Eat more citrus to prevent alcoholic liver

Eat more citrus to prevent alcoholic liver

Basically, excessive drinking causes diseases such as alcoholic liver, adult liver and cirrhosis.

Therefore, experts surveyed men who consumed 25 grams of ethanol (about 640 milliliters or more of beer) per day.

It turns out that people who eat less than 1 citrus per day are more likely to eat 3?
People with 4 citrus are nearly twice as likely to develop alcoholic liver.

Experts believe that this is mainly due to the reduced antioxidant capacity of patients with viral hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis, and the rich carotenoids and vitamins in citrus can improve the antioxidant capacity and be beneficial to protect the liver.

  In addition, experts point out that arteriosclerosis will worsen with people’s age. Lifestyle habits such as diet, smoking, and drinking will affect the hypertension. Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and obesity are the causes of arteriosclerosis.

The survey found that people with high levels of carotenoids in the serum may be less likely to develop arteriosclerosis than people with low levels of carotenoids.

This proves that eating more citrus and absorbing a large amount of carotenoids can reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis.

Comprehensive care for sensitive menstrual skin


Comprehensive care for sensitive menstrual skin

I wonder if you have noticed that our skin will change slightly during menstruation, and many skin problems will also break out here. This is because the estrogen and progesterone in the human blood slowly drop to the lowest level during menstruationBecome very sensitive.

However, after menstrual cramps, problematic skin (such as “acne”) will gradually improve.

To keep your skin glowing during your menstrual period, you need to start with both diet and health, because skin care alone is not enough.

  Treatment of menstrual acne After menstruation, the secretion of estrogen in the blood begins to weaken, and the acne will gradually recede.

For “acne” that is about to appear or have already appeared, “anti-acne” products should be used to prevent the further development of “acne”.

In addition, pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin, especially the skin of the T-shaped part, because at this stage the skin is experiencing strong oil secretion.

  Use of skin care products Menstrual skin is in a highly sensitive period. Skin care products for sensitive skin can be used. Try not to use irritating or high nutrition skin care products.

In addition, during the menstrual period, the human body easily feels tired, especially the eye skin is easy to fatigue, and eye cream can be used to relieve eye fatigue.

  Menstrual diet care During the menstrual period, eat some blood-enriching foods, especially at night, which can not only replenish blood, but also make the skin delicate and smooth.

In addition, be careful not to eat spicy and cold foods to prevent blood cold stagnation and qi and blood flow.

  Recommended recipes for nourishing blood and nourishing beauty: nourishing blood and nourishing beauty soup: 4 candied dates, 12 grams of white fungus, 2 Sydney, 3 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiensis, 10 grams each of north and south apricot, moderate sugar.

Cut the core of Sydney into 4 pieces, add other ingredients and cook in 1?

5 hours, add rock sugar.

  Jujube black sticky rice porridge: After washing the black sticky rice, soak it in water?
For 10 hours, add red dates, lotus seeds, and longan.

Add the right amount of water and cook in a saucepan to make porridge.

  Warp 1.
Menstrual Period Health Care Notes:

Get plenty of sleep and exercise to relieve abdominal congestion, but avoid headaches and continuous exercise.


Shower at least once a day during menstrual periods.


Choose mild, non-irritating bath products, preferably containing a bacteriostatic formula to inhibit microbial growth and avoid bacterial infections.

  Essential oils relieve dysmenorrhea. Lavender, chamomile, sage, mint, pelargonium and other ingredients can relieve pain whether used alone or in combination.

  The first method: add a few drops of essential oil to the washbasin, add an appropriate amount of hot water, soak the towel in the basin, wring it dry, and apply it to the lower abdomen while hot.

  The second method: After dripping a few drops of essential oil on the hand, massage it in a clockwise circle from the inside to the outside near the waist.

  Special recipes for dysmenorrhea 1.

Eat more fresh organic vegetables and fruits to reduce animal meat and dairy products.


Regular aerobic exercise can relieve psychological stress and improve endocrine balance.


Choose a sanitary napkin with good breathability to avoid inferior products causing skin discomfort and even vaginal inflammation.


Massage your hands, ears and feet daily for 5 minutes to relieve pain and relieve muscles and mood.


A lamp in front of the bed: The moon’s movement affects the ebb and flow of the ocean, and also affects the flow of many body fluid systems in the human body.

Put a soft light lamp beside the bed when you sleep, like the moonlight at the full moon, and turn the irregular menstrual cycle back to a cycle on the 28th. It can be said that it is quite natural and harmless.

