[Spring Sex: Wet kisses all the way, wake up female sexuality]

[Spring Sex: Wet kisses all the way, wake up female sexuality]

In the midst of lingering, have you ever wondered what made your efforts vain?

Have you ever thought that you would live like this forever?

Do you think that orgasm has nothing to do with yourself?

Have you already given your fate?

. After watching the sexual experience below, you will not be willing to orgasm. Use foreplay to find sexy points. In sex, foreplay is essential and the key to awakening female sexuality.

If you have no experience at first, you can feel free to explore in the foreplay, and you will accidentally find that your ears and back are sensitive “dynamite depots”, and every time he touches it, it becomes numb and itchy.

You can positively tap your ears, neck and back with your hands or feathers, and even wet kisses with your mouth.

Hot and numb, trembling, soft like paralysis, allowing him to go straight to the point without much effort.


[Are there any parasites in the prawns?

[Are there any parasites in the prawns?

The presence of parasites in prawns is actually a concern for many friends.

For some friends who like to eat shrimp, as long as the shrimp is fully cooked, and do not eat the shrimp’s head, so you can effectively ingest the parasites in the shrimp.

Whether prawns contain parasites is generally related to the environment in which they grow.

The experimenter separated the head of the crayfish shrimp from the shrimp body, sucked the tissue fluid of the head of the crayfish with a straw, put it on the prepared glass slide, and observed it under a microscope at 1600 times.

At this time, a picture on the computer screen connected to the microscope was extremely uncomfortable to the people present: under the lens, more than one insect body can be clearly seen, both wire-shaped and elliptical-shaped.
“It is certain that this crayfish has parasite eggs.

“The parasites of crayfish are common in lung flukes. If you eat crawfish infected with lung flukes, it is easy to be infected with lung flukes. Lung flukes can survive in the human body for more than one year, or even several years. It is caused in the body.Causes of many diseases.

When making crayfish, be sure to heat it up.

When cooking crayfish, the temperature must reach more than 100 months and last at least 5 minutes. In addition, cleaning before eating is very important. Be sure to wash the dirt on the body of the crayfish with a brush, and hide and reduce the sediment andThe bacterial gut must also be removed.

The shrimp head portion of the crayfish is inedible.

“The head of the crayfish is where the dirt is absorbed and handled the most, and it is also the part most likely to accumulate pathogens and parasites.

In addition, when eating crayfish, try to supplement it with live shrimp for cooking and eating, because crayfish will rot quickly after death, will decompose and produce toxic substances such as histamine, and breed harmful bacteria.

① In general, parasites have an infection rate. In fact, not all animals are infected, and it is difficult to get a bug.

② The video shows that this “bug” seems to be very soft, and it was broken during the process of picking it out with a toothpick, which is not in line with common sense.

③ If it is really a worm, and it is still very common, why is there no such thing in the shrimp inspection procedures?

④ In the breeding environment, if there are so many parasites, the health status of the shrimp must be very poor.

If farmers do not want to lose money, they will definitely use drugs to control.

Therefore, from an economic perspective, such a severe parasitic infection will not occur.

