Meet a few tips in the workplace

Meet a few “tips” in the workplace

Interpersonal relationships are mostly so complicated that it is not advisable to talk nonsense if you don’t know the inside story.
There is a kind of person in the society who is very good at helping the situation, making other people’s right and wrong compelling, and exaggerating each other and saying that there are not many tragedies in the world.
  The taboos of speaking: There are no perfect people in the world, and casually talking about other people’s weaknesses or revealing the privacy of others will not only hinder the reputation of others, but also enough to show that you are mean.
If you pretend to preach the one-sided words you have heard, you will reverse the right and wrong, confuse the black and white, and you wo n’t be able to take it back.
  Interpersonal relationships are mostly so complicated that it is not advisable to talk nonsense if you don’t know the inside story.
There is a kind of person in the society who is very good at helping the situation, making other people’s right and wrong compelling, and exaggerating each other and saying that there are not many tragedies in the world.
When talking about others, don’t criticize others behind one-sided observations unless it is a good criticism.
  Not many things in daily life are worth our friendship to argue and win.
But you do it this way, as if your spirit and time are worthless, not to mention the damage to your relationship.
Except that they can be modest about each other, without any prejudice, and special discussions on a certain issue, all disputes should be avoided. Even if this is an academic dispute, it is not necessary to think that such debate is to carry forward the spirit of culture.
  People do wrong, or do something bad. As long as he tells you automatically, he may still confess his mistakes frankly. If you point it out, then he must have various reasons to justify his mistakes.
Therefore, it is impossible to absolutely not criticize others. What we want to study is how to criticize.
  It is unwise to argue with people when talking about yourself.
One of the worst things is to brag about yourself in front of others, to take pride in yourself and despise everything, to ignore the opinions of others, and to brag about yourself. Those who are self-cultivators will not talk about themselves casually, let alone boast.
Not to mention bragging yourself, instead of bragging, you should show humility, maybe you think you are great, but others do not necessarily agree, hold yourself, never hold too high.
A boastful word is a seed of evil, which grows from your mouth in the hearts of others, and grows offensive buds.
  Do not deliberately make things difficult for people, and eloquence must behave correctly and flexibly.
  After listening to the other party’s speech, I found that one of them disagreed, and immediately raised an objection, and the other party immediately thought that their opinions had been rejected, which is of course a serious matter.
The reason you are doing this is to ease the air of conversation.
  Don’t make people think that you have wiped everything out of him, and that you don’t recognize his benefits at all, so that the conversation can proceed smoothly.
On the contrary, this is to make others talk to you and consider it worthwhile to consider. There is no falsehood or bragging.
  Don’t repeat the same topic all the time, don’t complain and complain about it everywhere. Complaining and complaining is not a good way to win sympathy. The basic attitude of being a person should also be like this.
  Stance of speaking Posture is an external manifestation of your inner state. It depends entirely on your own emotions, feelings, and interests. A gesture from your heart is not as good as the one thousand rules indicate.
The more the truth is revealed, the more natural the movements and gestures.
Sometimes because of the happy mood, I waved my hands in the air, sometimes because of the sadness, I could n’t help but clenched my fist and leaned against my chest tightly; when I was angry, I could n’t help but punch my fist.Action and performance posture are based on natural and flexible elements.
  When a person expresses his opinion, it is indeed worth paying attention to the problem of hand placement.
The following principles should be noted: 1.
Do not repeat postures. No matter which posture is repeated, it will always be tedious; 2.
When making gestures, don’t just start from the elbow, this will make people feel that your gestures are unnatural; 3.
Don’t end the pose too quickly.
For example, when you reach out and point your finger forward, this gesture is to help you speak, then you must not retract your hand immediately, it is best to wait until you have finished speaking a word before retracting that arm.
If you want to maintain the naturalness of your posture, you must practice it. This kind of practice should be painstaking. Maybe you feel a little reluctant when you practice, but after many days, you can gradually become natural.
You have to be careful not to let your movements or postures reduce the listener’s attention to your speech; many people’s movements are overdone, causing the audience to pay more attention to his movements.
  Chief Career Advisor Mr. Guo Ce has a friendly reminder: There are often meetings in the workplace.
Only by paying attention to reality and art can the best effect of the meeting be achieved.
Mastering some meeting tips will be of great benefit in meeting and communicating with each other.Eloquence, action, and personal material are all thought and researched. If you think about it, no matter how you meet, you can be natural, generous, and not afraid.