Does the mole on the body affect health?

Does the mole on the body affect health?

Crime is no stranger to everyone, and many people also have large or small ulcers.

However, the now-popular movie “If You Are the One Ⅱ” pays special attention to warts, and even talks about “ulcer” discoloration.

In fact, the chance of turning from a mole to a melanoma is very small.

  Moles on hands and feet should pay special attention. Moles can be found in any person and any part of the human body, but the most common are the face, neck, and back.

Some are born and existed at birth; others are the products of the day after tomorrow, mostly appearing after two years of age.

Most moles grow slowly or remain unchanged for many years without symptoms.

With age, kidney cells gradually move from the superficial layer of the skin into the dermis, and the number of kidney cells also gradually increases, generally reaching its peak during adolescence.

  Moles are a large family. Common members include confined moles, giant moles, simple freckles-like moles (commonly known as mules), freckles (occurring in exposed areas such as the face, brown, and darkened after sun exposure).
Obviously, the ulcers near the palms, soles, and genitals are easily deformed due to attenuation and friction.

In particular, the dark spots on the soles of the feet, which do not hurt, do not itch, and are harmless, are often the most dangerous “terrorists”.

The reason is that the head, the mortality crime, and prolonged sun exposure are also prone to accidents.

  New moles rarely appear after the age of 30, if new moles occur, and the diameter is more than 0.

5 cm, you should ask an experienced dermatologist to diagnose melanoma.

  The imprints on the body will distinguish other than moles, we will have larger or smaller, deeper or lighter imprints.

Do these marks have anything to do with health?

 About one-third of newborns with orange-red spots will have this birthmark.

It is a small, reddish plaque that is usually tiled on the skin.

Mostly appear on the back of the neck, in the middle of the eyes, on the forehead and on the eyelids.

As your child grows up, most will gradually disappear.

  Mongolian spot, a birthmark lesion, is smooth and has been born since birth. It is often found on the top or waist.

They are mostly light blue, or blue-gray, blue-black, and usually disappear before school age.

  Strawberry-like hemangioma is a birthmark that usually appears on the face, scalp, buttocks or hips, and is mostly red or purple.

Strawberry-like hemangioma usually develops several weeks after birth and may not protrude from the skin or it may be a strawberry-like soft mass slightly above the skin.

Although it will not disappear, it has no effect on health.

  When the erythematous nevus is born, it is pink, but it will become deeper and darker with age.

It mostly appears on the face and retina, and the area is joined.

Dark red spots are caused by telangiectasias and most become larger and larger.

  Coffee milk spots are like tan milk with coffee in it.

Such birthmarks are mostly oval in shape and often appear on the trunk, chest and legs.

It will grow larger and darker with age, and generally does not cause health problems.

If several birthmarks larger than a coin appear at the same time, it is likely to be related to neurofibromas, and you should consult your doctor immediately.

  About 1% of newborns with congenital moles develop this crime.

Its shape is irregular, the small diameter is about two centimeters, and the large one can invade the entire main shaft, the steering or the entire limb.

Such moles can develop into skin cancer and should be treated if there is an area fracture.

How to give a full moon baby home care

How to give a full moon baby home care

Many novice mothers are both excited and overwhelmed when they are facing the new life of their babies. They are faced with a fragile little life while they are moved by happiness, and they do not know how to care for them.

Therefore, the editor has specially compiled the changes in 20 aspects of nursing care in the five aspects after the baby’s full moon. I believe that mothers will definitely be very helpful after watching, and they will not be confused.

First, how the baby sleeps after the full moon is very important for the baby.

The mother must help her baby develop good sleeping habits in the first month, so as to help her grow up healthily.

1. Sleep time is at least 20-22 hours. Babies in confinement usually sleep or half sleep all day, can they sleep 20 a day?
22 hours, but there are also relatively abundant babies, who usually only sleep for more than ten hours.

Therefore, the mother does not have to worry too much about how long the baby sleeps. As long as the baby is in good mental condition and appetite, he does not need to worry too much.

2. Only wear lingerie when sleeping. Baby is just like adults when sleeping, just wear lingerie and take off socks.

For babies born in summer, you can prepare a special mat and cover with a towel blanket. For babies born in winter, it is best to prepare a sleeping bag and a small quilt. In spring and autumn, due to large temperature differences between day and night,The temperature is relatively low. In addition to a sleeping bag, a thin quilt should be added.

