Bo Shi shares (002698) Company dynamic comment: Maintaining technological leadership Boao Environment will enter the industry payback period

Bo Shi shares (002698) Company dynamic comment: Maintaining technological leadership Boao Environment will enter the industry payback period

The business is developing healthily, and the first half of the performance forecast shows a high growth trend: According to the company’s performance forecast, the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the first half of 2019 is expected to be 1.


79 ‰, an estimated increase of 80-120% in the same period last year, in line with previous expectations.

This is mainly due to the healthy development of the company’s business in the first half of the year. The company’s main products such as traditional products and strategic new products have seen overall revenue growth, driving the company’s overall revenue and net profit growth.

In addition, the company’s holding subsidiary in the field of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection-Harbin Boao Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. turned losses and contributed profits during the period, mainly due to industrial waste acids, acid gas treatment and recycling processes and equipment projects.Acceptance is confirmed in a series of reports.

Implement differentiated competition strategies and maintain technological leadership: As a large-scale intelligent complete equipment supplier, the company must maintain its own technological leadership to meet the industry-specific customer groups and their differentiated needs.

The strength of the company’s technological advantages, and constantly develop new products.

For the products in the field of cement packaging, if the development is successful, the company’s products will be expanded to new industries; strategic new products, high-temperature operation robots and automatic loaders are expected to continue to increase volume this year, and customer demand is increasing; regarding the automated production process of natural rubberAnd equipment research and development, has passed customer tests, will be further improved and is expected to expand to foreign markets; currently the company is still developing full-automatic PVC packaging and palletizing equipment. If the test results are satisfactory, it can be used to upgrade traditional equipment.Market prospects.

On January 24, the company and Sinopec multi-layer packaging code classification unit procurement contract.

The contract is excluding tax amounting to RMB 4,775.

860,000 yuan, accounting for 6 of the company’s 2018 operating income.


The contract is scheduled to be completed in 2019, which is expected to have a positive impact on the company’s 2019 or 2020 performance.

Technology leadership is an important means for the company to implement a differentiated competitive strategy, which will ensure that the company is located in a consolidated position and the company actively drives the improvement of the company’s performance.

Taking full advantage of the synergy effect, the Boao environment will enter the industry payback period in the next two years: the company combines its traditional intelligent complete equipment and environmental 无锡夜网 protection process equipment, and develops the industry around the company’s core genes and good market resources, forming a goodLocal synergy has improved the company’s core competitiveness.

The company’s 51% -owned holding subsidiary Boao Environment and its wholly-owned overseas P & P company have environmental protection technology with sulfide oxidation process technology as the core. It can process industrial waste sulfuric acid and sulfur-containing acid gases in chemical production.Collect, process, and generate pure sulfuric acid for recycling production to achieve energy saving, anticipation, environmental protection, and economic benefits.

At present, industrial waste acid, acid gas treatment and recycling projects are progressing smoothly.

Among them, on May 14, the company’s holding subsidiary Boao Environment and Shenghong Refining & Chemical shortened the exclusive equipment contract and patent license and engineering design agreement (excluding catalysts) for the waste acid regeneration unit, indicating that Boao Environment has further achieved in related fields.Positive progress.

The total amount of the contract excluding tax is RMB 3,784.

440,000 yuan, accounting for 4 of the company’s 2018 operating income.


As long as the project is successfully implemented, Boao Environment is expected to contribute considerable profits to the company in the future.

Investment suggestion: We predict that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

31 yuan, 0.

41 yuan and 0.

49 yuan, corresponding to PE is 27 times, 21 times and 17 times.

Maintain the “Recommended” level.

Risk reminders: medium-to-long-term risks of continuous business development; continuous risks of technology and product innovation capabilities; risks of organizational production and product delivery.

