Six healthiest yoga recipes

Six healthiest yoga recipes

The yoga diet encourages eating more fruits and vegetables. Many fruits and vegetables are also suitable for cooking together, which can increase the nutritional value of the diet.

  Materials: 1 carrot, 80 grams of dutch beans, half a cabbage, 1 green bell pepper, purple cabbage instead.

  Seasoning: Moderate amount of salt.

  Practice: 1.

Wash and slice carrots, cabbages, and purple cabbages; choose to clean the dutch beans; wash and slice the green bell peppers after removing the stems and seeds.


Set the pan on the fire, heat in an appropriate amount of oil, add carrots, and stir-fry the cabbage, then add dutch beans, green bell pepper, and purple cabbage to fry.

  Tip: You can also choose vegetables based on your favorite. This is simple, nutritious, and delicious.

  Material: 500 grams of winter melon, 10 grams of fungus.

  Seasoning: Ginger, salt, mushroom essence, sesame oil each amount.

  Practice 1.

Winter melon peeled, zested and sliced; soak fungus in water and tear into small flowers; wash ginger and pat loose.


Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pan, add winter melon, and cook for 3?
Add the fungus for 5 minutes, heat for about 3 minutes, add ginger, and season with mushroom extract and salt.


Put the soup in a soup bowl and drizzle with sesame oil.

  Yoga motto: Please follow the instructions of yogis, use yoga postures to build a healthy body, and establish a balanced diet while developing good breathing habits.

  Tip 1.

Winter melon is a negative food in the yoga diet. It should not be eaten when the body is too cold, but it has the effects of removing dampness, swelling and lowering blood pressure.

  Fungus is not an inertial food in yoga food, but it may not be said that it can not be eaten, but it should not be eaten too much, and you must pay attention to adopting pleasant cooking methods, such as steaming, cooking, etc.


For beautiful dishes, add one or two coriander leaves as a garnish.

  Ingredients: 500 grams of carrot, 1 tomato, 1000 grams of vegetable soup.

  Seasoning: 2 tablespoons of cream, 125 grams of orange juice, vanilla, salt, pepper.

  Practice 1.

Wash the carrots, peel and slice them, put the cream in a pan, and cook on medium heat (stirring) for about 10 minutes.


Wash the tomatoes, cut into cubes, add the vegetable soup and orange juice to the carrot pot, boil them together, add herbs, salt, pepper, and cook on a low heat for about 20 minutes until the carrots are soft and rotten.

  Yoga motto: talk less and do more, ask less and pay more, waste less and smile more.

  Tip: The yoga diet encourages eating more fruits and vegetables. Many fruits and vegetables are also suitable for cooking together. This can improve the nutritional value of the diet.

Carrots are rich in carotene and minerals needed by the human body, which also have a good effect on vision recovery.

  Note: The unit of measurement in the recipe is as follows: 1 tsp = 5 ml 1 tbsp = 15 ml Material: 2 white lotus roots, each with appropriate amount of green, yellow and red bell peppers, some kind of purple cabbage.

  Seasoning: 3 grams of salt, moderate amount of olive oil.

  Practice 1.

茭 White peeled, washed, sliced; green, yellow, and red bell peppers were peeled, washed, and sliced; purple cabbage was washed and sliced.


Set the pan on the fire, pour in olive oil, heat, add simmered white, green, yellow, red bell pepper, and purple cabbage, stir-fry before salting.
  Yoga motto: When breathing is unstable, one’s mind will drift; and when breathing is stable, one’s consciousness will be firm.
  Tip: This is a full-colored dish. It is also a very home-made and easy-to-make dish. In the yoga diet, bell peppers are very rich in vitamins and can be eaten in moderation. Scientifically put various peppers or vegetables inTogether, they can not only make the dishes attractive, but also increase the nutritional content of the dishes. Just pay attention to not too many dishes, and the order of the various vegetables, because some dishes are easier to cook and some are not.

  Materials: 400 grams of fungus dishes, 15 grams of white fungus.

  Seasoning: salt, vinegar, sesame oil each amount.

  Practice 1.

Wash and clean the fungus dishes, and blanch in the boiled water until the dishes become green and bright, and immediately simmer out, cool down, and cut into long sections. After the tremella is foamed, wash it and tear it into small flowers.


Put the fungus dish into the dish, add the white fungus, mix with the seasoning and mix well and serve.

  Material: 1 small pumpkin, red bell pepper oxide.

  Practice 1.

