Different day and night skincare priorities


Different day and night skincare priorities

The skin condition is different at different moments, so the skin care points and techniques are different between day and night.

So, what are the key points and techniques for skin care during the day and night? Let ‘s compare them: Morning muscle warming: Mask is applied to the skin in the morning after a night of repair, it is in the best state, so there is not muchFor care, you only need to clean away the excess oil secreted that night, and add water.

  Many MMs, especially those with oily skin, will feel up early in the morning, and the skin is dull, which is a manifestation of severe skin dehydration.

Why not use 3?
Make a mask in 5 minutes.

  Applying a mask in the morning will always make the skin exceptionally bright and hydrated, making it easier to apply makeup in the future.

In addition, you can use a mask for emergency repairs in the early morning the next morning when you fall asleep without removing makeup, and the effect is also very good.

  Tip: Skin has its own biological clock.

At 8pm to 11pm, the micro blood vessels have the weakest resistance and are susceptible to susceptibility. At this time, it is not appropriate to apply a mask.

  Quick skin rejuvenation: It ‘s important to wash your face at night to strengthen your makeup and remove makeup. It ‘s just that you are applying heavy makeup or light makeup today. Even if you do n’t have makeup today, you just apply a layer of isolation and make up makeup removal.The cleanser washes away.

The makeup of the cream category belongs to lipophilic makeup and has strong adhesion to the skin. It cannot be cleaned with a simple hydrophilic facial cleanser at all.

  Therefore, it is best to choose a foam type of facial cleanser at night, which can deeply clean the face.

In the morning, you can change to a milder facial cleanser to remove the oil secreted from the face overnight.

  Tip: In order to make the skin cleaner, some people have suggested using a facial cleanser twice at night, which is too misleading.

If everyone does that, I believe that it won’t be long before the skin’s own moisturizing ability is destroyed and the skin becomes dry and sensitive.

  More accurate maintenance: Day Cream vs Night Cream The biggest difference between day cream and night cream is their ability to be absorbed by the skin.

Day cream focuses on isolation, like putting a protective coat on the skin, while night cream is a nutrient for the skin, mainly repairing and nourishing.

At least, replace softer night creams before the age of 25; over 25 to 40 years of age, the skin has just begun to age and replace nutrient-rich night creams; and those over 40 years old can choose night creams with enhanced repair and nutrition.

  If you have oily skin and excessive oil secretion from your skin, choose a refreshing day cream; if you have mixed skin, avoid using T-zones when using a day cream; if you have dry skin, choose dry skinDedicated day cream.

When applied, a little massage can help the skin absorb more effectively.

  TIPS: Many people do not have the habit of day cream and night cream, which will cause very serious consequences.

Use night cream in the morning, especially in summer. Excessive nutrition may cause the pores to be blocked due to excess nutrients. After the skin becomes dull and dull, it will not escape the signs of acne and blackheads.

What vitamins should be added to prevent different eye diseases

What vitamins should be added to prevent different eye diseases

Students carry a heavy academic load, office workers face computers all day, and some people watch TV, play video games, and surf the Internet. Countless eyes are overloaded. Many people suffer from visual fatigue, myopia, and even glaucoma.

how to improve?

  In addition to rest and scientific use of the eye, supplementing the eye with what it likes to “eat” is very effective in protecting the eyes, implanting eye diseases, and preventing vision damage.

  So what does the eye like to “eat”?

Like other organs in the human body, the growth and development of the eye and the maintenance of physiological functions are inseparable from proteins, lipids and carbohydrates (such as starch and sugar).

In addition, the eye also needs vitamins and trace elements. Although the requirements of these substances have been reduced, they play an important role in the growth and development of the eye, the maintenance of normal physiological functions, and the enhancement of disease resistance.

  Dry eyes, night blindness: “Eat” more vitamin A Comments: Vitamin A, also known as dehydroretinol, is a raw material for the synthesis of rhodopsin. This substance is a light-sensitive substance that exists in the retina.

If the eyes lack vitamin A, it will affect the synthesis speed of rhodopsin, cause night blindness, and even reduce the secretion of lacrimal glands, causing dry eye disease.