[How to eat snow clams to treat hypertension]_Hypertension_ 林 frog_How to eat

闆洡瀵硅薄鍝枠鎮h€呮潵璇存槸姣旇緝鍚堥€傜殑锛屽洜涓哄睘浜庡噳鎬х殑椋熺墿锛屽彲浠ヨ捣鍒板緢濂界殑娑﹁偤鏁堟灉锛岃€屼笖杩樺彲浠ュ府鍔╁畨绁炴鍜冲钩鍠橈紝涔熻兘澶熸敼鍠勫け鐪犲績鎮稿ご鏅曠殑涓嶉€傜棁鐘躲€?1 銆 摦 锽 樽 樽 漽 揽 悢 彲 浠 ラ  鐢 ㄨ 洡 嗜 嗜 Equipment: Effectiveness of the effect of water and water and water and water supply诲緢链夊ソ澶勩€傚畠鍏锋湁婊嬮槾銆佹鼎鐕ャ€佸吇鑲恒€佸畨绁炪€佹鍜炽€佸钩鍠樼殑浣滅敤銆?2銆佸骞磋€佷綋寮便€佷骇鍚庝綋铏氥€佷箙鐥呰櫄璧㈡湁鑹ソ鐨勬粙琛ヤ綔鐢ㄣ€傚鑲鸿櫄鍜冲攩銆佹Sam Hoo ф 敮 姘 旗  麣 満 閳 介 殰 序 纴 Chain the altar of the world and the world’s branch of the world?3銆佹彁楂樹汉浣撳厤鐤姛鑳斤紝闆洡鍚湁闆岄唶銆佽緵閰瓑婵€绱犵被鐗╄川鍏锋湁鍚屽寲婵€绱犱綔This is the case for the Chinese people who are in the middle of the world. The Chinese people are in the middle of the world. They are in the middle of the world. They are in the middle of the world.Reinforced sorrowful sorrowful drama 颾 駄 喫 喥 鐥 巯 銆?銆佸浜庢不鐤楁洿骞存湡缁煎悎鐥囨湁浜ゅソ鐤楁晥璋冭妭鏇村勾鏈熶綋鍐呮縺绱犲钩琛°€佹敼鍠勫績鎮稿け鐪犮€佸ご鏅曘€佺柌涔忋€佸績鎯呯儲韬佺瓑鐥囥€?銆佸彲娌荤枟绮捐涓嶈冻銆佺缁忚“寮便€佽蹇嗗姏鍑忛€€銆佷钩姹佷笉瓒炽€?銆佹姉鐤插姵锛屾彁楂樿倢浣撹€愬姏鍙婃姉搴旀縺鑳藉姏銆侀晣闈欐姉鐒﹁檻锛屾彁楂樿剳缁勭粐缁嗚優鐨勪緵姘у強鍒╃敤姘ц兘鍔涖€侀檷琛€鑴傘€佸寮鸿倢浣撴姉姘у寲鑳藉姏銆佸姞琛€铔嬬櫧銆?銆佹姉琛拌€侊細鍏跺惈涓板瘜铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€佹皑鍩洪吀銆佸井閲忓厓绱犮€佺淮鐢熺礌锛圓銆丅銆丆銆丏銆丒锛夊拰鐭跨墿璐紝瀵硅倢浣撶敓闀垮彂鑲层€佸欢缂撹“鑰佸拰鍋ュ悍寮哄.璇告柟闈㈡湁寰堥噸瑕佺殑浣滅敤銆?銆佺編瀹瑰吇棰滐細闆洡缁忓厖鍒嗘憾鑳€鍚庨噴鏀惧嚭鑳跺師铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€佸畨鍩洪吀鍜屾牳閱囩瓑鐗╄川锛屽彲淇冭繘浜轰綋鐗瑰埆鏄毊鑲ょ粍缁囩殑鏂伴檲浠h阿锛屼繚鎸佽倢鑲ゅ厜娲併€佺粏鑵汇€佷繚鎸佽倢浣撶殑骞磋交鎬併€佸仴搴锋€併€傚惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑鑳跺師铔嬬櫧锛屼笌浜轰綋鐨偆鏈夎緝濂界殑浜插拰鍔涳紝鏋佹槗琚毊鑲ゅ惛鏀讹紝瀵归槻姝㈡墜瓒崇毐瑁傘€佷繚婀裤€佹檼鍚庝慨澶嶃€侀櫎鐨便€佹鐥掋€佹贰鍖栬壊鏂戙€佸ご鍙戞姢鐞嗕互鍙婁績杩涗激鍙f剤鍚堥兘鏈夎緝濂界殑鍔熸晥銆?

China Merchants Shekou (001979): Carrying over from 2019 to phased pressure, rebound in 2020 is expected

China Merchants Shekou (001979): Carrying over from 2019 to phased pressure, rebound in 2020 is expected

Forecasting 2019 annual profit growth of 7% We expect the company’s net 杭州桑拿 profit attributable to mothers to increase by 7% to 164 trillion in 2019, which is lower than the market consensus of 13 indicators.

