Whole wheat foods help children fight cancer

Whole wheat foods help children fight cancer

Scientists from Georgetown University used female laboratory mice as their subjects to study the effects of these different foods eaten during pregnancy on the health of offspring.

  In the experiment, the diet of pregnant female rats was kept at about 6% of plant fiber. The sources of these fibers were different. They were derived from whole wheat flour, oat flour, and defatted flaxseed powder.Artificially extracted cellulose feeds.

After the mother rats gave birth to mice, they were then injected with a formaldehyde-inducing chemical.

  The results showed that the offspring of the whole wheat flour fiber group had the lowest prevalence of diabetes; the offspring of the defatted corn kernel fiber group and the replacement reference had a higher probability of developing diabetes; the oat meal fiber group was not much different from the corresponding.

  Scientists also say that women eating more whole grain foods during pregnancy may be beneficial to the health of future generations.

Thin waist yoga cut round waist _1

Thin waist yoga cut round waist

Under the influence of the cold currents in winter, many otakus and otakus chose to stay at home, resulting in a significant reduction in exercise volume, coupled with the temptation of unbearable food, swimming circles increased.

Today, Xiaobian recommends several thin waist yoga exercises for everyone, reminding you not to neglect exercise because of the cold weather, good body is not lazy.

  The seated position is reversed. 1, sit on the yoga mat with your legs straight up, and insert your arms into the floor on your side.

Bend your left leg and step your left foot outside starboard.

  2. Cross your left leg over your right leg. If possible, wind your left foot to the right calf and hook your left foot to your right.

  3. Hold your hands on the back of your hips and prepare for inhalation. When exhaling, start the entire lower body from the waist to turn to the right until your left knee hits the ground.

  Side waist contraction 1, sit sideways on yoga, support the ground with your left hand, insert your right hand into the standing right knee and prepare.

  2. Lift your left hip, lift your body off the ground, and support your body with your left hand and left knee.

  3, the right hand runs along the side, driving the curve on the right side.

During the pause, let the body stretch the flank muscles, and then exercise while changing.

  Triangle style 1, ready for mountain standing.

  2. Keep your feet apart about twice the width of your shoulders, extend your left foot by 90 degrees, and turn your right foot by about 30 degrees. Keep your hands flat and the side height.

  3. When you breathe in, feel that the spine extends to the top of your head. When you exhale, tilt your upper body to the left, and then slowly place your left hand on the ground or left leg. Do not step on the tendon after your legs.Insert your waist and feel that the left buttocks and coccyx are pushed inward, making the right buttocks and left buttocks feel overlapped.

Finally, straighten your right hand upwards, keeping your hand in line with the front, and if possible, turn your eyes to the tip of your right finger.

When you’re done, change side.

Office white-collar workers should not lie on their backs

Office white-collar workers should not lie on their backs


Since ancient times, the so-called “three-cold and two-full” regimen has been adopted. For white-collar workers at work, the control of three-cold and seven-full can be achieved.

Not all units can provide you with a nap time. Even if you have time, how do you sleep at this nap?

Lie on your back or on your back?

  After lunch, to ensure the digestion and absorption of food, most of the body’s blood flows to the digestive system, and the blood in the brain is relatively reduced. In addition, after working or studying in the morning, the brain cells are also fatigued, so they are drowsysense.

  This drowsiness during midday is the performance of normal sleep and awake biological rhythms. It is adjusted by siesta. Siesta can compensate for lack of sleep at night, which can relax and rest the human brain and various systems of the body., Work or study at night.

  In addition, napping can also protect the brain and relieve tension.

When sleeping, not only the nerve cells of the cerebral cortex are protected and inhibited, but also the rest of the body is fully rested. The muscles of the whole body are relaxed, and the physical energy consumed by the activity can be gradually recovered.The organ can work normally on top of calmness.

  Having said so much, I just want to tell everyone that it is natural to be sleepy in summer.

However, many companies now only have an hour’s break at noon. Apart from eating time, there is only half an hour left for you to take a break.

So how can female friends use this half an hour to take a meaningful nap?

  Teach you the right way to nap: 1. Try to lie on a chair as much as possible to reduce the discomfort of sleeping with your head on your head.

  2. Do not take more than 20 minutes for each nap.

  3. For those who wear contact lenses, it is best to take off the lenses before taking a nap, so as not to feel sour in the eyes.

  4, immediately after taking a nap, wash your face, drink a cup of hot tea, sugary sweet drinks will make the body tired easily, try not to drink.

  Keep in mind three taboo nap taboos: one avoids sitting or lying on the snoring. Too many people are sitting or lying on the edge of the table to take a nap because of the conditional restrictions. They have long formed the habit of sitting or lying on their backs.