Talk freely and decently, reflecting the demeanor of a professional.

  William James, a famous American psychologist, wrote the following paragraph: “The action seems to follow the sensation, but in fact the action and the sensation occur at the same time, so we directly use the will to align the action, which is indirectCorrected the feeling.

For example, we have lost happiness, and the only way to recover is to sit up happily and take the initiative to speak. Happiness seems to have been with us.

If this method still does not work, then there is no other way.

So when we feel brave, we really become very brave.

Using our entire will to achieve our goal is the best way to replace fear with your bravery.

However, you must first prepare for all actions, otherwise it will still be difficult to perform.

If you want to say something, after you think it over, you should immediately go out and take a deep breath for half a minute, because taking more oxygen can increase too much courage.

If you breathe in, you can support yourself.

Women’s Health: 4 Deadly Cancers You Should Be Aware Of During Your Life

Women’s Health: 4 Deadly Cancers You Should Be Aware Of During Your Life

With the unreasonable eating habits, environmental estrogen exposure, lack of physical exercise, excessive and other related risk factors, cancer has gradually become the number one killer of female friends. Under the gradual degradation of physical functions and the dual pressure of menopausal psychology, the bodyMore vulnerable to cancer.

The following four types of cancer hazards should be carefully guarded against.

1. Ovarian cancer 1) What is ovarian cancer? Ovarian cancer is one of the most common tumors in women. Because the ovary is deeply buried in the pelvic cavity, it is not easy to detect even if the tumor grows; implantation, the initial symptoms of ovarian cancer will have abdominal distension.Phenomenon, but too many women have taken it lightly and blamed it on too much fortune. They don’t care and often find it too late. Therefore, ovarian cancer is also called a female “silent killer”.

  2) Common symptoms Abdominal swelling, pressure and pain, gastrointestinal upset, difficulty eating or feeling full, frequent or urgent urination, ascites, irregular vaginal bleeding or irregular menstruation, vaginal bleeding after menopause, etc.It is a “yellow card” warning signal for ovarian cancer, so be alert.

  3) Ovarian cancer can occur at any age in high-risk groups.

Menopausal women are generally the most common, and more common in postmenopausal women, and the age of onset is about 40-50 years old. In addition, single or unfertile women have a high incidence of cancer.

  Old Chinese Medicine Health Net Tips: There are no obvious symptoms in the early stage of ovarian cancer. More than half of the people only have dialysis correction in the early stage. Many people replace it with gastrointestinal discomfort, so when they find it, it is often late, so female friendsBe sure to check in regularly to reduce the risk of illness.

2. Diabetes 1) What is breast cancer? According to relevant data, diabetes is the number one common malignant tumor in women, and it has become the number one killer threatening women’s health.

Whether at home or abroad, the incidence of high blood pressure remains high. If the treatment is not timely or improperly treated, the consequences may occur, leading to life-threatening at any time.

  2) Common symptoms In fact, there is a process of carcinogenesis. Attentive people can find some signs in the early stages of complications. The early complications are found in the following places: breast painless masses; changes in breast morphology, visible skin swelling at the masses, and some localitiesThe skin is orange peel-like, even edema, discoloration, eczema-like changes; ulcers on the nipple or areola, which will not heal for a long time; depression of the breast; bloody discharge from the nipple and the discovery of underarm swelling, etc.

