, so that each part can maintain a good state in order to have a healthy body.

Yoga adjusts the physiological functions of various organs through asanas, pacing, and other methods to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body.

  Rear view slim waist: 1.

Sit upright with your legs straight and your toes pressed down.


The left leg is bent, the right leg is bent, the right heel is trying to approach the outside of the base of the left thigh, and the upper right is attached to the ground.


Inhale, twist your body to the left, and bend your left foot instead of the upper right. Insert your right hand around the left leg and insert it. Hold your left foot and replace it, exhale.

(I feel the fracture of the top and top, stay for a deep breath, slowly restore it, change the side, and do it again.

) Efficacy This method can stimulate the spine, correct the back spine, strengthen the abdominal muscles, stimulate the internal organs, make the liver function strong, eliminate excess meat in the waist, and adjust the central and sympathetic nerves.

  When doing important actions, the upper body must be kept straight and not bent.

  Three steps to get a thin waist and thin abdomen to enhance digestive function, promote metabolism, improve internal organ sagging, tighten muscles . Time: morning, middle, evening, can be practiced on an empty stomach before meals.

 Practice 5 ̄10 minutes each time, and each position can be used for 2 ̄3 rounds.

  Tiger style: waist-abdomen function: increase strong spinal and sciatic nerves, reduce aunts in the waist, hips, thighs, and strong reproductive organs, especially suitable for female exercises.

Kneeling with your legs bent on your knees, your hands supporting the ground, your body straight, your body in a quadrangle, your left and right wrists, and your arms forward.

 Inhale, raise your head, stretch your chest at the same time, and lift your right leg backwards.

Exhale while recovering the right leg to the abdomen, and lower your head.

The head is in contact with high blood pressure below the abdomen.

Repeat 4 to 6 times.

Change your left leg.

  V-shaped posture: The function of tightening the waist and abdomen: tightening the abdominal muscles, tightening and raising the protruding stomach, improving the drooping of internal organs, at the same time correcting the legs and correcting the spine.

Sit forward with your feet upright, bend your knees, hold the soles of your hands with both hands, and pull your fingers toward your chest.

 Inhale, straighten forward, straighten your chest, adjust your breathing, pull your feet up with your hands, stretch them straight, use the coccyx as the fulcrum, keep your body balanced, and breathe naturally 5 times.

 Exhale while slowly returning to the original sitting position.

  Cobra twist type: waist-abdomen effect: enhance digestive function, relieve constipation, promote metabolism, reduce waist, back, excess fat.

Prone position: Place your hands on your side and chin on the ground.

Inhale and support your body with gravity. Slowly raise your spine and tilt back in the order of head, neck, shoulders, and chest.

Exhale, twist your shoulders, head to the right and back at the same time, keep your posture, and breathe 5 times naturally.

Inhale, turn your shoulders and head back to the middle position, exhale in the opposite direction, keep your posture, and breathe 5 times naturally.

Inhale back to the middle position, exhale slowly back to the original prone position, you can relax your hips with your head sideways.

Women need to be torn and technical

Women need to be torn and technical

There are no women who are not disappointed, but there is no repetition of technical content. They are often regarded by men as “winds around the ears”. When the wind blows for a long time, men may have “fever on fire” tit-for-tat;Injury solves the problem and increases the intimacy of both parties.

  Let’s not take a partial approach and discuss the matter “you just don’t count, and you are simply irresponsible”. In fact, it may be because you have agreed to have dinner together, and his temporary company has something that can’t go.

  Expert analysis: Don’t take his personality for comment. This will hurt the self-esteem of the man. The biggest way for a man to gain recognition and self-confidence is to be the closest person.

Smart woman, it is best to “soften” in time and change it to “I told you to eat together tonight, but you left me alone for so long”, so it made him feel guilty, and avoided one word at a timeThe battle will be doubled.

  Put away the attack and say that many women need to say something like: “You don’t care about me at all, all you think about is work, you never think about me”, “You can’t remember my birthday”, “Do youCan’t you stay with me “.

  Expert analysis: The words that cannot be resolved are actually “responsibility preparations” and “commands”, which will make the other half feel that you are unreasonable and unwilling to communicate with you.

  In fact, in a different tone, tell him that you need him very well, especially the nature of men is to expect to be needed.

For example, “I want to be cared for by you, but it always seems that I tirelessly call you to greet you”. In fact, just changing the tone of voice, turning accusations and orders into your emotional expression.

  Obviously, when you are angry, you can throw things when you are angry. This is also a common trick for women to vent their emotions, or run away from home, waiting for men to chase them back.

  Expert analysis: This kind of extreme emotion is just the right thing to say. Don’t really put it into action. This is the most obvious way.

For example you can say: “I am so angry that I want to drop something!

“As long as you express the true feelings of birth gas, the destructive practice of throwing things can be completely omitted.

  ”Emotional light does not practice” Although it does not cause the problem to disappear, it is a very effective intimate invitation.

Just send an intimate invitation to the other side to let him know your feelings better and make him understand: My purpose is not to hurt you, but to want to be closer to you.

Is it really good to eat clear urine eggs?

