What psychosocial factors are likely to induce cerebrovascular disease?

What psychosocial factors are likely to induce cerebrovascular disease?

(1) Emotional factors Negative emotions (adverse emotions) are a risk factor for cerebrovascular disease.
But laughter and ecstasy can also lead to stroke. Clinical observations show that the occurrence of acute cerebrovascular disease is often triggered by sudden emotional stress such as anger, panic, ecstasy, excitement, anxiety and so on.
  (2) Stressful life events The life events of daily life such as divorce, divorce, theft, unemployment, promotion, death of loved ones, and environmental changes can also cause excessive reactions.
     (3) Poor lifestyle smoking and drinking are important risk factors for cerebrovascular disease.
Drinkers are almost twice as likely to have a stroke in the past three years than non-drinkers.
Drinking alcohol affects blood pressure and platelet function, and has a positive correlation with platelet aggregation rate, which increases whole blood viscosity.
Smoking time> 10 years, smoking volume> 10 sticks / day, leading to increased blood pressure.
Many scholars have investigated that the risk of elevated blood pressure is significantly increased compared with those who drink alcohol and / or non-smokers, with significant differences.
Lack of physical exercise, preference for salty food, long-term constipation and other adverse lifestyles (behaviors) have adverse effects on the occurrence of cerebrovascular disease.
The abnormal psychological state may directly affect the patient’s bad behavior, and the bad behavior can strengthen the abnormal psychological state, interaction and mutual penetration, and the result will inevitably increase the risk of cerebrovascular disease.
Therefore, the risk factors of cerebrovascular disease should not be just biomedical and drug interventions, but also psychological and behavioral interventions.

Improper setting of computer fonts, cancer ridden

Improper setting of computer fonts, cancer ridden

Recently, a medical clinical study in the United States found that improper use of computers can cause variables.

  Among them, diabetes is a small-resolution and small-sized type of 800×600 or less when it is used on a computer, and the brain tumor is obtained.

As a result of CT tomography, it was discovered that brain tumors grew into pieces.

  Why does the resolution affect the brain?

This is actually the same as using a mobile phone, it is the influence of electromagnetic waves.

Why do you help me to worry about brain cancer?

It is because the electromagnetic wave frequency of the mobile phone is very high, and the large screen is used, but the low resolution (800×600 or less) is set. When the small font type is used, the stroke distance is relatively small, and the electromagnetic wave frequency is relatively high. With a full day computer,The first-class mobile phone talks all day long.

  When the resolution is increased, the reservation (DPI) per square inch is increased, so that more radiation can be blocked.

When the word is turned up, the black area will also become larger, so the radiation will decrease.

US Department of Disease Control and Prevention expert Senou believes that the general screen is best to adjust the resolution to 1024 × 768 or more, which is more effective than the installation of so-called radiation protection panels on the market.

If it is set to 800×600, even if a radiation-proof device is installed, the electromagnetic wave is still above the deadly dose of 800×600, which is a substitute value that many computer users have forgotten to set.

The general user can check the settings by following the steps below: Press the shortcut key in the “Desktop”, select “Properties”, and then set.

The value that appears in the “Screen Area” is your resolution. If you are “800×600 Timing”, please change it to “1024×768” as soon as possible. If the font size is too small, please click “Advanced”.Then change the “font size” to “large word”.

Soybean sprouts

Soybean sprouts

Bean sprouts, or stir-fried soup, or juice and cold dressing, a pot of spicy poached fish, especially the bottom.
In many people’s impressions, bean sprouts may be the “weak boy” in vegetables. When describing a person’s weak body, they must say that he “looks like a bean sprouts”.
However, don’t look at the thin and weak bean sprouts.
  Let ‘s start with history. Bean sprouts, together with tofu, noodle sauce, and gluten, are collectively known as the “Four Great Inventions of Chinese Food”. Because of their crystal clear whiteness and slender figure, they are praised by the Ming people as “ice muscle jade” and “white dragon”The “beard”, plus its shape resembles Ruyi, is also called Ruyi cuisine.
  The bean sprouts are not only beautiful, but also satisfying in nutrition.
Li Shizhen recorded in “Compendium of Materia Medica” that the bean sprouts are unique in white beauty. After eating, they can keep their heart healthy and have the ability to “detoxify the wine, heat the poison, and benefit the three burners.”
In the classics of Chinese medicine, soy bean sprouts are ranked first in Yishou food, while mung bean sprouts are ranked sixth.
>> Little Guardian Remind: There is also pay attention to sleep and prolong life!
  Professor Cheng Yiyong, vice chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Society, pointed out that compared to beans before sprouting, bean sprouts not only changed in appearance, but also experienced a series of biochemical reactions in their components, which greatly increased their nutritional value and nutrient utilization rate. The most typical example isDried beans basically do not contain vitamin C, but the content of vitamin C after bean sprouts is greatly increased, which can maintain skin elasticity and prevent skin aging and wrinkling. It also contains vitamin E that prevents skin pigmentation and eliminates skin spots.Real beauty.
  Speaking of the types of bean sprouts, Cheng Yiyong introduced: common bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, black bean sprouts, broad bean sprouts, pea sprouts, etc., among which the soybean sprouts have the highest nutritional value.
During the germination process of soybeans, more calcium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc are released due to the action of enzymes, especially aspartic acid is greatly increased, which can reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in the human body and relieve fatigue.
  However, Xiuwaihuizhong’s bean sprouts are also delicate “Miss Qianqin”.
For many people who like to cook the bean sprouts hot and cold, Cheng Yiyong disapproves of it: high temperature is the natural enemy of vitamins, and high temperature and water is absolutely unacceptable. It is best to simmer it out of the pot;It is necessary to fry quickly to minimize the loss of vitamins.