Points to watch for In 2019, fewer carry-over projects and lower profit margins have resulted in a narrower profit growth rate. It is expected to return to two-digit growth in 2020.

The company has fewer projects that meet the carry-over conditions, and in 2018, it settled high-margin projects such as Shekou Shuangxi Garden, which resulted in a high profit margin base (1-3Q19 gross margin decreased by 7).

3 perfect to 25.

8%), we expect the company’s revenue to increase by 15% in 2019, and the gross profit margin and net profit attributable to mothers will fall to 25, respectively.

5% and 16.

1%, driving the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers to narrow to single digits.

Looking forward, the company has ample outstanding unsold value (3Q19 advance receipt budget and contract liabilities totaled 1347 trillion, which is 1 of CICC’s forecast of community business income in 2020.

2 times) and the profit margin is stable, and the profit growth rate is expected to rise to 15% in 2020?

Annual sales are stable and the short-term budget is expected to increase by more than 10%.

The company’s contract in January 2020 increased by 1% to 11.9 billion US dollars (corresponding to a decrease in sales area of 22% to 440,000 square meters), which is higher than the average level of leading real estate companies (Kerui TOP10 / 20 real estate company interval -11% /-12%).

We estimate that the company’s currently unsold soil storage is nearly 50 million square meters, corresponding to a value of nearly trillion, which can support the future 3?
4 years sales growth.

We expect the company to achieve a budget of $ 250 billion in 2020, corresponding to an annual growth rate of 13%.

Land acquisition in the first quarter is expected to decline significantly due to the impact of the epidemic.

The company obtained 4 projects in Dongguan, Xi’an and Nantong in January 2020, corresponding to land acquisition area / amount of 840,000 square meters / 8.1 billion (only one new project was added in the same period last year, and the land acquisition area was 5).

8 million flats).

We expect the company’s land acquisition intensity to decline under the impact of the New Crown epidemic in the first quarter. However, considering the subsequent cooling of the land market, the company’s cash flow is abundant, and the financial security is high.The quarterly land replenishment efforts promoted continuous improvement.

The financing side has prominent advantages and dividends are attractive.

The company’s average issue cost of credit bonds in 2019 is only 3.

47%, we forecast an average funding cost of about 4.

9%, low in the industry.

The company’s dividend ratio for 2016/2017/2018 is 41% / 40% / 40%, and we expect the company to maintain a dividend ratio of about 40%, corresponding to a 2019/2020 yield of 4.

8% / 5.

8% (average of the housing companies we cover is 4.

8% / 5.


都市夜网 Estimates and recommendations We maintain the company’s 2019/2020 profit forecast unchanged, with a date of 2021 profit forecast2.

83 yuan (before deducting perpetual debt interest).

The company is currently trading ahead of 7.


1x 2020/2021 forecast P / E ratio.

Maintain Outperform Industry Rating and Target Price 21.

00 yuan, the target price corresponds to 8.


4x 2020/2021 target price-earnings ratio and 22% upside.

The risk settlement progress was less than expected; the policy on the property market in the major cities was tightened beyond expectations; the duration of the new crown epidemic was longer than expected.

Depth-Company-Aerospace Information (600271): H1 proactively adjusts structure of fintech business to welcome policy catalysis

Depth * Company * Aerospace Information (600271): H1 proactively adjusts structure of fintech business to welcome policy catalysis

A recent meeting of the State Council Executive Committee proposed in the inclusive finance “guide financial institutions 青岛夜网 to improve the assessment and incentive mechanism, use more funds for inclusive finance, and increase financial support for the real economy, especially small and micro enterprises”The catalytic effect of the company’s fintech business will appear.

The company’s net profit attributable to its mother was 19H1 6.

8 billion (+80.

25%), although revenue (11.9 billion, -23.

52%) and net profit after deduction (4.

18 billion, -39.

02%) short-term internal expected revenue, but in the middle look at the growth of fintech services and smart business revenue and earnings will show, currently estimated to have a comparative advantage.

Maintain BUY rating.

The main points of the support level are to actively optimize the business structure, and the gross margin improvement is obviously the best in four years.