Divine High Speed Rail (000008): After the state-owned enterprise holds the railway, the entire industry chain has ample space for operation and maintenance

Divine High Speed Rail (000008): After the state-owned enterprise holds the railway, the entire industry chain has ample space for operation and maintenance
Core recommendation logic: At present, the company’s largest shareholder, SDIC Hi-Tech, has a shareholding ratio of 20.29%.Haidian SDIC, the second largest shareholder, has a 12% stake.59%.The background of central SOEs has been improved to enhance the company’s competitiveness and reduce financing costs. From equipment supply, operation and maintenance to operation, the company provides operation and maintenance services for the entire industrial chain of the railway aftermarket, and promotes rapid improvement in future performance.The equity incentive plan announced on May 30, 2019, has an assessment target of a net profit of no less than 5 in 2020-2022.9 billion, 7.5 billion and 10.1 billion, 2022 net profit target increased 210% over 2018. Macro background: Infrastructure support, rail transit has increased investment space, and the boom at the rail junction is warming up: first, rail transit is a better and stable growth tool, and it eases traffic pressure, improves commuting efficiency of the whole society, and reduces pollution emissions; second is fixed in the first halfAsset investment is weak, and the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee clearly stated that “housing and housing are not speculated”, investment in manufacturing and infrastructure will pick up, and in terms of infrastructure, roads are already surplus, and rail transit, especially urban railroads, still have room for interference. Industry scale: The stock market has ample space. Intelligent maintenance and repair will become the focus of future maintenance on the huge stock vehicles and road sections for maintenance and operation and maintenance. We estimate that the overall market size of operation and maintenance is approximately 207.7 billion yuan per year.In 2018, the number of urban rail transit operating vehicles was 34,012, and the country’s railway locomotive ownership was 2.The number of railway passenger 淡水桑拿网 cars and trucks owned by the country is 10,000.20,000 and 83.There are 100,000 vehicles and 26,048 EMUs.The entire line of operation and maintenance will become the core industry model of the rail transit market. Company advantages: The introduction of a full-line operation and maintenance model will greatly improve the company’s performance after the state-owned enterprise holdings. State Investment Gaoxin paid 29 on November 10, 2018.8.7 billion, completed the tender offer and became the company’s largest shareholder.The background of state-owned enterprises has significantly improved the company’s competitiveness and reduced long-term incremental credit discounts.7%.Divine high-speed rail trailblazer “Operation + N” value-added profit model of operation and maintenance services.The S1 line of the Taizhou regional railway, the Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Taiwan high-speed railway, and the Tianjin Metro line 7 have been deployed in order to obtain stable excess cash flow and income.In the first half of 2019, the company’s orders in hand hit a record high and new contracts were signed13.300 million, an annual increase of 85%. Investment advice we expect in 2019?In 2021, the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company will be 4, respectively.85, 5.99, 7.54 ppm, corresponding to PE, 20, 16, 13 times, given a “recommended” rating. Risk reminder: New orders fall below expectations, the repayment period is too long, and the risk of goodwill reduction is reduced.

Luxi Chemical (000830) Company Tracking Research Report: Jointly Build a High-end Material Platform with Sinochem