Wash the pumpkin, cut into small pieces and cut into small pieces; after removing the sweet peppers, wash and cut into pieces similar to the pumpkin.


Set the pan on the fire, pour in an appropriate amount of oil and heat, add the pumpkin and stir-fry until it is ripe, add red bell pepper pieces, salt, and fry.

Tips pumpkin is a positive food, cold people can eat more, it can provide transformation to the human body, is a good stomach warmer food.

  The method of cooking pumpkin is also very simple. You can choose your favorite method, steaming and cooking are suitable.

  Tip: The fungus here is not black fungus, it is a leafy green.

The ingredients of this dish can also be changed to other green leafy vegetables according to your preferences, such as spinach is also a very good choice.

How do college students respond to career assessments?

How do college students respond to career assessments?

There is no doubt that people are very interested in these “scientific evaluation” tools and technologies, and hope to use the evaluation to help determine whether a person can be hired or hold some important positions.

Procter & Gamble and other top 500 companies around the world have also replaced their professional personality tests with online applications or written tests as the primary method for eliminating talents that do not fit the “career orientation”.

  Testing is popular In order to select more suitable employees, many companies in recent years have introduced psychological testing to online application and even interview conversion.

  Talent assessment, in the most popular terms, is to let job applicants do some psychological test questions, and then the psychological professionals analyze the individual’s ability and personality characteristics according to the answer results, so as to determine the occupation suitable for the military.

  American career guidance expert Hollander has compiled a career interest test. He believes that personality characteristics and career adaptability are closely related. Certain personality is suitable for a certain occupation. At the same time, different occupations have different personality requirements.

Such a professional personality test is used as a part of career planning in the job search process for college students in the United States to help job seekers find the best career that matches their personality.

  Expressing myself frankly Xu Li, a recent undergraduate graduate who has applied for P & G’s summer internship, has a cold on professional personality evaluation: “When applying online, I was cautious in conducting psychological tests and tried to show an outwardly, capable, and motivated image, But did not expect the results did not even pass the Internet application!

“In doing so, Mr. Wang Feng, who specializes in professional psychology research at East China Normal University, said that many of the translations in the psychological test scale are” lie-detection “questions, in order to test whether the testees truly identified themselves.Reflected in the answer, “The psychological tests of systematic science have been rigorously designed and can definitely reflect a person’s true personality characteristics.

If you lie too much, the results of this psychological test will be invalidated directly, and the recruitment company has to reason to doubt the integrity of the job applicant.

“In the face of these instrumental psychological tests and problems, job seekers should respond with their most real and immediate thoughts and express a true self.

“Secretly or acting against it, it may be passed by chance, and it is very likely that you have chosen an inappropriate occupation for yourself, which is extremely detrimental to personal career development.

“Although the degree of reliance on psychological tests for corporate recruitment is constantly increasing, it is far from being the biggest factor in determining whether an individual can obtain a position. Generally, human resource managers will look at the decisionLook at the results of a person’s psychological test, but it is only a reference standard.

  Angela, a human resources manager of a well-known foreign company, said that during the company’s recruitment process, some psychological tests were more arranged by them, and the robes were handed to the supervisors of relevant departments.Personality reference standard.

  Recruiters are always more concerned about the qualifications and past work experience of the job applicant, not just the results of psychological tests.

After all, communication between people can reflect more abilities.

It is impossible to directly decide whether to hire someone with only one set of psychological tests.

“The psychological test itself is effective, but it is mechanical after all, and it is difficult to guarantee that it is not at all wrong.

Orange peel man and strawberry man elimination battle


Orange peel man and strawberry man elimination battle

At the end of spring, ultraviolet rays are getting more and more intense. These are all exacerbated by the problem of enlarged pores.

And most men have skin problems with large pores. In addition to objective factors such as polluted environment, most are also caused by incomplete cleaning and wrong care methods.

If the large pores are not properly treated, they will become “large orange peels” after time grinding. The T area is a strong area for oil secretion. The pores tend to gather dirt and easily form a “strawberry nose.”

Do you want to have the titles of “Big Orange Peel” and “Strawberry Man”?

Here to teach you.

  Who is the “orange peel man”?

  Judging from the formation of “orange peel”, it can be roughly divided into three types: youthful, aging, and human.

  Youthful: For men aged about 20 years, the skin is in adolescence, and it is easy to form a pair of acne pores, which makes the pores be forced to grow.

  Older age: At about 30 years of age, men’s skin becomes mixed or dry, and the hair follicles that have lost their skin support begin to relax and pores become more pronounced.