Is it really good to eat “clear urine eggs”?

There is a puzzling tonic way in Zhuji folk-eating “clear urine eggs”.
The so-called “clear urine egg” refers to the egg soaked and boiled in the boy’s urine. Some people think that the egg thus boiled has the effect of “clearing the lungs and reducing fire, and nourishing and tonic”.
No, the spring is here, and Zhuji ‘s “clear urine eggs” are lively on the market again. Many kindergartens in Zhuji have also come to pick up and collect urine.
  Behind the scenes of the original South Gate vegetable market in Zhuji City, the boy’s urine is sold. Mr. Chen of the fruit shop said that he has recently opened a new business, selling “clear urine eggs” part-time, and the income is really good.
One egg costs one yuan and duck eggs one yuan and two dimes.
More than 200 eggs are cooked every morning and sold out in the evening.
  The 84-year-old grandmother Duan, who lives in Zhuji’s Xingcheng Flower Garden, became a frequent visitor to Mr. Chen’s booth. He will come to visit the next day and buy more than ten.
Grandma Duan said that since she was 4 years old, the elders in the family told her that eating this kind of egg can make up her body. She eats it every spring and cannot fall for a year.
  How to cook “clear urine egg”?
  Aunt Zhang, who lives near Zhuji’s old train station, also summarized a set of egg-cooking experiences: “Put eggs or duck eggs in a pot of boy urine, without putting any ingredients and seasonings.
After simmering for about 10 minutes, the eggshell is broken, so that the urine penetrates into the egg whites and egg yolks.
Do n’t worry, you have to cook for more than half a day. When you see that the urine is almost dry and the protein turns pale yellow, you are done.
“Some people in the kindergarten came to” grab “the urinary urinary urinary urinary elixirs, and the urinary urgency of the urinary urinary became popular, and many kindergartens in Zhuji City have appeared special urine collection tools and urine collection specialists.
“At this time of the year, many people cook” clear urine eggs. ”
More than a month ago, many citizens came to ask for child urine, and many of them came from acquaintances.
“Liu Yuanzhang, Zhuji Youth Palace Art Kindergarten, said.
To this end, there is a set of “special equipment” for urine collection in the garden: 3 large buckets, a funnel, and a large kettle that can hold 25 kg.
  And the situation in Zhuji Child Care Center is similar. A staff member said that as soon as the kindergarten starts after the Spring Festival, citizens will come to take urine.
“Every day someone comes to pick it up with a bucket. The demand is not small. A little less is two or three kilograms, and more is five or six kilograms.
“” Purge urine eggs “can supplement the argument and lead to controversy.” Eating eggs stewed with urine is a disaster.
“However, many young Zhuji people’s attitude towards” clearing urine eggs “is far less respected by their elders.
  ”I don’t like‘ clear urine eggs ‘.
My mother forced me to eat and said it was very tonic.
For Xiao Yang of Ruihe Garden, eating “clear urine eggs” is a torture.
  Is there any scientific basis for the so-called “clear urine egg” supplement?
To this end, the reporter interviewed Dr. Zhang Weibin of Zhuji Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.
Dr. Zhang said that the main effect of “clearing urine eggs” is to reduce fire and reduce fever.
“From the perspective of Chinese medicine, liver fire is prone to prosperous in spring, and at this time it is suitable to take some food to reduce fire.
Boy urine is cool and non-toxic, and eggs are nutritious, so ‘clear urine eggs’ is a good choice.
Of course, Dr. Zhang also specifically pointed out: “Eating‘ clear urine eggs ‘must have a degree. Traditional Chinese medicine has often said that it ‘s too late to eat more‘ clear urine eggs ‘. It ‘s not good for the body.
“Ren Yequn, a senior nutritionist, said that from the perspective of modern medicine, there is no scientific basis for saying that eating” clear urine eggs “can strengthen the body.
“Urine is a metabolite of the body, except for water, inorganic salts, urea, uric acid and other metabolites.
In my opinion, ‘clear urine eggs’ is no more nutritional value than ordinary eggs.

Delicious food supplements for periodontitis

Delicious food supplements for periodontitis

Adolescent periodontitis diet Yali: Eat some fresh pears after meals, wash the tooth surface by chewing slowly, massage the gums to eliminate food residues between the teeth, eliminate gum hyperemia, atrophy, and improve blood circulation in the mouth.

In particular, it has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on the redness and swelling of the gums caused by gastritis.

  Walnuts: Walnut kernels are rich in trace oils and acids that can penetrate into the dentin tubules and act as an isolation; trace amounts of protein and calcium in walnuts can also be assisted by chemical changes.

Walnut kernels can be used to grow the jaw, or chewed repeatedly with the affected teeth after a little warming, 3-4 times a day.

  Chinese wolfberry: Chinese medicine believes that: “If the kidney fails, the tooth will fall off, and if the kidney is solid, the tooth will be firm.”

Lycium barbarum has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, and it can strengthen kidneys and bones for a long time.

It has a very good implantation effect on senile periodontitis.

Orchid medlar can be taken orally, 30g daily, and chewed with warm boiling water.