  3) The high-risk group is 40 to 50 years of age, which is a high-risk group for diabetes, but it is generally difficult to prevent it by routine physical examination.

Approximately, women over the age of 35 do basic mammograms once a year.

  Old Chinese medicine health network tips: Female friends can do regular self-examination to find the condition in time.

At least, 7 to 10 days after the end of menstruation is most suitable for self-examination; while menopause for three years, it is best to determine a fixed day of each month for self-examination.

3. Endometrial cancer 1) What is endometrial cancer? Endometrial cancer is one of the three most common tumors in the female reproductive tract. The incidence rate is on the rise. The disease has a high incidence and low late cure rate.Therefore, the disease should be based on prevention.

  2) Common symptoms Patients with very early symptoms may have no obvious symptoms, only found by accident during census or other reasons for gynecological examination.

The general symptoms are irregular vaginal bleeding before and after menopause, increased vaginal secretions, and unequal amounts of blood mixed in the leucorrhea; late stage can cause obesity due to cancerous tumor invasion, lumbosacral and even lower limb pain.

  3) Endometrial cancer patients in high-risk groups are more common in middle-aged and elderly women. The average age of onset is 59 years old. 75% of patients develop postmenopausal, and often have diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.Hypertension, hypertension is called triplet of endometrial cancer.

  Tips of the old Chinese medicine health network: the incidence of endometrial cancer has increased year by year, but the onset of the disease has deteriorated, and early symptoms can be easily detected, so it is necessary to adhere to regular physical examination to prevent it before it happens.

4. Cervical cancer 1) What is cervical cancer? Cervical cancer is the second most common malignant tumor after female retina in malignant tumors. It has the highest incidence in gynecological reproductive system tumors, accounting for more than half.

Every year, more than 200,000 women die from cervical cancer worldwide. This data deserves our alarm.

The causes of cervical cancer are related to viral infection, cervical erosion, poor sexual hygiene, premature age after first sexual birth, early marriage and childbearing, and family history.

  2) The common symptoms are mostly asymptomatic in the early stage, and there is no obvious difference from chronic cervicitis, and sometimes even the cervix is smooth. The symptoms are mainly menstrual disorders, vaginal bleeding, excessive vaginal drainage, white or bloody.

  3) The onset of cervical cancer in high-risk groups is more than 40 years old, especially the peak age of 50-65 years.

  Tips from the old Chinese medicine health network: Cervical cancer is the only cancer of all human beings with a clear cause, the only cancer that can be prevented and treated early, and the only cancer that can be eliminated.

However, because many female friends do not have the habit of physical examination, they cannot find the condition in time, and often miss the treatment opportunity.

So female friends, especially middle-aged women, should develop the habit of regular physical examinations.

Teach you 5 strokes to lose face 姨

Teach you 5 strokes to lose face 姨

How is the most effective face-lifting?

Many women who love beauty will export this sentence and ask this sentence. How is face-lifting most effective?

This problem is not difficult. As long as you know the factors of fat face, you can treat the disease and know how to face-lift is the most effective.

  How is it thin?

Let’s first look at the factors of fat face.

  The three factors of fat face are the factors of face fatness 1 – 姨: Excessive body over-extension will be reflected in the waist and abdomen, and the face is also the most obese place.

Too many faces, but very little exercise, it is easy to turn into a chubby apple face.

  The factor of face fat 2 – skeletal bone: If you are born with a “big face”, “big bones”, then no matter how thin you are, you can’t become a little face beauty.

  Facial factor 3 – Muscle: The development of facial masseter muscle is also a major factor in your fat face.

  After knowing the factors of fat face, we should think about how to face-lift, then how to face-lift?

Next we will look at the method of face-lifting.

Divided sports, diet, bathing, face washing, spoon face-lifting methods.

  The method of face-lifting is not difficult now, as long as you follow the rules below, you can definitely lose face.

  Face-lifting method 1: exercise method can also face-lift!