  Second, the longer the siesta, the better. The siesta time is preferably half an hour to one hour. Sleeping too much. As you go into deep sleep, you will feel uncomfortable after waking up.

  Three bogey siesta siesta can not be casually under the corridor, in the shade of the tree, on the grass, lying on the concrete floor and sleeping on the ground, and do not take a nap in the wind or the wind.

Because the person’s body temperature regulation central function declines during sleep, the severe case suffers cold and cold, the mild person wakes up and feels unwell.

  Napping on your stomach is more harmful: Hazard one: Because your eyes are oppressed while sleeping on your stomach, temporary blurred vision usually occurs after you take a nap.

In the long-term, it will cause excessive intraocular pressure, which will cause the eyeballs to swell over time, increase the axis of the eye, form high myopia, and easily increase the incidence of glaucoma.

  Harm two: Because lying on the bed and sleeping, many nerves are oppressed. When napping, they often worry in their hearts and sleep less securely.

At the same time, please note: Don’t rush to take a nap after a meal.

Because if you eat lunch and lie on the table immediately to sleep in the morning, it will affect the digestive function of the stomach and cause the stomach to swell.

  Hazard 3: Sleeping on your stomach, long-term pressure on your arms and face will affect normal blood circulation and nerve metabolism, make your arms and face numb and even feel sore.

Over time, it can develop into localized nerve palsy or deform the face.

Therefore, white-collar friends, if possible, try not to lie down on your stomach and take the correct nap.


Morning and night abdominal massage helps detox

Morning and night abdominal massage helps detox

The pace of life is fast, and there is no regular diet. Many white-collar workers often have a decreasing amount of “poison” in their bodies. Detoxification has become a healthy slogan for women after the holiday.

  In fact, the so-called “poison”, according to traditional Chinese medicine, is the residue of the old toilet inside the initialization.

White-collar workers do not prevent trying these methods and eliminate the “poison” in the body as soon as possible.

  The first is diet adjustment.

To eat rough, eat some coarse foods, such as pumpkin, potatoes, corn and the like.

Eat more vegetables and fruits, such as celery, chives, spinach, bananas and persimmons.

  The second is exercise resistance.

It is recommended that white-collar women walk fast for 30 minutes every day, it is best to do a set of aerobic exercises every day to help the body promote metabolism, so that the waste in the body can be completely released through sweating.

  The third is self-massage.

The doctor introduced a white-collar self-massage method: hold the palm under the navel and massage 50 times clockwise, then 50 times counterclockwise, once in the morning and evening, it is recommended to use palm massage.

Lotus root has many therapeutic effects

Lotus root has many therapeutic effects

Introduction: Lotus root is a common food in autumn and winter, and since ancient times, lotus root has been a favorite food of people. It has delicious taste and high therapeutic effect. So how to eat lotus root in winter is healthier?

  The therapeutic effect of lotus root 1, cooling heat and cooling blood: lotus root is cold and has cooling heat and cooling blood effects, which can be used to treat fever diseases; lotus root is sweet and juicy, especially for fever thirst, bleeding blood, hemoptysis, and blood lossUseful.

  2. Hemostasis and blood stasis: 藕 contains a large amount of tannic acid, which has the effect of constricting blood vessels and can be used to stop bleeding.

Can also cool blood, scattered blood, Chinese medicine believes that it stops bleeding without leaving blood stasis, is a good food therapy for fever.

  3. Yixueshengji: The nutritional value of tadpole is very high, there are trace elements such as iron, calcium, plant protein, vitamins and starch content are also very rich, it has a significant effect of nourishing qi and blood, and enhancing human immunity.

Therefore, Chinese medicine called it: “The main supplement is to nourish the gods and strengthen the energy”.

  4, laxative, diarrhea, spleen appetizer: lotus root contains mucus protein and supplementary fiber, which can be combined with bile salt in the human body, cholesterol and triglycerides in food, thereby being excreted from feces, thereby reducing lipid absorption.

Lotus root emits a unique fragrance, which also contains high quality, has certain spleen and antidiarrheal effects, can promote appetite, promote digestion, appetizing and strengthening, and is beneficial to poor appetite and poor appetite to restore health.

  The lotus root has great efficacy. The lotus root that can be eaten and cultivated in China can be divided into two categories: the first type is the lotus seed.

The rhizome is relatively plump, with a white skin, crisp and tender flesh, sweet taste, high yield, and not many lotus seeds; the second type is a lotus species, the lotus is small, the flesh is slightly gray, and the quality is poor, but the results are many, mainly for pickingHarvest lotus seeds.

  As a vegetable, it is dominated by tincture.