H1 revenue decreased significantly. The company proactively optimized its revenue structure, excluding system integration and some software projects with low gross profit margins, and system integration revenue decreased by 6.

2.7 billion (-18.

32%), channel sales revenue decreased by 34.

15 billion (-39.


The 80% increase in net profit was mainly attributable to changes in the fair value of the held PetroChina Capital.

7.2 billion, an increase of 168% over the 400 million in 18H1).

H1 gross profit margin increased by 4.

36 points to 20.

65%, the best level in the same period of four years, revenue growth rate gave way to long-term healthy development beneficial to improve the quality of operations.

Positioning corporate financial and taxation services to take the lead in benefiting from inclusive financial policy catalysis.

The financial technology business focuses on the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises. The company launched a series of financial comprehensive service products including cloud billing, cloud bookkeeping, fast billing, promise payment, promises, electronic contracts and credit, insurance, and wealth management.

The company introduced new loan products from large commercial banks, and Weizhong Bank’s corporate loans with credits exceeding 1 million have also been piloted in 15 cities.

The intensification of inclusive financial policies is expected to be strengthened and the bank’s RRR cut will enter the operational phase. Fintech business is expected to increase volume and boost performance.

The internet information industry is an independent and controllable main force, and Enco pilot is expected to expand.

As the main force of independent controllable safety and reliability of the network information industry, the company H1 newly won 25 pilot projects and converted 63 projects.

As a subsidiary of the Aerospace Science and Industry Group, the company has a natural comparative advantage in the field of Netcom Encore.

It is expected that the pilot expansion 南京桑拿网 of Encore will be carried out in the next year, and the revenue of this part is expected to surge in the future.

Estimated for 2019?
Net profit in 2021 is 20.



8.7 billion, with an EPS of 1.



50 yuan, corresponding to 21/18/15 times the PE.

The quality of the company’s endogenous operations has improved significantly, and the advantages of FinTech and NetEco’s business card slots are obvious, and it is estimated that they have obvious advantages.

Maintain BUY rating.
The main risks faced by the rating were worse than expected; the pilot effect of the policy was worse than expected.

Milkway (603713): Chemical warehousing business grows in line with expectations

Milkway (603713): Chemical warehousing business grows in line with expectations

Event: Milkway released its 2018 annual report.

Operating income in 2018 17.

840,000 yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.

16%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

32 ppm, a 57-year increase of 57.

91%, deducting non-net profit1.

3.6 billion, an annual increase of 58.


The EPS is 1.

0147 yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.


2018Q4 operating income 5.

65 ppm, an increase of 53 in ten years.

91%, net profit attributable to mother is 2763.

960,000 yuan, an increase of 15 in ten years.


Opinion: Driven by the warehousing business, revenue maintained high growth.

In terms of business, freight forwarding revenue was 7.

870,000 yuan, an increase of 25 in ten years.

47%, gross profit margin 15.

18%; revenue from transportation business 4.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

9%, gross profit margin 9.

6%; warehousing business revenue 3.

23 ‰, an increase of 95 in ten years.

18%, gross margin 46.

12%; Chemical trading revenue 2.

26 ppm, a 94-year increase of 94.

76%, gross profit margin 4.


The company’s 18-year gross profit margin was 18.

29%, a decline of 0 per year.

27pct, mainly due to the increase in the gross profit margin of warehousing and the decline in the gross profit margin of the other three businesses.

Expense rate: Due to the increase in the company’s revenue scale, the expense rate has declined, including the company’s selling expenses.

15%, a decrease of 0 compared with the same period last year.

39 points.

Management expenses 4.

63%, a decrease of 2 compared with the same period last year.15 marks.

Finance costs expenses 0.

40%, a decrease of 0 compared with the same period last year.

35%, mainly due to the decrease in exchange gains and losses over the previous year.

Raised investment projects have been put into production one after another, and the warehousing business has maintained high growth.

After the Tianjin Big Bang in 2015, national policies tightened, and hazardous chemicals warehouse management was intensified in various places, resulting in tight supply.