Luxi Chemical (000830) Company Tracking Research Report: Jointly Build a High-end Material Platform with Sinochem
Strong alliance to create Luxi Group’s high-end chemical materials platform.The company recently announced that Sinochem Investment Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinochem Group (hereinafter referred to as “Sinochem Investment”), held 39% of the shares of Luxi Group, the controlling shareholder of Luxi Chemical (hereinafter referred to as “LuWest Group “),厦门夜网 and Liaocheng SASAC plans to hold the Luxi Group6.01% of the equity was transferred to Sinochem Liaocheng (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinochem Investment) for free. After this transfer is completed, Sinochem Investment will be held through shareholding and polymerization investment (the Luxi Group and Luxi ChemicalThe employee’s shareholding platform, holding 10% of the equity of Luxi Group), collectively controlled Luxi Group 55.01% equity, became the controlling shareholder of Luxi Group, and indirectly held Luxi Chemical 33 through Luxi Group.60% equity.Sinochem Group is a regular and important backbone enterprise supervised by the SASAC of the State Council.Sinochem Group will support Luxi Group to accelerate its development by expanding investment and synergy of the industrial chain, and strive to build a world-class chemical new material industrial park, and promote Luxi Group to upgrade from domestic first-class to international first-class in the field of new chemical materials. Luxi Chemical is the core high-quality asset of the controlling shareholder Luxi Group.The company’s leaders are looking ahead, and the company’s transformation from a fertilizer-based company to a large chemical industry is smooth.Since 2014, it has developed into a chemical enterprise mainly based on chemical products and new chemical materials, forming a complete industrial chain such as coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, fluorosilicone chemical industry and new material chemical industry, which is a domestic high-quality chemical asset.Benefit from the acceleration of downstream infrastructure investment, sufficient investment in the real estate industry chain, and wait for the industry to pick up. Profit forecast: Based on the company’s product launch progress and expected profitability trends, it is expected that 19?The net profit attributable to mothers for 21 years was 14.5, 21.9 and 25.1 ppm, corresponding to 19?The 21-year PE dynamic estimate is 10, 7, and 6 times. With reference to 杭州桑拿comparable companies’ forecast levels, the company’s 20-year dynamic PE is about 9.3 times, the company’s reasonable value is 13.90 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warnings: 1. Low expectations for new product launches; 2. Significant adjustments in product prices; 3. Pressure on capital outflows; 4. Macroeconomics exceeding expectations.

Seven medicated recipes to help you fight aging

Seven medicated recipes to help you fight aging

Many people in life dream of having a look that never ages and youth.

But years are ruthless. As you get older, wrinkles at both ends will increase.

So, what foods can help us fight aging in our daily lives?

Below I will introduce seven medicated recipes to help you fight aging.

… Seven medicated recipes help you anti-aging lemon honey juice. Infuse an appropriate amount of honey in the other bottle in the morning, then cut the lemon into thin slices and dip in the honey.

Mix with cold water (warm boiling water can be used in winter), this can make the skin tender and smooth, and freckles and dark spots can be placed.

  Apricot flower almond 12g, osmanthus 6g, moderate amount of rock sugar, mash the almonds, cook in the pot for 15 minutes, then cook the osmanthus for another 10 minutes, filter out the residue and add the rock sugar to taste and serve.

The fragrance is fragrant, delicious, and has the effects of beauty, skin and freckle. It is recognized that women often drink it all year round.

  Tremella medlar tremella 15 grams, medlar 25 grams.

Put the white fungus and wolfberry into the pot, add an appropriate amount and fry it with simmered heat to add a thick sauce. Add honey and fry for 5 minutes.

Once every other day, warm water to serve.

This recipe has the effects of nourishing yin and kidney, nourishing qi and blood, moisturizing the skin, and good color.

  Bird’s nest and jujube soup: 25g of bird’s nest, 15g of jujube, and brown sugar. Soak the bird’s nest with water to remove impurities. Then, put it in the pot with jujube (denucleated).

This formula has the effect of nourishing and wrinkles, making the complexion shiny and moisturized.

  Ginger jujube tea 200g ginger, 200g jujube, 20g salt, 30g licorice, 30g each clove and agarwood.

The medicine is mashed into coarse powder and uniform. Take 10-15 grams every morning and soak in boiling water for 10 minutes.

This formula can be used for a long time to make the skin rosy and smooth.

  Cosmetic cream fresh ripe papaya, fresh milk each amount.

Cut the papaya into small pieces, add water and cook with the sugar until the papaya is ripe. Then mix the fresh milk and bring it to a boil.

This formula has the effect of beauty skin care, black hair, regular drink can make the skin smooth, tender, delicate, wrinkles reduced, and complexion.

  The shamisen beauty juice cuts ravioli, carrots, and apples into small pieces, adds them to the juice maker, twists them, and seasons them with any honey.

Contains a large amount of phosphorus, potassium and multivitamins, carrots, apples contain the fruit acids, carotene can restore skin nutrition, make it shiny, delicate and soft.