Learn Honey Recipe Honey has a good effect on beauty

Learn “Honey Recipe” Honey has a good effect on beauty

[Introduction]What exactly can the warm and fragrant honey bring to the skin?
Yes, we will all love it!
  Learn to learn beauty “Honey Recipe” Honey is rich in Oligo trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Oral or topical honey can promote skin metabolism, reduce pigmentation, prevent skin dryness, and reduce wrinkles.Honey party “.
  基础篇  一、内服:一日三餐排毒蜜露  不久前,尼可在微博称坚持早晨起床喝蜂蜜水20年,这个方法虽然简单,但日积月累,是对身体和肌肤最有效的温润、排毒The party.
If you want to enhance the beauty effect, add 1-2 spoons of white vinegar to the honey water, and take it on an empty stomach 3 times a day, 1 to 1 before meals.

5 hours or 2 to 3 hours after eating the best results.
Long-term adherence can make the skin tender and moist like cooked egg white.

External application: The most seasonal DIY honey mask honey blended mask is most suitable for dry autumn and winter seasons, which can effectively moisturize and remove wrinkles. We must remind you that honey cannot be placed in metal utensils, otherwise it will increase the content of heavy metals.

最适合舒缓秋冬干燥:蜂蜜+鸡蛋+橄榄油  蜂蜜适量与一个生鸡蛋混合均匀,再加入少许橄榄油或者半个鳄梨,敷在面部10分钟后用温水洗去,一周一次,或者在肌肤感到Relieves stinging and itching when it is abnormally dry.
If your skin is prone to dryness and peeling, you can apply heated honey every day, heat the mask bowl containing honey a little bit of water, apply it for 15 minutes a day, effectively remove dead skin, and relieve peeling conditions, leaving your skin watery.
  2.最适合减少面部皱纹松弛:蜂蜜+红酒+珍珠粉  将3~5克珍珠粉溶解到15ml的红酒中(一定要选择纯葡萄酿制的),再加入适量蜂蜜调制浓稠状态,一定要配合相应Wrinkle-removing massage: use two fingers to make a circular massage at the corners of the crow’s feet; use a vertical massage on the forehead and raised lines; circular massage on both sides of the nose;
After the massage, wash with warm water, 2 to 3 times a week.
  Upgrade articles 1.
Niu Er tells you about other uses of honey lip care: When the lips are extremely dry and peeling, apply honey thickly on the lips, if it is very serious, apply a hot towel for a while.
  ② Make moisturizing water: just mix two tablespoons of honey and sterile warm water (cool after boiling), then it can be used as a moisturizing and antibacterial massage liquid.
  ③ Moisturizing the tail: After washing the hair, apply some honey to the end of the hair and wash it after a few minutes, which can effectively alleviate the split ends and dryness of the hair.
  ④ Relieve dysmenorrhea: make chamomile tea, add a teaspoon of honey is the most natural painkiller.
  ⑤ Treatment of small wounds: Applying honey on wounds, including freshly squeezed acne, has significant hemostatic and pale scar effects.
  ⑥ hangover: put on toast or add in tea, fructose containing honey can help accelerate the metabolism of alcohol.
  ⑦Soothe dry elbows: Rub some honey on the dry elbows and wash them after 30 minutes to soften the skin.
  ⑧ Relieve fatigue: When you stay up all night, sleepy overtime, and fall out of energy, drink a glass of honey water to replenish energy immediately.
  ⑨ Help weight loss: Honey can accelerate metabolism, can be used as a dessert during weight loss, or replace other sugars, pay attention to the right amount.
  2.当护肤品爱上蜂蜜  越来越多的奢华护肤品都爱上用蜂蜜甚至是“蜂巢中的黄金”之称的蜂皇浆作为主要成分,有效紧致肌肤、促进细胞再生,是名副其实的青春Anti-aging natural essence.
The choice of honey used in skin care products is very important. The most famous Guerlain Emperor Bee Zi Fu Yan series uses the European black bee from Uechan Island, France as the raw material standard for pure honey in its products.Royal jelly is produced in traceable regions of France. Uuechan honey, thyme honey, clove honey from New Zealand, French royal jelly . a combination of various honey ingredients to achieve skin repair.
  Pick a bottle of your good honey, and there are more and more fake honey and compound honey on the market. We are really hurt by those who really love honey.
First, learn how to choose good honey, and then find out the effectiveness of it. The key is to find the bottle of honey that belongs to you!
  一、好蜂蜜鉴别实验  拜托,网络上所谓“看色泽、闻气味、尝味道、看标签、看浓度”的老三套鉴别法已经过时,如今真假愈发难辨的蜂蜜,需要你练就With bright eyes and golden eyes, treat scientists with the attitude of experiment.
  1.Whether it is mixed with sucrose and water: drip the honey on the white paper, if it gradually penetrates the white paper and faints, it means that the water is swollen; if sucrose is added, the transparency will be poor, not clear and even cloudy.
  2.Whether it is mixed with thickening powder: Boil a small amount of honey and boil it with water. After cooling, drip into the yellow wine and shake it. If it turns blue, red or purple, it means that honey is mixed with starch and other substances.
Whether there are other impurities: insert the hot red iron wire into the honey, if there are stickies on the iron wire, it means that there is impurities in the honey.
Whether the quality is pure: Add honey to twice the amount of cold water and four times the amount of pure alcohol and mix well. If no impurities precipitate after 24 hours, it means that the quality is high.The simple method is to use the chopsticks to pick up the honey to see if it can pull the silk, and the silk will be shrunk to a spherical shape for top quality.