3. Don’t pull the curtains while sleeping. The baby is sleeping most of the day. In order to prevent the phenomenon of day and night upside down in the future, when the baby is sleeping during the day, the mother is better not to pull all the curtains and leave the natural light to let the baby learn to distinguish the day.And night.

In addition, when the baby is sleeping, the mother should not clean the bedroom, otherwise the raised dust may cause the baby’s respiratory diseases.

4, sleep habits early to develop a confinement baby that is not very adaptable to the external environment, often want the mother to play asleep.

Therefore, to prevent the baby from having a bad habit of “not being pregnant”, the mother can try to lie face to face with the baby, and then gently sing the baby’s back while gently singing to help the baby fall asleep.

Second, how to dress your baby after the full moon is the baby’s second layer of skin. When buying for a baby, the mother should focus on the comfort and softness of the fabric.

The baby’s skin is not yet tender, preventing rough cloth from abrading the baby.

1. Wear clothes until you don’t sweat. The warmth of your baby’s hands is about one week after birth. You can wear as much clothes as adults.

However, because the temperature difference between day and night in autumn is relatively large, and the newborn baby is not perfect due to its own heat dissipation function, when the midday temperature is relatively high, it is necessary to adjust the clothes for the baby in time to prevent the baby from wearing too much and causing eczema.

In addition, when going out, the mother can also bring a windproof cloak, because in the late autumn season, the chill in some areas is already very heavy.

If you are not sure whether your baby is wearing enough clothes, the mother can caress the baby’s little hands. If the baby’s little hands are sweating, it proves that they are wearing too much. If the baby’s little hands are cold, it proves that the clothes are insufficient.

Generally small hands do not sweat, warm is appropriate.

2. Focus on protecting the baby’s belly. The baby’s belly must not be cold, otherwise it will easily cause diarrhea.

So no matter what season it is, a warm working mother with a small belly must be in place.

In the colder seasons, the mother can add a circle of belly protection to the baby’s underwear, or add a small waistcoat; in the hot summer, you can wear a small bellyband to protect the baby’s abdomen to avoid a small bellyCatch cold.

3. Choose light-colored, cotton texture. The baby’s clothing should be light-colored to avoid the danger of dyes to the baby’s health. When choosing underwear, you should choose the type of clothing with the trademark sewn on the outside of the underwear, This can prevent the trademark from irritating the baby’s skin; as far as possible, avoid the fabric of the fabric being replaced with pure cotton texture, so that the water absorption and breathability are better; in addition, the bodysuit is the best choice for the baby at this stagePrevent the lower belly from being exposed and prevent the lower belly from getting cold.

4. Choose baby-specific lotion. Wash your baby ‘s clothes separately from adults ‘clothes to avoid bacterial split infection.

Moreover, adult detergents are not suitable for washing baby’s clothes, because adult detergents contain chemicals that cause irritation to the baby’s skin.

The mother can replace the baby’s special cleaning agent, pay attention to the ingredients contained in the cleaning agent when choosing, it is appropriate to have a light fragrance and no harmful chemical ingredients.

Third, how to care for the baby after the full moon The baby’s skin is very delicate. If the care is not proper, it will easily cause skin problems and require special care from mothers. Therefore, mothers should have better countermeasures.

1. Applying baby oil after bathing Many baby’s skin problems, such as molt, chapped, etc., are caused by excessive dryness, so the mother must do a good job of moisturizing the baby.

Apply baby oil to your baby’s whole body after each bath to prevent skin moisture loss.

In addition, if the room is air-conditioned, it is best to add a humidifier in the room to increase the humidity of the room.

2. Choose natural and skin-care products without any chemical ingredients. The skin-care products that mothers choose for their babies must be chemical-free and pure natural skin-care products for babies, so as to avoid irritating the baby’s skin.

Therefore, when buying, moms should pay attention to check whether the product production license number, standard number, health license number and other information are complete.

In addition, the production date and shelf life are also important points to pay attention to, it is better to buy as far as possible.

3. First try a new skin care product on a small area of skin for the first time to prevent the baby from developing skin allergies and other complications. The mother can try it for a few days first. If there is no problem, then try it on the back of the baby’s hand or neck.Trial in a small area (that is, apply on a small area of the skin). If there are no adverse reactions after a few days of trying, you can safely use it for your baby.