It has been determined that protein content per 100 grams of edible portion.

3 grams, aunt 0.

1 gram, carbonic acid 18.

1 gram, 18 mg calcium, 51 mg phosphorus, 4 iron.

4 mg, as well as vitamin B and vitamin C.

  Which ones are suitable for soup and some ones are suitable for raw food?

  Lotus root is sweet, starch, protein, vitamins C and B1, and inorganic salts such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

Commonly used edible pupa is divided into safflower pupa, white pupa and twisted pupa.

  1. The saffron is long and thin, with brownish-yellow skin, rough, starchy, less water, glutinous but not crispy, suitable for soup; 2. The white saffron is hypertrophic, with a smooth and smooth appearance, silvery white, crispy and juicy,The sweetness is strong, and the raw food is the best; 3. The twist of the twist is pink, the appearance is rough, the starch is too much, and the cooked food is suitable.

  It has the functions of producing coldness, clearing heat and removing annoyance, cooling blood to stop bleeding and stasis; being familiar with warmth, has the effect of nourishing heart and blood, nourishing and strengthening the spleen and stomach.

  How does lotus root eat?

  The medicinal effect of lotus root is very impressive. According to legend, Xiaozong of the Southern Song Dynasty had contracted dysentery, and it was cured with hot wine with fresh liquor.

Li Shizhen called “Soul Root” in “Compendium of Materia Medica”, sweet, cold, and non-toxic.

  Health 藕 has all kinds of symptoms such as removing stasis and clearing heat, removing annoyance and quenching thirst, hemostasis (nasal blood, urine blood, blood in stool, uterine bleeding, etc.), and phlegm.

煮 After cooking, the sex changes from cold to warm and loses the performance of removing stasis and clearing heat; it has the effects of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, nourishing blood and invigorating the deficiency of the five internal organs, and is very suitable for the elderly.

  Raw lotus root food — can clear the heat and nourish the lungs, cool blood and stasis.

  Lotus root cooked — can strengthen the spleen and appetizers, stop diarrhea and solid essence.

  Elderly people often eat ravioli — it can adjust appetizers, nourish blood and nourish the marrow, soothe the nerves and strengthen the brain, and have the function of prolonging life.

  When women are born, they refrain from eating cold, but they do not dare to do so because it can eliminate silt.

  Tuberculosis patients eat — 藕 has the effect of clearing the lungs to stop bleeding, tuberculosis patients are most suitable to eat.

  Those who do not like to eat raw can also stew chicken stew, which can both nourish and cure the disease.

Especially lotus root powder, which is both nutritious and easy to digest, is a good tonic for women, children, old and weak. It is often eaten after boiling with water. It can soothe the nerves with appetite, appetite, nourish the blood and prolong the body.

  How to eat lotus root diet?

  Due to the influence of ancient and ancient medicine, at present, in Korea, Japan and other countries and Hong Kong and Taiwan regions, the therapeutic effect of lotus root is quite recognized, and there are a lot of practical methods.

  Cold throat pain, mouthwash with egg sauce and egg white has special effects.

Egg white moisturizes the throat and coughs; lotus root can relieve fatigue and soothe the spirit.

The method is to wash and peel the lotus root, mash it and squeeze out the lotus root juice, mix with egg white (one egg can be divided into 3 times), and keep it in a cool place, which can be used for gargle.  Lotus root soup can eliminate oral inflammation.

Add shredded lotus root to boiling water and gargle 5?
6 times.

  The lotus root soup can also make cough. Slice the lotus root with skin into thin slices and boil it together with the thin lotus root.

  In addition, the sacral section is crushed and mixed with juice to relieve cough and relieve chest tightness.

When you have a fever and severe thirst, you can mix it with fresh coriander juice to reduce fever and relieve thirst.

Add pear juice for better results.

Pouring lotus root together with soaked rice has the same effect.

  No special external cause of nosebleeds, 1?
Drink 1 small glass of fresh coriander juice twice, with good results.

  Relieves fatigue caused by drunkness and adjusts damaged nerves.

Mixing and blending 藕 juice with ginger juice, or replacing 藕 juice with boiling water, 2 times a day, 1 small cup each time, can quickly relieve the fatigue caused by drunkenness and adjust the damaged nerves.

Because lotus root has the effect of restoring nervous tension, it can be used for excessive nervousness, worrying about restlessness caused by restlessness, insomnia, eye fatigue, etc.

Generally speaking, coriander juice is calculated as 10 ml per kilogram of body weight, which can be taken in several portions or eaten at meals after cooking.

  Menopausal women have irregular menstruation, irregular bleeding or emotional instability. When they have restlessness and other symptoms, it is best to eat lotus root regularly. You can take the lotus root into juice or add some salt after taking it.