  Human appearance: Age conditions are widely distributed. Among them, frequent maintenance will cause skin defects and dry when oily; or incorrect maintenance will make the skin become sensitive and red.

Although the black dirty spots in the pores become lighter, age sensitivity reduces the skin’s self-defense ability.

  Symptomatic smashing countermeasures to solve the “orange peel” is like pulling a cocoon, understanding the cause of the “orange peel” first, then judging that the skin belongs to a certain type, and then symptomatically solving it, so that it can be quickly and effectively.

  Coping with youth: deep cleansing, balanced oil secretion is particularly strong from oil secretion, deep cleansing and balancing oils are just necessary.


It is best to use a facial cleanser (with rich foam) for daily cleansing to ensure smooth skin.


When washing your face, wash your face with warm water at a slightly lower body temperature. The warm water can help clean the skin.


A refreshing skin care product that uses astringent ingredients and conditioning oils.

Skin care products, do not rush to use immediately after washing your face.

Wait 5 minutes after cleansing. At this time, the skin will secrete a lot of oil, wipe it off with oil-absorbing paper, and then use skin care products.

Because the skin is young, you only need to cleanse, tighten and balance the oil in three steps to achieve a good preventive effect.

  Of course, in order to make the skin look better, it is best to do it 2 times a month?
A deep cleansing mask 3 times to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

  Dealing with aging type: Moderately clean and timely replenish nutritional aging type pores due to skin aging.

In addition to maintaining proper cleanliness, this type of skin is supplemented with anti-aging ingredients such as collagen eggs that increase skin elasticity, which is very necessary.

The dermal layer of collagen and elastic fibers is obtained, the skin becomes full again, and the sunken pores will no longer be obvious.


Daily cleansing cannot be ignored, but it is best to avoid frosted products to reduce the wear on the skin.


Some people’s aging pores are accompanied by a large amount of oil at the same time. At this time, it is better not to control the strength of the oil. You only need to replace the used maintenance products with a small amount of refreshing products, and regular deep cleaning can solve it.


In addition to cleansing, add anti-aging and anti-oxidant essences to repair the base layer and restore skin’s firmness and elasticity.

So in the daily three steps of cleansing, toning, and sun protection, add the essence of this step.

The essence is used after toning and before sun protection.

  In order to achieve better maintenance results, you can do 1 every week?
The 2 times nourishing mask allows the skin to get more nutrition.

  Corresponding to the sensitive type: Correct cleaning, learning the anti-allergy repair is simple and effective is the connection of skin care.
Just clean, control oil and repair, you can solve your “orange peel” problem.

Clean it moderately. Do not use products that contain scrub particles and exfoliating acids every day.

A mild cleansing product with moderate cleansing power is sufficient.


A refreshing, oil-control skincare product that keeps your skin in better condition.

Young skin should be far away from those highly concentrated essences, and letting the skin “eat” too full is actually an abuse.


For already sensitive or slack skin, you can use the repair essence to repair.

After the repair essence is applied, it is best to use a pat and massage to accelerate penetration.

  In addition to the above improvement methods, good living habits can make the artificial “orange peel” fundamentally solved.

Smoking and killing wine will accelerate the oxidation of the skin and make the secretion of oil irregular; a small amount of excessively high food or irritating food is an invisible killer that enhances oil secretion.

  I am “Strawberry Man”!

  The nose with strong oil secretion is a clean dead corner, so it becomes a happy gathering place for blackheads.

To clean up these dirty and stubborn blackheads, you must have patience and methods.

Of course, don’t go too far and avoid over-cleaning.

Therefore, the best way to get rid of blackheads is based on their severity.

  Mild “strawberry men” with a small amount of blackheads is a common skin problem and the most easily resolved type.

Generally, this type of blackhead is a shallow type with a short formation time (prone to youthful pores). The blackhead has a lighter color and floats on the surface.

  People who peel off the “berry” method are usually more acid-resistant, and the pH value is much higher than normal. Adjusting the skin pH value is a good way to solve this type of “strawberry man”.

Medium-concentration fruit acids have the best conditioning, and ordinary fruit acid products on the market have a low concentration, so it is best to use professional fruit acid brand products.


Soak a cotton pad with a sufficient amount of fruit acid, then apply it on the nose and wait about 5 minutes before cleaning it.

Fruit acid has a good effect of exfoliating and regulating skin, but because it is irritating earlier, it is best not to use it on the entire face, of course, sensitive skin can.


After using acid, apply some firming toner.