  Food supplements: animal liver, eggs, milk, carrots, beets, mustard, spinach, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, zucchini, apricots, peaches, crabs and flounders, etc.

  Prevent cataracts: Eat more vitamin C. Comment: The amount of vitamin C injected during substitution can affect the selectivity of crystals. Lack of vitamin C is one of the main causes of cataract in the elderly.

  Food supplements: fruits such as sea buckthorn, prickly pear, kiwi, jujube, hawthorn, vegetables such as rape, cabbage, parsley, tomato, artemisia, spinach, tears, itchy eyes: more “eat” vitamin B2 Comments: Vitamin B2 can maintain normal retina and corneaThe lack of metabolic effects can lead to discomfort such as tearing, eye redness, itching, and bruising.

  Food supplements: milk, lean meat, eggs, lentils, animal liver, animal kidney, etc.

  Daily eye care: Eat more vitamin B12, zinc, and molybdenum. Opinion: Vitamin B12 is extremely important for the production of myelin sheaths of nerve fibers (including the optic nerve).

Zinc participates in the synthesis of various substances in the eye and regulates its physiological functions.

Molybdenum is an important nutrient for iris.

  Food supplements: meat, pork liver, pork kidney, sea fish, laver, oysters, beans, peanuts, walnuts, chestnuts, radishes, etc.

  Prevention of myopia: eat more calcium, cadmium, and selenium. Comments: Calcium can eliminate eye muscle tension, and the formation of eyeballs is also related to calcium. Adolescents’ eyeballs have not yet been shaped. At this time, if there is a lack of calcium, scleral elasticity will decrease and it may develop into an axisSexual myopia.

The lack of formaldehyde can affect the secretion of insulin, leading to an increase in blood sugar, an increase in the osmotic pressure of the aqueous humor in the eyeball, and an increase in refractive power, which may cause myopia.

Selenium participates in the movement of eye muscles and pupils and is an important element for maintaining vision. If the daily selenium injection is less than 50 mm, it will move backwards and vision will be disturbed.

  Food supplements: shrimp skins, kelp, soy, sesame sauce, milk, beef, flour, semolina, mushrooms, grapes, selenium fish, poultry, cabbage, radish, garlic seedlings, etc.

Netizens reveal the inside story of undressing, online sales are slow due to grading

Netizens reveal the inside story of “undressing”, online sales are slow due to grading

After daily newspaper reports, the situation of erotic video chat on the Internet has converged, but similar situations are still occasionally seen in some video chat rooms.
To this end, the reporter learned in-depth interviews with some senior netizens to understand the reasons for the existence of erotic video chat and the inside story.
  Motivation for erotic chat A senior “networm” told reporters that many girls who pose in the video chat room are actually “childcare” requested by the website.
They often act as the so-called chat room homeowners, using the “color” action to provoke Internet users, thereby increasing website visits and realizing value-added room benefits; there are also “strip shows” in some rooms that are simply a way for some netizens to vent.
There are also older women who also expose themselves in chat rooms.
In these people, people may not think of them at all, but there are many people who tease them on the Internet. For the teaser, they are very repressive in reality, and they may use imagination when they chat with others in a passionate chat.To meet their own psychological needs, to the person being teased, things that can’t be found in reality can get a little psychological compensation on the Internet, satisfying their vanity.
  Wealth trading in online games The reporter also learned that the appearance of this kind of pornography is not limited to the current universal video chat tools. In online games, there are also players who do not hesitate to “get off” in order to gather “fortune”.
On October 21st, the reporter entered a currently popular online game through a friend’s account. As expected, some players publicly called for “Pay 100,000 gold coins (virtual currency in the game) for a blood-sweeping beauty video.”After the reporter got in touch with the player who posted the message, she responded very briefly: “Master guarantees, pay half first, and finish the conversation.”
When the reporter got in touch with his chat tool, he saw a young girl on the video. After paying, the other party started to perform in front of the video and made various provocative moves.
It was later learned that this player is a junior player, because the grading is too slow and it takes a lot of virtual currency. In order to gather “wealth” in a short time, this player has been selling “off” online for a while.
  情色视频聊天已成网络暗疮   2003年初,韩国开发的一款新视频软件在线用户就达到了7000人,但由于管理不善,一些聊天室出现了色情和违法乱纪的情况,导致这款聊天软件被Blocked.
Learning from the lessons, various operators have also formulated strict investigation and punishment regulations to minimize the negative effects.
However, judging from the investigation by reporters, the intensity of management is obviously not enough.
  On the other hand, although there is an erotic phenomenon at present, more chat rooms are relatively healthy places, and face-to-face communication with many people is a communication method that many netizens like.
During a reporter interview, a member believed that the tool is never wrong, and what is wrong is how to use it.
However, the innocence of software does not mean that the operator can let it go and let all the blame go to the netizens for breaking the rules.
Attorney Lei Sheng of the Law Firm of Gansu Tongrenxing said: “The things transmitted by the Internet should be healthy. Although all parties exposing each other in a video chat room are often voluntary, the Internet is a public place after all, so some netizens have sexThe behavior of chatting is against the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Public Security.
In any case, related to the current erotic chat phenomenon of various chat tools and chat rooms, the relevant operators have the responsibility and obligation to implement a more complete and effective management of their video chat rooms.