The effect of exercise weight loss is all-round. If your face is really “swollen”, a large amount of perspiration after instant exercise can be quickly transferred to the body by using water.

  Method of face-lifting 2: Dietary methods Eat more fruits and vegetables, such as melon, which can be swollen and damp.

If your face is obese due to muscle buildup, please reject chewing gum, sugar cane and other foods that exercise your chewing muscles, because they only make your facial muscles stronger.

  Face-lifting method 3: Bathing method We all know that high-temperature bathing is a good way to lose weight, and the same high-temperature bathing can also face-lift.

You can sit in the bathtub at a temperature of 38 ° C every day, deep into the heart of the heart, and massage the face with a face cream, bath time is 20 minutes.

  Method of thin face 4: Wash your face to change the way you usually wash your face, wash your face with warm water and cold water to promote blood circulation and metabolism.

  Face-lifting method 5: spoon face-lifting method Apply some olive oil to the spoon and the back of the small steel spoon. Repeat the contour of the face with the spoon and the back of the spoon to get the face you want. He Jie also uses this.The way!

Have a good idea for toothache

Have a good idea for toothache

In acupuncture, there is a very important acupoint called “Siguan Acupoint”.

In “Lingshu · Nine Needles and Twelve Primitives”, “the five internal organs have six progenitors, the six prostitutes have twelve progenitors, and the twelve progenitors are derived from the four stages.”

The Siguan point generally refers to the bilateral Hegu point (commonly known as “Hukou”) and Taichong point, the former located between the first and second metacarpal bones, and between the first dorsal and second metatarsal bones.

  In the meridian theory, the Hand Yangming Large Intestine Meridian starts from the hand, runs along the side of the arm, and ends at the Yingxiang point of the head and face.

Therefore, head and face and facial features, such as headache, sore throat, dry mouth, nosebleeds, toothache, etc., are treated and prevented by cupping at Hegu Point, so there is a “face and mouth Hegushu”.

At the same time, regular cupping in Hegu Acupoint can also keep the qi and blood of the large intestine meridian unobstructed, so that metabolites and toxins in the body can be excreted in time.

  Foot Jue Yin Liver Meridian starts from the foot, passes through the lower limbs, bypasses the genitals, follows the two ribs, and reaches the top of the head.

Therefore, cupping at Taichong Point can suffer from dizziness, headache, red eyes, pain, abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, and kidney qi.

Cupping on the Taichong acupoint can also lower blood pressure, and has enhanced sexual function, adjusts emotions, clears heads, and can keep people full of energy and relaxed mood.

  When operating, please pay attention to the fact that because of the two acupoints of Hegu and Taichong, the muscles in the area are not very rich, and the diameter of the mouth of the cup is smaller (1).

5-2 cm).

Cupping frequency should be 2-3 times a week.

Want to gain muscle, please face up to vegetables

Want to gain muscle, please face up to vegetables

To gain muscle, you must first increase the amount of vegetables in your diet.

Low-calorie vegetables can provide many nutrients that are lacking in daily diet, such as cellulose, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

  In fact, most bodybuilders know that vegetables account for an important proportion of the diet, but for various reasons, many of them still have insufficient amounts of vegetables in practical applications.

First, bodybuilders are so valuable to protein that other nutrients are ignored.

Once the exerciser consumes one gram of protein per pound of body weight per day as required, coupled with a sufficient amount of complex complications, it is difficult for him to eat anything else.

In fact, vegetables are relatively cumbersome to cook, causing exercisers to often ignore them and eat comfortably enough.

  Our latest thing is: if you want to achieve the best level of health and make the most progress in your exercise, eat at least two cups of vegetables (about two small bowls) a day.

This helps improve immune system function, improve digestion, and stabilize energy levels in the body, all of which play an important role in the recovery and growth of the body.

  Obtaining cellulose from vegetables Almost all vegetables are blended with cellulose. Cellulose is a kind of cellulose that is difficult to digest, and it is also a neglected bodybuilding nutrient.