At present, the supply and demand gap of hazardous chemical warehouses is generally above 30%, and the demand gap of high-end hazardous chemical warehouses has decreased. We can see that the company’s warehousing gross profit margin increased in 20184.

45 points to 46.


Four of the company’s eight fund-raising projects have been invested in warehouse construction, and all of them are hazardous chemicals warehouses, including the Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Bus Logistics Project 1.

540,000 square meters, the total land area of the other three warehouses under construction is 10.

120,000 square meters, the warehousing business is the starting point for the company’s development in the next few years.

In addition, the company meets the logistics needs brought by the continuous expansion of production capacity of BASF, Dow and other global top 100 chemical companies in China. It has already set up or plans to set up warehouses in Shanghai, Zhangjiagang, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Yingkou, Tongchuan, Tianjin, Fangchenggangbase.

Investment 深圳丝袜会所 strategy: We forecast the company’s net profit for 2019-2021.



22 ppm, an increase of 40 in ten years.

4% / 36.

2% / 27.

3%, EPS is 1.



11 yuan.

We believe that the company has high-quality customers, continued development of its warehousing business, high growth, and maintained an “overweight” rating.

Risk reminders: market risks in the downstream chemical industry, security operations risks, and risks related to information technology systems.

Butt yoga

Butt yoga

The first type: tighten the hip muscles, beautify the hip curve, and reduce the front side.

  (1) Lie on your back, cascade to the side of your body, and adjust your breathing.

  (2) Inhale, bend your knees, and try to approach the shorts with your heels.

  (3) Exhale, hold your feet tightly and step on, slowly lift your body off the ground, tighten your hip muscles, hold for 30 seconds, and breathe naturally.

  (4) Exhale slowly, the body falls back to the supine position, and repeat again.

  Alternative: If you can’t reach the pedals, keep your hands flat on the ground.

  The second type: beautify the front end and strengthen the leg muscles and toes.

  (1) While inhaling as in the first formula, lift your body, support your waist with both hands, and support your arms to the ground.

  (2) Exhale, raise the heel, contract and close, and clamp the thigh tibia muscles.

  (3) Inhale first, then exhale, while keeping your left leg straight up, hold for 5-10 seconds, and breathe naturally.

  (4) Inhale, drop your left leg, support, exhale, straighten your right leg upward, hold it for a few seconds, and breathe naturally.

  (5) Do 3 left and right legs, then relax.

  The third type: reduce excess meat on the shoulders, waists, and side waists, and stretch the posterior ligaments of the legs.

  (1) Lie on your side, with your right arm on the ground, and your right hand supporting the side of your face to adjust your breathing.

  (2) Inhale, bend your left leg, hold your left hand to make a foot.

  (3) Exhale, pull your left leg up with your left hand, straighten your left knee, hold for a few seconds, and breathe naturally.

  (4) Revert to falling. After repeating 3 times, change to the other side.

  The fourth type: raise the hip line, tighten the gluteal muscles, strengthen the waist and hip muscles.

  (1) Lie on your back with your chin on the ground, and insert your fists into your body.

  (2) Place your palms upwards and place them at the base of your thighs.

  (3) Inhale, tighten the gluteal muscles, lift your legs up with your forehead, and apply pressure to the ground.

Hold for 10-20 seconds and breathe naturally.

  (4) Exhale, your legs fall down, your chin is on the ground, and you take a deep breath.

Do this 3 times.

  Fifth style: improve the hip line, tighten the waist, abdomen and hip muscles, strengthen leg strength and balance ability.

  (1) Stand straight and adjust your breathing.

  (2) Inhale, lift your left leg backward, grab your left foot with your left hand, and straighten your right arm upward.

  (3) Exhale, pull your left leg up and stretch upwards, and keep your right arm forward to maintain balance.

Hold for 20 seconds and breathe naturally.

  (4) Exhale, return to the position of (2), return to the standing position, and then change your legs.

Do it 3 times each.

Brown sugar most blood to teach you how to eat the most supportive woman

Brown sugar most blood to teach you how to eat the most supportive woman

Brown sugar has the effects of reducing stasis and cold, warming the stomach and invigorating the spleen, and alleviating pain, and can be rich in calcium, iron and other essential substances and trace elements.