Separate supplements for health supplements in the fall

Separate supplements for health supplements in the fall

After the fall, the temperature gradually decreases, and people’s irritability is calmed down.

At this time, you must not neglect your health because of the beautiful scenery of Jinqiu.

According to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine “yangyang in spring and summer, yin in autumn and winter”, tonic is very suitable at this time.

Medicinal diet is a good way to keep in good health. In the autumn, we should eat less spicy food such as ginger, spring onion, and pepper, and eat more sour and salty foods, such as barley, black beans, cowpea, duck, kelp, etc.

In the fall, tonic health medicated diet should be divided into gold-shaped people: American ginseng, Shengjin Runzao, diet conditioning: Suitable for foods with Shengjin Runzao, nourishing qi and nourishing summer heat, such as loofah, lily, barley, carrot, coriander, tomato, gourdWait.
Medicinal diet replaces “American ginseng tincture”: American ginseng 10 g, tincture 50 g, sugar 30 g.

Soak American ginseng into slices; rinse, peel, and chop.

Add American ginseng and coriander into a stew cup, add about 250 ml of water, add sugar, boil on a fire, and simmer for 25 minutes.

It is good for qi and vitality and removes dryness.

Wood-shaped person: barley, qi, liver and yin, diet, and nutrition: should eat more foods that have spleen, kidney, liver and summer heat effects, such as barley, daylily, cauliflower, broccoli, bitter melon, peach, pineapple, grapes, etc.
Medicinal diet replaces “barley malt soup”: 50 grams of barley malt, 300 grams of winter melon, 25 grams of peel, 200 grams of lean pork.

Wash the barley malt and rind; peel and wash the melon and cut into pieces; wash the lean pork and cut into small pieces.

Add the above ingredients together into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil with Wuhuo, and then boil over low heat 1?
2 hours.

It has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving summer heat, regulating qi and strengthening spleen.

Water-shaped person: pumpkin cucumber Qingshu dampness diet conditioning: eat more Qi and liver, Qingshu dampness foods, such as pumpkin, cucumber, cowpea, broccoli, broccoli, duck meat, black beans and so on.

Medicinal diet can be used “corn corn and pork soup”: 60 grams of corn, 30 grams of pork, 10 grams of Alisma, 60 grams of raw coix seed, 5 grams of peel, 50 grams of black beans, 100 grams of beef, 10 grams of ginger, jujube10 pieces of salt.

Wash the beef and cut into small pieces; wash other ingredients.

Add all the ingredients together into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, cook over low heat for 2 hours, and season with salt.

It has the effect of clearing away heat and dampness, strengthening the spleen and nourishing qi.

Fire-shaped people: clearing away heat and removing heat, don’t relax diet and nourish: you should eat foods that can relieve heat and promote heat, such as winter melon, tomato, pineapple, banana, straw mushroom, kudzu root, duck, bracken, etc.

Medicinal diet replaces the “pueraria lotus leaf lean broth”: 250 grams of lean pork, 250 grams of fresh kudzu root, 15 grams of fresh lotus leaf, and an appropriate amount of refined salt.

Wash lean pork and cut into small pieces; peel and wash kudzu root and cut into pieces; wash lotus leaves.

Add all the ingredients together into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, boil on high heat, simmer on low heat for 1 hour, and season with salt.

It has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat, strengthening the spleen and nourishing qi.

Earth-shaped person: corn must be able to remove dampness and spleen, diet and conditioning: should eat foods that have Qi to relieve heat, refresh heat, dampen heat, such as winter melon, duck meat, amaranth, coriander, bitter melon, kudzu root, lotus root, corn, peach, mung beanWait.
Medicinal diet can be used “white jade pig belly”: pig belly 500 g, white grass root 60 g, corn 60 g, jujube 10, salt, ginger powder each amount.

Remove the fat from the pork belly, cut it with salt, rub the ginger powder, rinse it with water, cook it in a boiling water pot for 15 minutes, remove it and rinse it in cold water.

Wash the white grass roots, corn shavings, and jujube.