  Second, good honey identification experiment. Symptomatic selection of honey. Of course, all honeys have detoxification and beauty effects. You still need to choose the best one for you based on your further needs.The efficacy of every type of honey.

  1.Detoxification and fire: Jing Nectar, Ziyunying Honey, Huai Nectar 2.

Nourishing yin and beauty: talk about honey, motherwort honey 3.

Nourishing the lungs and coughing: Chinese wolfberry honey, citrus honey, loquat honey 4.

Gentle stomach care: sweet-scented osmanthus, jujube nectar, sesame honey 5.

Relieves insomnia: Longan honey, Schisandra honey III, carefully selected artificial honey rose nectar, peach nectar, mango honey, honeysuckle nectar, wild chrysanthemum honey, ginkgo honey, lemon honey, etc., often because of the beautiful flowers that make you heart, butMost of them are synthetic honey, not natural, so you must pay attention to it when choosing, they are all processed with ordinary honey mixed with flower juice, fructose, etc., not the good quality of natural honey.

Get rid of blackhead edema 3 strokes to return you Baijing_1

Get rid of blackhead edema 3 strokes to return you

Spring is coming to an end. The rising temperature followed the climate to announce the beginning of early summer. Instead, it disrupts the renewal cycle of the stratum corneum. The skin’s water retention capacity is reduced. The skin is rough and dry.But his face became stink, why not make people crazy?

In the face of the small temper of the skin, how can we rescue?

  Condition 1: Skin loss of elastic pores and large pores can be described as a “special gift” in summer, and even in the early summer, which has not yet officially arrived, it can easily make your skin more fragile. UV rays and dry air may cause skin dissatisfaction.Large pores and finely slack skin are two major anomalies. At this time, you may feel that the skin loses elasticity, and the skin is tight after cleansing, but it is shiny when you wake up in the morning.

  Reason: Firming cream + lotion + cream don’t actually go to the beauty salon, you can reset this condition at home.

Use a massage cream for skin sagging. After massaging with the massage cream, use a lot of lotion to hydrate, then apply the cream, and finally apply the moisturizing beauty liquid to tighten the skin care ingredients inside the skin. The next day is like a laser.Care is full of elasticity.

  Condition feature 2: Dark skin, especially eye puffiness. Although it ‘s a good time to get up, you do n’t know why the eyelids are swollen. It ‘s like a night without rest. It ‘s more unbearable. The skin also becomes uncomfortable.Very dark, in fact, MMs in the early summer are very likely to experience swelling and dullness caused by poor drainage of the body. At this time, you may find that you are more likely to have “eye bags” than usual.

  Prevention: Half Body Massage + Hydrogen Facial Cleanser To promote lymph circulation and improve puffiness, apply a large amount of massage oil from the face to the shoulders when taking a half body bath. 5?
After 10 minutes, use a steam towel to heat the surface 2?
After 3 minutes, the massage oil is gently wiped off with a steam towel. After the shower, apply lotion and cream, and the skin will be white and tender the next day!

In addition, it absorbs the power of hydrogen, and foams the facial cleanser containing hydrogen. After 3 minutes, it is washed away with water, and the skin will appear transparent and bright.

  Condition 3: Rough nose skin often peeling. Perhaps you haven’t noticed that the strawberry nose has grown quietly, but the nose is thicker than usual, and even peeling, but you can’t help but ignore it.

In the spring, sebum membranes become active, and acne and strawberry nose gradually form during this time.

  According to: Toner + Vitamin C Beauty Liquid Toner is a toner with weak cleaning power. For general cleaning products, the toner is mild enough, but for ordinary toners, the toner is easier to clean.Li, in the tail of the spring, girls who still have to worry about allergies can try toning the nose with a toner.

In addition, the introduction of vitamin C molecules and beauty liquids from the outside for care is not only effective for acne, but also very effective for calming acne.

Apply the beauty liquid on the acne-prone and acne-prone areas, and cover it with a piece of paper for a simple mask.