  Even if the severe “strawberry man” is not serious in terms of area and depth, there are still ways to solve it.

This type of blackhead is dark in color, especially with large blackhead acne in the creases of the nose wings.

  Induced “berry” method, such a “strawberry man” is common in aging pore problem groups.

Due to poor skin metabolism, the accumulation of aging cutin is more serious.

For this type of blackhead, the most thorough method is to clean it in a large area.

But pay attention to the intensity of use. Excessive force may hurt the “Ben”, and gentle “induction” is a good way to solve the “strawberry man” that starts to age.


Use a hot towel to heat the nose area, and then apply a cotton pad soaked with blackhead replacement fluid on the blackhead area. Wait 5?
10 minutes.


Then use the round head of the sterilized acne needle to scrape up the black head that has floated from top to bottom.

Note that when scraping, you must press down firmly, and then scrape again, so as to completely remove the blackheads.


After the treatment, apply the essence to tighten the pores and calm down.
  Stubborn “Strawberry Man” This type of blackhead is the biggest from the difficulty of cleaning up.

Because it is buried deep, and restored and removed after removal, the color is dark, and the distribution area is mainly on the sides of the nose and wings, but the area is slightly smaller than the heavy type.

  The excessive removal of fat from the “berry” method and excessive pollution of the living environment are the primary causes of such blackheads.
In the face of such a “strawberry man”, patience is the most important thing, because it has the nature of “spring breeze blowing”.

Although these blackheads are stubborn, it is not difficult to get rid of them. As long as you do daily cleaning and deep cleaning, you can greatly improve them.


For deep cleaning, you can use cleansing oil (or baby oil, makeup remover) and deep cleansing mask to solve it.

Apply the cleansing oil to the blackhead area that needs to be cleaned, then massage in a circular manner for 3-5 minutes, wait for all the black dirty things to come out, then wipe it off with a cotton pad and clean with warm water.


After cleaning the oil, apply a deep cleansing film (the best paste type) to the blackhead area. It must be thick so as not to see the skin.


In order to enhance the effect, the area covered with the mask can be covered with cling film, and then covered with a hot towel on the cling film.

Such cleaning 1 every week?
2 times, you can make stubborn blackheads completely disappear.

The modern way of yoga

The modern way of yoga

Traditional yoga (HathaYoga) is an introductory choice for beginner yoga. It is suitable for high-pressure people and white-collar workers who have a fast pace of life. The training aims to concentrate, relieve stress, exercise, strengthen the flexibility of the body, and realize the tranquil mood.

  Hot Yoga (HotYoga) exercises asanas and breathing methods in a 38-hour indoor environment, which can strengthen blood circulation to expel endotoxins from the body and strengthen the protective function of the spine. It is suitable for a variety of weight loss methods that are not effective.

  Power Yoga (PowerYoga) participates in asanas, has a fast pace, and has more than 50 sets of yoga.

Stress on physical strength, large amount of exercise, promote metabolism, make muscles strong and flexible, and improve physical fitness.

Novice yogis gradually improve their physical fitness, try to challenge themselves, explore the limits, and shape the body very well.

  Meditation Yoga (YinYoga) explores the best way of “self”, “real self”, and “self”. It focuses on meditation, voice guidance, meditation, and seeks harmony, unity, and stability of spirit and body.

  Different yoga genres have different emphasis.

And yoga can’t be practiced anytime, anywhere.

Therefore, after clarifying the purpose of your practice, you should go to the yoga class of the fitness club to consult. You can even listen to it once or twice to understand the focus of the lesson.

  Practicing yoga requires a quiet, airy, and comfortable space. When you practice, wear loose clothing, bare feet, and an empty stomach. There are certain requirements in time, so finding an experienced teacher is essential. Good experts can even make youGet the correct and effective practice methods, and use the philosophies implicit in each yoga movement more widely to guide you to continuously improve and experience the state of the body more effectively.

7 kinds of sports can both enhance intelligence and lose weight

7 kinds of sports can both enhance intelligence and lose weight

Our brain has about 100 billion neurons. Although the development of the brain is mainly carried out in childhood, the results of continuous innovation show that neuron cells will continue to produce and change in adulthood.

Although some of them will decline with age, as long as you can exercise, you can promote the regeneration of brain cells!

  Activity 1 Walking: Many office workers often repeat because they work long hours and are busy, without having time to exercise.

As a simple and effective cardiopulmonary exercise, walking is more effective than ordinary walking: the heart rate is increased by 13%, and the amount of oxygen obtained by the brain is increased by at least 5%.