Add all the ingredients to the boiling water pot. After boiling over high heat, simmer for 3 hours on low heat and serve immediately after seasoning.

It has the effect of clearing away heat and dampness, strengthening spleen and nourishing qi.

Too intimate partners are unhappy

Too intimate partners are unhappy

After marriage, some people can’t help but regard their partner as the most important person in their lives, especially women, and have to be “as good as a person”.

But psychologists point out that this “lost self” attitude in relationships is not good for marriage, and too close a partner will be unhappy.

  The latest issue of Personality and Social Psychology reports that psychologists have found that there is an “emotional conditional self-esteem” (RCSE) for lovers of varying lengths.

It refers to a person who evaluates himself according to a part of a relationship, losing self-awareness and objective judgment.

Some extreme people even think that if a partner can’t prove their worth, it is worthless.

Chip Ny, an assistant professor at the University of Houston and director of the Interpersonal and Motivation Research Group, and colleagues conducted a series of studies on this psychology.

  The results show that those with high RCSE dramas, although very specific about their feelings, have a low opinion of themselves.

In the process of emotional development, people with high RCSE are also prone to manic and paranoid behavior.

If they encounter setbacks, divorces, and other frustrations, they gradually become worried, frustrated, and even hostile.

“Rather than calm down and analyze the situation and think about how to take the best action, they immediately take an impulse response.

“The famous sex psychologist Dr. William Hankin of the American Kinsey Institute also pointed out that the opposite of RCSE is to maintain self in the relationship between husband and wife, which is one of the secrets of a happy marriage.

Many people give up their ego after they get married, and ask the other party to give up their ego, asking the two to combine in a “third body” built for marriage.

“It’s as if every woman buys clothes, the first consideration is whether her husband likes it; or when eating out, men inherit the taste of their wives first and give up their favorite hamburgers; even some wives sayI kept saying “my husband said” and couldn’t get an idea for everything.

Dr. Hankin cautioned that this sacrifice of self for love is not desirable.

First, it violates the original intention of love.

The two fell in love because they were attracted by the “individual” of the other.

In fact, the loss of self can make individuals feel oppressed and restrained, and true love is a kind of tolerance and should give each other freedom.

Finally, always addicted to love, only you and me in the eyes, this feeling is also fragile, can not go through storms.

  Dr. Hankin introduced some ways to help people maintain their self, such as regularly “leaving” their partners and only meeting with friends; insisting on keeping a diary and recording only their interests and hobbies.

“Lovers spend 10 minutes a day alone, close their eyes, and think about the people, places, and events that impressed themselves.

It’s like a signpost on a long journey to help you determine “who am I”.

Star White Bailu whitening maintenance method!


Star White Bailu whitening maintenance method!

Xiao Bian, even for people with lighter skin, will inevitably have a little freckle. Although it can’t be seen, it can still be found at close range.

Xiaobian is also very worried about how to remove the freckle of black people, seeing the star whitening and maintenance of the Heart Sutra, I am really happy.

Xiao Bian also found star care for those who want white and red skin.

  First of all, Xiao Yaxuan: The skin is too white, emphasizing freckle because of its natural whiteness. Xiao Yaxuan claims that he hardly tries whitening products in beauty skin care products, and does not even deliberately apply sunscreen.

“I actually want black, people who are often white want black, and black people want white.

“Even though the skin is inherently fair, as the saying goes, the whiter it is, the easier it is to get spots. Xiao Yaxuan Elva also has this trouble, because the skin is too white, so it is easy to see as long as there are a little spots. Therefore, Elva is easy to noticeof.
Whitening skin care products.

In addition, Xiao Yaxuan also strongly recommends grape juice and almonds, which are taken or rinsed with grape branch and leaf decoction, which has a good whitening effect.

Sweet almonds are rich in stool oil, protein, vitamin A, vitamin E and minerals, all of which are great nutritional supplements. They can help the skin resist oxidation and inhibit the formation of melasma.