4, pay attention to the baby’s cold and warm to prevent frostbite or cause eczema. Because the baby’s sweat glands and blood circulation system are still in the development stage, self-regulation ability is relatively weak, so the mother should always pay attention to the baby’s cold and warm, especially in the winter, pay attention to the baby’s small hands andThe temperature of the back of the neck (it’s better to be warm and not sweating) to avoid being too cold and increasing the chance of getting frostbite, or over-inducing eczema.

Women’s favorite words in life

Women’s favorite words in life

Love you for the rest of your life, the people in love want the other person to say such a sentence.

But it is really easy to say, and it will be realized with the toxicity of a lifetime.

When men hear this sentence, they care more about women’s loyalty to themselves. When women hear this sentence, they want men to love themselves forever.

  I often chat with a good friend’s uncle. The old people are very enthusiastic about the young people. I always hope that we will go to see her often, and then she will find out all the delicious and delicious food in the house, so that we can have a full meal.pause.

She said that she likes to be with young people, like the momentum of young people, and is more willing to share her life insights with young people.

Especially her feelings for love, people moved, but also learned a lot of the advantages and simple side of people of that era.

In particular, the old man mentioned that the three sentences that women love to hear from men are even more impressive.

  The first sentence, I love you.

  When everyone is young, they want the other person to say that I love you, and I like to hear such a big sentence. Especially in an increasingly open society, young people are more willing to express their love openly.It ‘s more advanced and real, but more girls are more willing to hear men saying this sentence over and over again to numb themselves, because women like to dream, and they like to express their love dreams in wordsFor boys at this stage, if I say I love you more than once, the love will surely be successful, and the girls will be more liked.

  Second sentence, I hurt you.

  With the increase of age, the initial love has become a realistic marriage. When marriage comes to men and women, it is actually the dullest day. Living is not as full of infinite fantasy as the original love.Three meals a day, the calculation of pots and pans with soy sauce, vinegar, and so on, so at this stage, more women are more alive and real.

Not trusting your love and life to God and God, but more willing to see her husband is really good to himself, in life, study and take care of yourself, truly love yourself, and put yourself reallyIn my heart.

  The third sentence, I help you.

  When the marriage has passed the silver wedding, and when the golden wedding is greeted, when the children are grown up, when watching the other person quietly grow old, more women are willing to hear a word that the man said is I help you.

I help you is the most heartfelt love, the most authentic expression, and the kindest action of your old companion. In fact, in life, the result of more love is to have a companion when you are old.The person you love accompanies you throughout your life, always waiting by your side. When you can’t move, I push you with a car. When I’m tired, you help me move forward.

Explain the greatness and perfection of love with the most practical actions.

  When we were young, we may not be able to fully understand the true meaning of these three sentences, but with the passage of time, as we grow older day by day, we will find that, in fact, love is around us, and we love ourselves around usPerson, just a few words, she will feel the happiness of a lifetime.

Soul derailment vs. physical derailment

Soul derailment vs. physical derailment

★ 1. The partner has sexual relations with others, and therefore has no feelings. It is purely a physical relationship.

  ★ 2, the partner falls in love with a person, but retains his loyalty to you physically, without having sex with him or her.

  A is more concerned about physical derailment, preferring to accept spiritual derailment. “Falling in love is easier to forgive.

Every day we live, we meet a lot of attractive people; and people generally appreciate beautiful and beautiful people, so physical attraction and spiritual derailment are okay.

However, there must be no physical deception, even without love!

If I knew he was derailed on the flesh, he would die terribly!

“-Isheli singer” Spiritual derailment can happen to everyone anytime, anywhere.

Can you guarantee that your wife will never appreciate or love the opposite sex except you?

Do you dare to guarantee that in your own heart, besides your wife, you will never appreciate and love the opposite sex?

I believe that both men and women will be attracted by more than one opposite sex, and you can only marry one person in the end.

“-Ningping University teachers” It is difficult to accept.

But if it is a slight mental derailment, it is acceptable.

In fact, many times we see a very serious opposite sex, it is difficult to prevent ourselves from being derailed. This kind of derailment is called a slight spiritual derailment.

It is hard for me to imagine the physical derailment.

“-Pin Guan Singer” “It is not necessary and impossible for a husband and wife to demand 100% love.”

As long as my wife loves me 70% or 80%, I think it will be fine.

For the same reason, I can only use her 70% or 80% to love her.

If her emotional life is blank except for me, then I may despise her a bit, at least, I think she is not rich enough.

-Edited by Gu Xin Publishing House “These are all dead, but how to die . if you really have to choose, you can’t bear physical derailment.”