Walking can also balance the coordination of hands and feet and enhance the body’s dominance.

  Walking is recommended to be at least 3 times a week, and the speed is adjusted according to your own ability. Every half hour or so, it can promote 15% of the brain’s learning ability, attention and abstract reasoning ability.

  Activity 2 Yoga Researchers in the United States have found that yoga can improve a person’s intelligence level, relax people’s mood and improve their ability to control the body.

  Yoga is one of the most popular fashion activities for local women in the past two or three years.

  After comparing all the postures of yoga, the researchers found that the backward bending position is the most helpful to improve IQ, but also reminded that the softness and flexion of the body depends on each person’s the most important.

  At the same time, in addition to improving the health of the human body, replenishing vitality and taking a short break, yoga can also help reduce anemia, epilepsy, prevent vein dilatation, irregular menstruation, insomnia, headache, and constipation.

  Activity 3 Go dancing to HipHop on the weekends, or learn line dancing, becoming one of the coolest weekend leisure activities nowadays.

  Animals are born with many abilities, and humans exercise their brains by constantly mastering new skills.

  Do n’t think it ‘s easy to learn dance. Remember that dance moves rely on the organization and understanding of the left brain. To keep up with the beat and jump out of the charm and beauty, it is the right brain ‘s coordination and imagination of the limbs.

  Activity 4 Cycling Studies have shown that when riding a bicycle, the body secretes a “happy” hormone, which makes us open-minded and refreshed.

  In the East Coast Park on weekends, a group of adults and children who love cycling are gathered.

  Studies have shown that when riding a bicycle, the body secretes a “happy” hormone, which makes us open-minded and refreshed.
  At the same time, riding a bicycle makes you not only pay attention to the environmental impact of the week, but also do a good job of balancing hands and feet, and promote blood circulation, so that the brain eliminates more oxygen.

So, every time you ride a bicycle, you may feel clear and thinking.

  Activity 5 Swimming Swimming can promote the development of brain cells.

  The massage and stimulation of blood vessels at both ends can improve our nervous system’s ability to respond to the outside, and promote the development and use of the right brain.

  Activity 6 Table tennis scientific research shows that table tennis requires the brain to think quickly and nervously, promote blood circulation in the brain, provide sufficient energy to the brain, and have good brain function.

  When playing table tennis, the eyes are aimed at table tennis. It constantly adjusts and moves far and near, up and down, left and right, and constantly contracts and relaxes the ciliary muscle and extraocular muscles, which promotes the blood supply and metabolism of the eyeball tissue.Effectively improve the function of the ciliary muscle.

  Activity 7 Although there are no four seasons in spring, many people like to go skiing in countries with winter.

  When gliding, the close cooperation of eyes, hands, legs, and feet can train the reaction speed to the maximum extent, especially the alpine skiing has created a strong sense of success and improved a person’s self-confidence in facing various challenges.

  In addition, when skiing, coordination, softness, and exercise at the same time.

  Exercise can improve both intelligence and weight loss. This is a perfect solution.

What is good for heart failure patients?


What is good for heart failure patients?

Heart failure refers to a pathological state in which the heart function changes and the blood volume discharged from the heart cannot meet the metabolic needs of the body tissues.

The majority of patients and friends, the treatment must choose the right hospital, choose the treatment, then in the diet, what is the heart failure patients to eat?

Heart failure patients are mainly small meals, food is easy to digest (digest food) to reduce the heart’s load, and limit sodium salts, prevent edema, and protect the heart.

(1) A small amount of meals: heart disease patients should not eat too much, the total daily heat energy is divided into 4?
5 interventions to reduce post-meal inhalation overfill and squat elevation to avoid increased heart workload.

Dinner should be eaten earlier, should be light, do not enter or eat less food and moisture after dinner.

(2) Limit sodium salt: This is an appropriate method to control excessive heart failure.

In order to reduce edema, you should eat less salt.

(3) should eat easily digestible food: patients with cardiovascular disease, should pass the blood circulation function, causing blood in the digestive tract, edema, affecting the digestion and absorption of food.

Therefore, the food you enter should be easy to digest.

Start with a liquid, semi-liquid diet, then switch to soft rice.

(4) should supply sufficient vitamins and appropriate amount of inorganic salts: such as vitamin b1 and vitamins (vitamin foods) c to protect the heart muscle.

Supply an appropriate amount of calcium (calcium food) to maintain normal myocardial activity.

Potassium has a protective effect on the heart, and when it is insufficient, it causes arrhythmia.

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