  Second, Gao Yuanyuan: do enough moisturizing before whiteningIt will be more effective on skin full of moisture, just like a wet sponge, it can absorb moisture more.

“In addition, you must choose a sun protection index that suits you: Usually, the sun protection index is higher in summer and 15 times daily.” I’m not afraid of sun exposure. I wear hats in summer. I just fear sun spots.

Gao Yuanyuan thinks that girls don’t have to be too white, and their skin tone is evenly beautiful.

  Third, Kong Wei: pay attention to sunscreen and eat less celery. Sexy Kong Wei has become a new fashion darling because of her international face. Her personal experience in the whitening project is the most effective step. Sunscreen is the most effective step.The sun and ultraviolet rays have suffered more than 80% of the damage, so in summer I go out and apply sunscreen and then use an umbrella.

Use sunscreen when you apply makeup.

“Home-made whitening mask: Soak the mask paper bought from the supermarket outside in cucumber juice and leave it on for 15 minutes. The whitening and cleaning effect is very significant.

In addition, in summer, eat less celery, easy to grow spots, eat more foods containing vitamin C, some fruits.

“If you have been exposed to the sun during the day, you can try to cool the skin with ice-covered Fang Li, and cover it with a towel wrapped in ice cubes, so that it is not easy to leave spots.

  Fourth, Huo Siyan: Bai Li turns red to develop healthy skin. Huo Siyan, like Elva, is also a natural “bone essence”. Her skin is very white, but she is worried about the skin’s hydration.
However, sometimes because the skin is too white but there is no blood color, it is estimated that Huo Siyan’s favorite food supplements are barley kernels and red dates.Rock sugar, it tastes good, and barley has a good whitening effect.

“And adding red dates can make your face rosy and healthy, and look good.” In fact, I think the most beautiful girl should be a healthy color, and the skin with redness in the white is the most beautiful.Many beauty holy products.

“When Huo Siyan is okay, he will chew Ejiao dates for snacks.

Two eggs daily to prevent aging

Two eggs daily to prevent aging

The satiety brought by eggs will last longer, and there is no need to worry about cholesterol. Unlike the current popular opinion, new research finds that eggs can reduce vitamins in the body. Eggs also contain vitamin B and selenium, which can effectively supplement energy and delay aging.

Five reasons why eggs are beneficial:.

hzh {display: none; }  1。An egg is only 80 calories transient.


Eggs are one of the few natural vitamin D-containing foods that can help improve memory.


Eggs can hangover, egg yolk can make cysteine, can break down the toxins caused by alcohol in the body.


Eggs protect the eyes from UV rays.


Eggs contain immune lysine.

  Egg Weight Loss Recipes 1.

A glass of freshly squeezed juice, a slice of whole wheat bread, plus two scrambled eggs and a slice of smoked salmon.

One slice of sausage, two slices of bacon, one tomato, roasted with two mushrooms, plus two poached eggs and a slice of whole wheat bread.

Two boiled eggs, 100 grams of sardines (canned), a spinach, a tomato, cooked green beans, light olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mixed into a salad.

Cut some cherry tomatoes in half, sprinkle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, bake in the oven, and eat a slice of baked cod fillet, two poached eggs, and vegetables.

The efficacy and role of Dendrobium officinale and how to eat it

The efficacy and role of Dendrobium officinale and how to eat it

Dendrobium officinale, a perennial epiphytic herb of the orchid family.

Born on 1600 meters above sea level in semi-humid rocks, it enjoys a warm and humid climate and a half-yin and half-yang environment, and is not cold-resistant.

Generally can withstand low temperature of -5 ℃.

Dendrobium can be divided into dozens of species such as yellow grass, golden tincture, horsewhip, etc. Dendrobium candidum is the best of Dendrobium. It is named after the skin is iron-green.

Dendrobium officinale has unique medicinal value. It is used for its stem. The name of the traditional Chinese medicine: Dendrobium, a yin tonic in the tonic medicine. Chinese Pharmacopoeia: Yiweishengjin, nourishing yin and clearing heat.