It does not bring extra calories to the body, and it has great benefits for muscle growth.

Its role is reflected in two aspects.

First, carbohydrates enter the body at a slower rate, keeping blood sugar levels to a certain level.

If blood sugar levels rise, the body will release a large amount of corticosteroids, a metabolic hormone that will break down muscles and increase the difficulty of recovery.

In itself, cellulose helps the absorption of amino acids.

It can keep the intestinal wall clean and improve work efficiency.

At the same time it is also beneficial for protein absorption.

  Get Vitamins and Minerals from Vegetables Every high-intensity exercise bodybuilder needs to absorb a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Unfortunately, many people believe that simply relying on multivitamin and multimineral supplements can meet the needs of the body.

These supplements do have some effect, but they cannot replace natural foods on the basis of the entire diet.

You need to supplement enough vegetables, the complex ingredients they contain and the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

These complex ingredients also promote the absorption of vitamins and minerals from meat, cereals and even sports supplements.

Bodybuilding nutrition isn’t just a few simple numbers, it’s not a simple stack of calories, glucose, protein, and aunt.

A good nutrition plan does not simply focus on the main nutrients.

In further improving muscle recovery and growth, some minor groups can play unexpected roles.

  Other benefits from vegetables The latest scientific research proves that vegetables contain lycopene, phytochemicals, antioxidants, carotenoids, and sulfur-containing compounds that play an important role in a large number of metabolic processes, including immune support.

Muscle recovery is inseparable from the strength of the immune system.

If immune function declines, not only will recovery be affected, muscle growth will slowly decline, and even higher calorie and protein intake will not help.

So, for known and unknown reasons, you need to replenish your vegetables in sufficient quantities.

  Eat Multiple Vegetables Many bodybuilders only eat one or two vegetables, usually either spinach or broccoli.

This is much better than not eating or just eating a little bit, but if you increase the variety further, the effect will be better.

Add all kinds of vegetables you like, even some kinds of vegetables that you don’t know much to your recipe.

Such as: asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, green sprouts, mushrooms, onions, peppers (of various colors), spinach and pumpkin.

  Must meet the minimum intake of at least two glasses of vegetables a day, can be divided into three meals or more.

It’s a good idea to pair vegetables with meat.

  For example, you can have a meal of broccoli, cabbage next time, and finally mung bean sprouts.

Save some vegetables in the refrigerator for future use. You can also mix several different vegetables to eat, or buy pre-mixed frozen packaging.

This helps reduce the amount of lubrication time and increases the variety of vegetables.

  Let vegetables help you shape If you are restricting your diet, reducing your calorie intake and eating enough food, vegetables can help you.In the meantime, increase the consumption of vegetables to 6 cups per day.

When the calories are greatly reduced, the replacement amount of important vitamins and minerals is likely to be affected. At this time, low-fat vegetables can solve your urgent needs.

They can relieve your sense of drought and prevent you from controlling yourself to eat foods you shouldn’t.

  Let vegetables promote exercise Some vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage, can exert anti-estrogen effects because they contain phytochemicals.

This is very useful for bodybuilders, as low estrogen levels help to reduce the body’s lightness and moisture retention and increase insulin ketone levels.

Therefore, during the daily exercise, you should eat vegetables regularly. When you exercise excessively or feel tired, you should increase your intake accordingly.

  Many people make vegetables more delicious unless they have a cooking method that makes them more delicious.

Outside the season, you can fry with olive starch, add a few more, put a few slices of low-fat cheese, or add a salad dressing.

During your diet, you can add some low-calorie condiments.

  Green Diet If your exercise program has not achieved the desired results, you should consider adjusting your diet.

Eating more vegetables is one of the common adjustment methods.

In contrast to protein, vegetables may not have as significant a role in bodybuilding as protein and glucose, but they can make certain proteins ineffective.