White sugar is cold, and almost all trace elements are excluded, and its nutritional effect is naturally inferior to brown sugar.

  For many years, brown sugar has been a well-respected health product, especially for girls. Drinking brown sugar water during menstruation every month can always relieve the abdominal bloating and discomfort.

In addition to this role, do you know other uses of brown sugar-if you know how to use it, brown sugar is still our beauty.

If you want to change your grayish complexion and want to enjoy sweet health care, then I suggest you try the brown sugar.

  ”For people of all ages, brown sugar is a good choice,” said nutrition experts. Drinking brown sugar water regularly can supplement trace elements and vitamins to maintain normal metabolic functions and delay aging.

But yin deficiency and internal heat and diabetes patients are not suitable for consumption.

Huang Qihui also said that brown sugar contains a variety of essential amino acids in the human body, as well as malic acid and citric acid. It is one of the basic substances necessary to synthesize human proteins, support metabolism and participate in human life activities.

In addition, the special ingredient contained in brown sugar, molasses, has a powerful “detoxification” effect, which can convert excessive melanin from the dermis layer and prevent melanin production from the source.

  Jujube and Wolfberry Fungus Soup: 30 grams of black fungus, 15 grams of lycium, 5 red dates, 50 grams of brown sugar, decoction, 2 times a day.

Taken regularly, it can effectively eliminate dark circles.

   Jujube chrysanthemum porridge: 5-10 pieces of jujube, 100 grams of black rice, 15 grams of chrysanthemum, add porridge with water and cook until the porridge is thick, add the right amount of brown sugar.

This formula has the effect of strengthening the spleen and blood, clearing the liver and eyesight. It is often edible, and the skin on the face is ruddy, which is helpful for health care, disease prevention, and beauty.

  Ginger brown sugar water: 15 grams of ginger, brown sugar amount, boiling water for tea.

It can treat cold and cold, and effectively alleviate dysmenorrhea of cold and blood stasis type.

   Brown Sugar Codonopsis Red Bean Soup: 30 grams of Codonopsis, 30 grams of Red Bean, 15 grams of Salvia miltiorrhiza, appropriate amount of brown sugar, decoction to extract juice, commonly used polysaccharides to nourish.

  Motherwort ginger and jujube brown sugar water: 20 grams of motherwort, 15 grams of dried ginger, 3 jujubes, 30 grams of brown sugar, simmered water for drinking.

Wenjing Sanhan is suitable for cold dysmenorrhea and melasma.

  Hawthorn cinnamon stick brown sugar soup: 15 grams of hawthorn meat, 5 grams of cinnamon sticks, brown sugar 30?
50 grams.

Put the hawthorn meat and cinnamon sticks in a clay pot, add 2 bowls of water, and fry the remaining 1 bowl with gentle heat, add brown sugar and mix well, then boil.

It has the effects of warming the meridians and passing pulses, eliminating stasis and analgesics, and is suitable for women with cold dysmenorrhea and those who have no facial expression.

Five foods alleviate spring fires

Five foods alleviate spring fires

With the advent of spring, many men’s friends accidentally get angry, so what should a man do when he gets angry?

What should we eat when we get angry?

What foods around us can help us?

Don’t worry, let’s meet the following foods together and let them provide us with a moist spring.

  It is easy to get angry in spring, and blind covering is also likely to cause “spring fire”.

What to do with spring fire?

These five treasures can be greatly relieved!

  Clearing heat and reducing phlegm Eating green radish and radish has the effect of clearing heat and reducing phlegm, and it has a significant effect on masculine depression, especially green radish.

Red-skinned and white-hearted radishes are also possible, but carrots are not, so if a man’s stomach is uncomfortable, he can choose to eat more radishes for conditioning.

  Radish can be eaten raw and has a good ventilation and smoothing effect. If men are not comfortable with the spicy taste of radish, they can also choose to use radish filling soup, which will taste more luscious.

  Yangwei anti-inflammatory drink buckwheat porridge A man’s stomach fire rises due to irregular diet or work and rest. It can be said that it is easy to happen every season, and spring is no exception.