  Efficacy and role of Dendrobium candidum: The stem of Dendrobium candidum is processed and twisted into a spiral shape while being fried.

  The taste is slightly salty, and the wild maple bucket is not cold and cold, it has the function of nourishing the stomach, nourishing yin, clearing heat, and removing troubles.

Can cure dry mouth and thirst, deficiency of fever or yin deficiency after the illness, and deficiency of body fluid in the elderly.

Available with 6-12 grams of decoction or tea service.

  The Qin and Han Period “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” records that Dendrobium candidum “in the main injury, removes paralysis, lowers qi, fills the five internal organs, exhausts, leans, strengthens yin, and thickens the stomach for a long time”; a Taoist medical classic published more than 1,000 years ago”Dazang” lists Dendrobium officinale as the first of “Chinese Nine Immortals”; Li Shizhen evaluated Dendrobium officinalis in “Compendium of Materia Medica” for its strong yin and essence, thick intestines and stomach, nourishing insufficiency, flat stomach, long muscles, and nourishingIt is known as “saving life grass” by modern folks. The stems of modern Dendrobium officinale can clear away heat, relieve inflammation, relieve pain, moisturize the throat, and have a good effect on the treatment of hoarse voice.

There are many ancient books about the efficacy and role of Dendrobium.

An allusion to the Dendrobium officinale record “Compendium of Materia Medica”: In addition to removing qi and qi, supplementing the five internal organs, depleting, losing weight, strengthening yin and refining.

Jiufu, thick intestines and stomach, nourishing insufficiency, flat stomach, long muscles, hot and suffocating from skin to skin, hot and cold feet, knees, pain, cold and weak, fixed wisdom and shock, light weight prolonged.

Replenish qi and remove heat, Jianyang, wind and paralyze the skin, keep cold in the bone, and nourish the kidney and strengthen the body.

Smelt from perspiration.

    ”Shen Nong’s Compendium of Materia Medica”: in the main injury, remove paralysis, lower qi, tonic the five internal organs, toil, thin, strong yin.

Jiufu has a thick stomach, light weight, and longevity.

    ”The Book”: sweet and flat.

In the main injury, remove paralysis, lower gas, make up the five internal organs, fatigue, weakness, strong yin, long serving thick stomach.

The outline of the fourth year of Dendrobium officinale seedlings: sweet and slightly salty, treating fever and spontaneous perspiration, and stagnating the kidney and purging the pus.

    ”Summary of Compendiums”: Qingwei in addition to deficiency heat, Shengjinya strain, replaced tea, appetizers and spleen.

Definitely shock the wind, can calm sputum, Gan Fang lowering qi.

    ”Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”: It is slightly salty, treats fever and spontaneous perspiration, and pains and ulcers and pus.

    ”Pharmaceutical Pharmacology”: cure lung deficiency and cough.

    ”Don’t record”: Yijing tonic is absolutely inadequate, flat stomach, long muscles, hot skin and evil heat, weak feet and knees, Jianyang, kidney tonic.

    ”Rihuazi Materia Medica”: treatment of weak and weak muscles and bones, warm water and dirty, nourishment, flattening qi, and purifying evil.

    ”Compendium of Materia Medica”: Healing dreams and slippery essence.

    ”Ben Cao Xin Xin”: Regulates stomach qi, clears stomach fire.

In addition to thirst in the heart, the kidneys can be treated with deficiency of heat, soothe the nerves, and relieve night sweats.

    ”Argument on Compendium of Materia Medica”: Dendrobium is a kidney medicine, a lung medicine, and a gastrointestinal medicine.

    ”Chinese Pharmacopoeia”: Yiweishengjin, nourishing yin and clearing heat, used for yin injury and loss.

  下面随小编看下石斛的一些药膳食疗方法铁片石斛的食用方法:  一、西洋参石斛茶  [原料]西洋参5克,石斛30克。  [Manufacturing method]First, the American ginseng is mixed, washed, dried or dried, cut into pieces, put into a container, and set aside.