Because for me, there will be SEX. If she gives up her body, she will give up her heart.

-He Rundong Singer B is more concerned about spiritual derailment, preferring to accept physical derailment. “Spiritual derailment is more difficult to accept. If I love her very much, she no longer loves me, and I will be very unbearable.

Physical derailment can also be forgiven.

-Guangliang singer “What’s the point of keeping people away?”

I think spiritual derailment is more terrible than physical derailment.

I don’t want to live with a body and maintain a marriage form that is a mere expression.

“-Zhou Yuan IT practitioners” I know that he has the experience of playing in the field.

  He starts a company and often talks with people. Now, how can I ask customers not to be a lady?

Others tell you not to call, how can you be so high?

This business cannot be done.

So as long as he is unemotional, I will not interfere with him.

“-Liu Mei company staff” I have a girlfriend, my husband is very profitable, but always home.

She went out to dance, knowing to meet other men, and had a one-night stand.

She didn’t care about it. He told us a few good friends, and she didn’t feel guilty about her husband, because she still loved her husband, and she was just sex with that person.

She made a clear distinction between sex and love.

Therefore, she does not mind the physical derailment of her husband, as long as she can be sure that her husband loves her most.

“-Wang Ling Freelancer” Men have to change their hearts, and 800 old cows will not be able to pull back. It is not a writer who said that if there are a few things in the world that are lost, they will never return.Time, falling hair, cut organs . and one more lover.If it ‘s just physical derailment, it may be impulse or confusion, and there is room for salvation.

“Ma Ma company staff” I told my wife that I was working outside, and there were so many temptations, and sometimes I was really afraid that I couldn’t catch myself.

If I did something wrong, I hope she can pull me, forgive me once, and don’t let this family get away easily.

In exchange, I can forgive her again.

She agreed.

-There is a third answer to this survey by He Jianzheng entrepreneurs, which is a very unexpected type of answer.

  C Both derailment can accept “I want my wife to derail once, both mentally and physically.

Anyway, she is also a college graduate, and I don’t know why this is the case now.

Don’t read books, don’t study, and don’t take interest in new things.

Every day except cooking, shopping, watching TV, and bringing children, there is nothing else.

Seeing a third person on TV scolds others for being cheap.

If you want to talk to her about something, make a request in your emotional life, and if you are not sure, turn your face and say that your mind is alive and you want to be a “third party”.

It is closed and conservative, a pool of standing water.

I thought she would really derail once, maybe she could stir her water.

-Chen Chen’s cadres A, B and C survey results show some trends that have emerged in modern marriages. 1. Modern people are becoming more and more faithful to their true feelings and needs in marriage. They will not use too much.The clear rules and regulations, various unnecessary reasons tell themselves that this should not be that way, they only listen to the inner call, enjoy and pursue love.

As a result of breaking through all ideological shackles, marriage may become more complicated, less simple and pure, marriage management becomes more difficult, and the life expectancy of marriage may be shorter, but the quality of marriage is improving.

There is a saying that people today are willing to live together but not to get married easily. Extramarital affairs have become a common phenomenon, and the high divorce rate is a manifestation of modern people’s indifference to marriage.

In fact, just the opposite, modern people value marriage more.

They just want to respect themselves, their partners, and their marriage in a better way.

  Second, modern people are beginning to learn to add a little flexibility to marriage.

If a system is to last forever, it must have a certain degree of flexibility.

There are actually three parties in the marriage: one is you, one is me, and one is “we” after the union.

The flexibility and freedom of marriage are based on the fact that two people are completely independent and both are willing to recognize each other’s complete independence. The beauty of marriage is in that symbiotic “us”.

If absolute possession and absolute purity are required in marriage, such an inelastic marriage is actually quite fragile.

Modern people will have to learn to overcome the too narrow possessiveness, to relinquish selfish jealousy in the name of love, to add a bit of tolerance in marriage, and to give marriage a space to breathe freely.

  Marriage is a microcosm of life. If it is too comfortable and aligned, it is not enough to be a microcosm.

Acknowledge the fact that marriage may be derailed, but try not to derail it; accept the fact that feelings die, but try not to let it die.

Even though sadness is always inevitable, don’t feel so disappointed.

Forgiving each other is actually letting go of yourself, so that you can always have the hope of love and being loved.

  If it is you, how do you choose?

Can’t you accept a certain behavior?

Which one can you accept relatively?