  And lowering the stomach fire, “Drinking light buckwheat porridge is a good way to deal with it.

“Experts say that buckwheat tastes bitter and sweet, and the effect of removing fire is particularly good.

  And some of the flavonoids in buckwheat also have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, cough, asthma and expectorant effects.

  Therefore, buckwheat is also known as “anti-inflammatory food”.

When making porridge, it is best to mix with other ingredients, such as shredded pork and cucumber, to avoid the rough taste of buckwheat.

  Peaceful bubble cup flower tea rose is very beautiful, in addition to looking pleasing to the eye, and the smooth and condensing effect of rose petals is also very good.

  When men drink water, they can soak a few rose petals, and breathing the aroma of roses can also help men calm down.

  Therefore, it is a good enjoyment to prepare some dried rose petals in the spring and to drink a cup of rose tea in the afternoon.

  Moreover, men can often buy some fresh roses and put them in vases at home, which can also help us adjust our mood and improve our mood.

  Chest tightness, abdominal distension and more eating hawthorn Hawthorn has the effect of smoothing digestion.

Hawthorn can alleviate the problems such as chest tightness and bloating caused by men’s accumulation of food.

  In fact, if men are angry and have a faster heartbeat and arrhythmia, hawthorn leaves have an improvement effect.

  In addition, hawthorn is eaten in a variety of ways. You can buy fresh hawthorn as a fruit, and you can also dry it, slice it, soak it in water, or put it in cooking.

  Nourishing the liver and eating the first fruit of strawberry in early spring is the strawberry, especially for men who have a strong liver, strawberry can not only raise the liver, but also be a master of anger.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, strawberries are cool, sweet and sour, can nourish the liver and protect the liver, and because of the red color, they can go to heartbreak.

  In addition, strawberry is a typical metabolite. Vitamin C is rich in content, which helps men absorb iron and nourish cells. It contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that can reduce the amount of free radicals to keep brain cells active.

  In this springy sleepy season, it can also help refreshing.

  However, strawberries are cold, do not eat too much at a time, especially the spleen and stomach are cold, prone to diarrhea, people with too much acid should control the amount.

  What kind of fruit to eat on the fire1. Banana is not only a delicious four season fruit, but also a good helper to improve skin problems, because bananas are very rich in nutrients from the inside to the outside. The pulp of bananas has the effect of reducing cholesterol.The most amazing thing is that hesperetin inhibits inhibition and bacteria, and treats skin itching. If you eat bananas often, you can moisturize the skin and prevent skin dryness.

  2. Sugarcane returns to the lungs, stomach meridian, sweet and cool green-skinned sugarcane, is one of the best foods for clearing the lungs.

  In addition to rich sugar and moisture, it also contains a lot of vitamins and other substances that are very beneficial to the metabolism of the human body. People in the south are accustomed to use it to cook a variety of sugar water. The sweet and flowery juice makes the winter beautiful.

  3. Grape grapes nourish qi and nourish blood, strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, have high nutritional value, and the sweet taste is very popular, and it has always been a symbol of auspiciousness with its fruity appearance.

Although grapes have a high sugar content, they are easily absorbed by the body, and proper consumption will not cause too much burden.

  In addition, grape seeds have recently appeared in skin care products of major top brands, and its antioxidant and maintenance effects are evident.

  4, persimmon fruit taste sweet, cold, into the lungs, spleen, stomach, large intestine, heat and lungs, enjoy it.

  5. The gentle personality of citrus citrus makes it the king of fruit. Although citrus can be found every season now, mature is the best product that absorbs the essence of heaven and earth.

  Needless to say its benefits, just thinking of its fresh taste is enough to get rid of dryness and refreshing.  What to eat To fire 1, the most effective fire-reducing foods are green tea, beer, coffee, chrysanthemum tea, crab, honey, mung bean cake, cold skin.

  2. Vegetable defire bitter gourd, kale, spinach and rapeseed, celery, winter melon, raw white radish, cucumber, raw lettuce, lettuce, eggplant, loofah, loquat, citronella, laver, lettuce (dried), kelp, bamboo shoots,Winter bamboo shoots, chrysanthemum vegetables, potatoes, green sprouts.