Pick Dendrobium, wash it, dry it, cut it into pieces, put it in a casserole, add enough water, and boil over high heat, cook over low heat for 30 minutes, filter with clean gauze, remove the residue, collect the juicePut it in a container with American ginseng tablets, cover it with stuffy for 15 minutes, and replace.

(Or crush American ginseng and Dendrobium into fine powder and drink it on behalf of the tea, 3 times each time?
5 grams per day?
2 times.

)  [吃法]当茶,可分上、下午2次,频频饮用,代茶饮服,当日吃完。  [Effect]Ziyin Yangwei, Shengjin cough.

This therapeutic formula is suitable for patients with stomatitis due to deficiency of stomach yin and real fever.
  [Comment]American ginseng is cool in nature, sweet in taste, slightly bitter, good at nourishing qi and nourishing yin, and clearing fire.

Modern pharmacological research proves that American ginseng can improve the body’s disease resistance and inhibit the growth of polysaccharides.

The function of Dendrobium to nourish the stomach and yin, and to stimulate the body fluids. Clinical research data show that Dendrobium is effective for cancer chemotherapy, radiotherapy, radiation injury and yin deficiency due to excessive thirst, dry throat, dry stool and constipation.

The two flavors are compatible with diet teas, which have obvious nourishing yin and nourish the stomach, regenerating and relieving cough, and have better adjuvant treatment effect on patients with gastric yin deficiency fever leukemia complicated with stomatitis, especially suitable for children and elderly patients with hypertension., Steamed Dendrobium snail raw materials: green snail (Snail snail) 1500 grams, pork spine 9 grams, Dendrobium 6 grams.

  Seasoning: Saline-alkali production method: 1.

The green snails spit out mud, washed, scalded with boiling water, and picked up.

The soup is filtered and retained.


Pick out the snail meat, wash it with brine, drain, and mix in a stew pot.

The pork spine is cut into pieces and the blood is removed with boiling water.


The snail juice and Dendrobium are first boiled in a small pot for about 20 minutes, then the residue is removed, and the juice is filtered and set aside.


Pour the medicinal sauce into the stew pot, and then place the pork spine on the surface of the snail meat in the pot. After simmering for about 1 hour, add salt and serve immediately.

  Features: Fresh and slightly sweet.

  Efficacy: Dendrobium, stewed with green snails, and pork, can nourish yin and moisturize, urinate urinate, quench thirst, and water, reduce skin weakness, constipation, dry cough, and stay drunk.

  Three, Yangyin Xiaoke soup raw materials: 6-9 grams of Dendrobium, Kaidong, Yuzhu, Nansha ginseng, Polygonatum sibiricum, cooked land, Huaishan, Poria, 12 grams each, 5 grams of peel.

  Usage: Feel free to add an appropriate amount of lean meat or chicken, add eight bowls of boiling water and cook for three hours.

Season with salt.

Efficacy: It is quite effective for diabetes and thirst certificates, excessive liver and stomach yin injury caused by excessive tobacco and alcohol.

  Fourth, Dendrobium cassia granules raw materials: Dendrobium, American Ginseng 30-50 grams each, Chinese wolfberry, chrysanthemum, dodder, Shayuanzi, Ligustrum lucidum, Cassia seed plantago 60 grams each, Salvia miltiorrhiza 60-80 grams.

  Usage: Research on Chinese medicine.

3-5 grams twice daily.

Boiling water.

It is better to take it continuously for more than three months.

  Efficacy: Effective for hypertension, glaucoma, cataract and other symptoms caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency.

  Five, American ginseng stew Dendrobium materials: American ginseng, Dendrobium 6 grams each, four dates.

  Use the law: Add the above ingredients and lean pork or peeled chicken to an appropriate amount, add five bowls of boiling water to an electric earthenware pot, turn on the power before going to bed, and simmer for one night on low heat. You can take it at any time after getting up in the morning.use.

  Efficacy: nourishing qi and promoting energy, nourishing stomach and nourishing yin.