Work out in the morning in 5 minutes

Work out in the morning in 5 minutes

When you wake up in the morning, place the pillows behind your back, straighten your hands backwards and stretch your body; do sit-ups 3 times; place the pillows behind your back, bend your knees together, take turns to the left and right, and make them touch the bed, Still clinging to the bed when both hands are not moving.

  When wearing clothes, hold your hands behind your back and straighten your chest while straightening your hands; your upper body will hang down naturally, your hands will swing left and right, and your waist will twist to the left and right;

  Put on your pants to do a quick squat, with your feet upright, shoulder width, shoulders and waist straight when squatting and standing, with your hands flat, your legs stretched evenly, squatting to the end, and getting up fast.

Jump a few times at the beginning, then you can switch to a continuous continuous jump in the same place, so that not only strengthens the strength of the legs, but also exercise the heart, and improve cardiopulmonary function.

  After getting up to do 10 push-ups, 100 steps to raise your legs in place.

If you have time, you can also stick to the wall to do an inverted stand. This will not only strengthen your upper limbs, but also promote blood circulation.

Relief of pulses, meticulous generation, etc.

Relief of pulses, meticulous generation, etc.

The slow pulse is all around, unhappy, not slow, not strong, not weak, the pulse is gentle, the hardness of the pulse, and the tension is moderate. It is a normal pulse with stomach qi. It is found in healthy people.

The disease is found in the dampness syndrome that the air machine is trapped in wetness, or recovers after the illness.

  Hongmai (with large veins) has a large pulse shape. The pulses come like waves, they rise and fall, the pulse shape is wide, and the change is large.

The main hot card is Yang hot.

Common in patients with high fever.

  Big pulse: The pulse shape is large and the situation of prosperity and decline is mostly the phenomenon of disease progression. The so-called big disease progresses (large and powerful), and the main is positive (large and weak).

  The veins (small veins) are as thin as a line, the veins are narrow, and the fluctuation is small.

Master deficiency syndrome (qi deficiency and blood deficiency).

Common in patients with deficiency, chronic diseases.

  The small veins are also the fine veins. The main disease is the same as the fine veins.

  The pulse counts quickly, and sometimes it stops, and there is no fixed number, that is, the pulse is interrupted quickly.

For Yang Sheng heat, or stagnation of qi, blood, phlegm and food, is found in stagnation of qi, blood, phlegm, food, stasis, pain, and heat syndrome.

The pulse is thin and weak, and it is mostly a sign of collapse.

  The knots and pulses come slowly, and there is only one stop, and there are no fixed numbers, that is, the pulse is slow and irregular intermittently, which is the cold and stasis of yin or qi and blood stasis.Wait.
The result of weakness and weakness is qi and blood deficiency, which is found in arrhythmias caused by chronic fatigue and various types of cardiovascular disease.

  The pulses come to rest, only a fixed number, can not be returned, long-term re-activation, that is, regular interruption, the pulse beats to a certain number to stop once, the rest time is shortened, it is a sign of visceral gas failure, which can be seen in the rhythmArrhythmia, triplet, etc.