  Lotus root also regulates the heart, blood pressure, and improves peripheral blood circulation.

In order to promote metabolism and prevent rough skin, 20 grams of lotus root can be washed, peeled, cut into thin pieces and blanched in boiling water, then add 1 cup of rice and 2 cups of water, and fry over low heat. After cooling, add a small amount of salt to eatIf you add lotus seeds, the effect is better.

  If you have bronchitis, use coriander juice, coriander skin is also effective, so you don’t have to cut it off. You can wash the coriander to get the juice.

The tincture juice also has a good effect on patients with bloodshot sputum in the morning and hoarseness at night.

  How to preserve lotus root nutrition?

  When processing ravioli, ravioli can easily turn black. This is not just a change in the appearance of ravioli. In fact, the nutrition of ravioli is also being consumed.

These nutrients are mainly reducing sugars, free amino acids, and polyphenols.

It is precisely because of their distortion that the tadpoles turn black and become non-enzymatic or enzymatic browning. At this time, the tadpoles ‘nutrients are reduced and their physiological functions are diminished.

  How can we retain the nutrition of tadpoles?

  Here’s a tip: take a pot of water, cut half a lemon, squeeze the lemon juice into the water, add 5 grams of salt to the water, 1 slice of vitamin C, dip the sliced slice or slice into the bowl for 10 minutes and removeAfter processing, it will not be oxidized.

In addition, in order to avoid blackening, it is best not to fry in a pig-iron pan, and add some water while frying, so that the fry will be as white as jade.

The beauty of life starts from the mouth

The beauty of life starts from the mouth

As the saying goes: Toothache is not terrible.

The nerves in the oral cavity are abundantly distributed. The nerves buried under each tooth are like a tree root. They can be felt by anyone who has extracted teeth. This small wound can cause pain for several days, and people oftenIt only cares about the health of large organs in the body, and ignores oral health.

  Would you do an oral exam once a year?

Will you clean your teeth every six months?

Can you stick to your daily routine of brushing your teeth sooner or later?

If you have a toothache, will you go to the hospital for treatment immediately?

Did you know that oral diseases can affect other diseases?

Most of the people interviewed by the reporters from the West China Metropolis Daily had almost no oral examinations, and very few people cleaned their teeth.

  The “Guide to Oral Health of Chinese Residents” states that oral health directly or indirectly affects general health.

Some microorganisms exist in the oral cavity for a long time, which can cause or aggravate certain systemic diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc., endanger the health of the whole body and affect the quality of life.

For example, diabetic patients have reduced anti-infection ability, often accompanied by periodontitis, difficult to heal tooth extraction wounds, doctors and patients with early oral lesions and so on.

  Experts advocate more healthy tooth life. Parents will let their children eat less sugar when they are young, to prevent bad teeth and worm teeth, but once they grow up, the permanent teeth are fixed. Such an admonition is treasured in memories.

On the contrary, the high incidence of adult dental caries and unclean hygiene habits have led to more and more oral diseases.

It is precisely due to the increase in these hard needs that a large number of specialized dental hospitals have emerged. There is no need to wait in line for medical treatment. In the community, on the street, every street has a dedicated dental chair for you, even more and more.More and more chain dental specialist hospitals have also promoted tooth health to people’s lives. One-on-one services by professional doctors and disposable dental treatment tools have avoided cross-infection in dental treatment.

Although it is medically guaranteed, prevention is better than cure. If the tooth is not painful, you will not patronize here. You still follow your habit to overdraw the tooth health unbridledly, and make up for bad teeth.The scar forgot the pain and hurt it again.

  Experts suggest: Do n’t chew food and chew your teeth. It is also a “facade” for a person or even a city. From the past, rinsing with water to brushing your teeth with toothpaste to the use of drug mouthwash, people not only pay attention to oral hygieneIn addition, regular inspections and deep cleaning of the oral cavity are required to prevent dental caries, periodontitis and even other oral diseases.

If the tooth is not good, the appetite is not good. If the appetite is not good, nutrition cannot be fully absorbed, and the entire body function is in a sub-healthy state.

Although the mouth is small, it is the first way for people to eat and absorb nutrients. Only by protecting the way can life be better.

  Related sub-health solutions: darkened face, dry teeth, fragile gums (bleeding in the kidneys), bleeding gums, loose teeth (renal and spleen failure), repeated oral ulcers (inadequate liver blood), oral ulcers (gastric insufficiency), gasping with bad breathStomach qi and stomach fire are excessive) Mouth ulcer (poor liver and blood) Bad breath (spleen and stomach failure) Dry mouth (kidney disease)