  Other peanuts, lotus seeds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, lilies, ginkgo, jujube, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seed sauce, roses, agar, tempeh, salt, green tea, sugar, honey, cocoa.

  The diet quickly reduced the fire. Two cold bitter chrysanthemum materials, bitter chrysanthemum, 50 grams of cooked sesame, 3 garlic cloves, salt, sugar, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sesame oil, and chili oil.

  Method 1, chopped garlic cloves, add to a small bowl, add salt, sugar, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and sesame oil and mix well.

  2. Put the cooked sesame in a bowl and set aside.

Wash the bitter chrysanthemums and tear your hands, add the prepared sauce, add the above chili oil and mix well.

  Efficacy What to eat on fire, cold bitter chrysanthemum has a good fire-reducing effect, bitter chrysanthemum has a bitter taste, green color, can be fried or cold, it is a delicious food to remove heat.

  Second, cold radish shredded raw white radish, carrot shredded, leek shredded, 1 tablespoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of paprika, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon of green onion, 1/2 tablespoon of garlic, 1/2 of ground ginger1 tablespoon of vinegar, 1/2 tablespoon of sesame oil, 1/2 tablespoon of sesame.

  Method 1: Use a spatula to hang the cuticle off the white radish.

You don’t need to shave very thick, just cut a thin layer, then cut into 5cm silk, put in salt, wear gloves to knead the radish evenly, make it soft, blend with the salt, and leave for two hours.

  2. After two hours, pour out the submerged water, and then squeeze some excess water from the radish. Add carrot, leek, and onion, ginger, and garlic and mix well.

  Efficacy has the functions of digestion, phlegm and asthma, clearing heat and smoothing air, and reducing swelling and silt.

It can be described as the holy fire.

  Three, strawberry coix seed yogurt material six strawberries, a box of yogurt, coix kernel 100 grams.

Method 1: Boil the barley kernels with water. After the water is boiled, wait until the barley kernels are cooked through. The soup is thick (about one hour).

Refrigerate after cooling.

  2. Wash the strawberries, remove the pedicles, cut in half, and place them in the plate.

  3. Pour into yogurt, barley and serve immediately.

  It’s easy to get angry in spring. Men’s friends should be careful. We can make more adjustments to our diet to keep away from the anger.

The above about what men’s friends eat when they get angry, and the food that lowers fire in daily life, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

Homemade four OL favorite whitening masks


Homemade four OL favorite whitening masks

If you want to whiten, you must do your homework.

MM who likes to use whitening masks is always worried about what brand of whitening masks should be used, and the masks made of them.

In fact, if you know the DIY magic of homemade masks, you can try to make a whitening mask that is easy to use and economical.

Now, teach you to make four popular whitening masks. Are you ready?

Let’s learn together!

  1, DIY fresh fruit whitening mask effect: whitening, hydrating, very suitable for summer use.

  Method: Add peeled lemon, apple, banana, longan and other fresh fruits to the juicer and squeeze into juice.

Take another raw egg, break it, drip the egg white, mix well, and mash it.

Apply evenly on the face and neck. After 20 minutes, wash with pure water.

  2, DIY honey whitening mask effect: multiply the surface, delicate white tender method: 2 spoons of wheat flour + 1 spoon of honey, stir into a paste, apply the surface.

After 20 minutes, wash with pure water. Then, massage the skin with an appropriate amount of honey and baby oil. After putting it in, the skin is white, tender and full of luster.

  3, DIY pearl whitening mask effect: whitening effect is significant, has a good nourishing effect on the skin.

  Method: Take 3 scoops of pearl powder, one grated vitamin E, and then use pure water to make a paste.

Apply on the face and wash it with pure water after 20 minutes.

  4, DIY egg whitening mask effect: especially suitable for medium and dry skin, whitening, anti-wrinkle.

  Method: Cook the eggs, remove the yolks, mix with an appropriate amount of honey and refined flour, and an appropriate amount of purified water.

Apply on the face and wash it off after 20 minutes.