Blu-ray Development (600466): The revaluation of the final listing value of the property company is at the time

Blu-ray Development (600466): The revaluation of the final listing value of the property company is at the time
The event company issued an announcement that the shares of Sichuan Blu-ray Garbo Service Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of its subsidiary, began to be listed and traded on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on October 18. The core point of 杭州桑拿网 view belongs to the final listing of the property company, and the revaluation is at the right time.The company’s property company, Jiabao shares, will start trading on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange tomorrow, stock code “02606.Hong Kong”.In December 2015, Jiabao Co., Ltd. became the first modern service company in the Southwest region to successfully list on the New Third Board. In June 2018, it officially launched the listing process of Hong Kong stocks.Jiabao Co., Ltd. ranked 13th in the 2018 China’s Top 100 Property Services List. It is the leader in Southwest China with a management area of 61.7 million square meters, of which the extension area exceeds 50%.Net profit attributable to mothers was achieved in the first half of the year1.800 million, both in management scale and revenue performance have maintained rapid growth.Gerber shares use a listing model of additional H shares, and Blu-ray Development will hold 67 after listing.5% of the shares, Garbo shares are still a consolidated company for the development of Blu-ray.As the property management company’s estimated level is higher than that of early real estate companies, the listing of Garbo shares will have a positive impact on the overall market value of Blu-ray Development. The national layout of Jiabao Co., Ltd. is advancing steadily, and the brand influence is expanded to nurture the real estate parent company.The previous Garbo shares have steadily advanced their nationwide layout through receipts and mergers and acquisitions. Currently, they have entered 69 cities and continue to expand Blu-ray’s brand influence.The successful listing of the forthcoming Gerber shares will be beneficial to the further promotion of the Blu-ray brand, and the sales end will benefit the most. This will promote Blu-ray development and maintain its national expansion strategy. Financial forecasts and investment recommendations. Maintain a BUY rating and a target price8.12 yuan.Do we maintain 2019?Profit forecast for 2021 is 1.16/1.71/2.18 yuan, based on 7X PE estimates of comparable companies in 2019, giving companies 7X estimates, corresponding to a target price of 8.12 yuan. Risks suggest that sales in the real estate market have significantly exceeded expectations. Interest rates rose faster than expected.

Zoomlion (000157) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Profitability Improved Significantly, Balance Sheet Continuously Optimized

Zoomlion (000157) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Profitability Improved Significantly, Balance Sheet Continuously Optimized

This report reads: The growing demand outlook for construction machinery is optimistic, and the company is expected to remain flat or even exceed industry growth.

With the clearing of 上海夜网论坛 the second mobile phone, the company’s profitability improved significantly in 19Q1, and its balance sheet continued to optimize.

  Key points of investment: Legislation: The company’s 19Q1 revenue, the profit attributable to the mother is 90.

200 million, 10 billion, an increase of 41.

8%, 166%, in line with expectations.

The company ‘s profitability improved significantly in the first quarter, and its balance sheet continued to be optimized. Based on optimistic overall demand, some of the company ‘s products even surpassed industry growth and raised its earnings per share for 19-21 to 0.

4 (+0.

12) / 0.

44 (+0.

12) / 0.

48 yuan, with reference to the industry average estimate, raise the target price to 5.

8 yuan, corresponding to 14 in 19 years.

5 times PE, increasing holdings.

  The highest demand for construction machinery is optimistic, and the company’s growth rate is expected to be flat or even exceed the industry.

In terms of different products, the sales volume of truck cranes in 19Q1 was 1,890 units, an increase of 81.

4%, market share is 27.

6%, +4 from 18 years earlier.

4pct; in terms of concrete machinery, pump trucks in the Q1 industry nearly doubled in growth, with mixing stations and mixer trucks growing at 40-50%, the company’s growth rate was basically the same as the industry.

Looking forward to the future, in terms of concrete machinery, pump trucks are expected to grow at 30-40%, mixing trucks are 30%, and mixing stations are 15-25%; truck cranes benefit from the large tonnage market advantage and are expected to grow 20-30%, surpassing the industry; tower cranesThe growth rate is expected to exceed 60%.

  Profitability has improved significantly, and the balance sheet has continued to optimize.
In 18 years, the low-margin mobile phone was basically cleared. Under the scale effect, the gross profit margin in 19Q1 was 30% of non-profit income.

1%, an increase of 2.

9pct, 3.

9 points.

From the perspective of receivables, 19Q1 operating net cash flow18.

700 million, receivables, inventory and other asset turnover significantly increased.

From the perspective of capital structure, the company’s interest-bearing liabilities at the end of the 19Q1 period were close to 38 billion yuan, which was a month-on-month increase. The interest expenses in 19Q1 were nearly 400 million yuan. It is expected that the financial burden will be reduced in the future.

  Focusing on agricultural machinery and construction machinery, the industrialization of AWP has accelerated.

The short-term demand for agricultural machinery was sluggish, and the goodwill was reduced by about 50 million in 2018. It is expected that the revenue will be stable; AWP promotion is smooth, batch delivery has been achieved in 19Q1, and it is currently in the stage of preempting the market.% And 25%.

  Risk reminder: The growth rate of real estate investment is rapidly expanding, and competition in the construction machinery industry is intensifying.

Five damaging eyes: smoking, light pollution, messy eye drops

Five damaging eyes: smoking, light pollution, messy eye drops

The latest data show that the daily outpatient amount of Beijing Tongren Hospital has exceeded 10,000. Among them, the daily outpatient amount of ophthalmology exceeds 4,500, an increase of 14%.

At the same time, the number of ophthalmological consultations at Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Friendship Hospital was higher than in previous years.

  People’s eyes can’t stand a Taiwan target against 10?
A survey conducted by 65-year-olds shows that most people stare at TV, computers, and mobile phones for an average of 49 hours per week. Nearly eight adults have experienced eye swelling, pain, tears, and dryness.

An epidemiological survey also found that the prevalence of dry eye disease is increasing, with the number of patients in Beijing alone reaching 2 million, of which white-collar workers account for a large proportion.

  Xie Peiying, director of the Optometry Research Center of the Peking University School of Medicine, pointed out that modern life makes Chinese eyes vulnerable, and each age has different problems.

Yu Minbin, a professor at the Ophthalmology Center of Guangzhou Zhongshan Medical University, points out that if you start to lose sight when reading at close range or continuous reading; when you feel dazzling when you shine directly into your eyes, it means your eyes are injured.

  What are the causes of the five major evils that make modern eyes more and more vulnerable?

  Working with eyes at the far end is tiring, and it is the first step to take away the bright eyes.

Xie Peiying said that whether it is more and more myopia children, or young and middle-aged people who are fatigued by eyesight and dry eye bleeding, the common feature is excessive use of eyes.

Long-term overload of the eyes can easily cause fatigue, blurred vision, dryness and itching.

These adverse reactions are exacerbated by incorrect sitting postures, wearing contact lenses, walking, reading books and electronic devices while riding in the eye.

  Poor eye hygiene habits When the eyes are uncomfortable, people will habitually rub them.

As everyone knows, the most bacteria on your hands.

Professor Li Ying, a myopia treatment center of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, has been an ophthalmologist for 20 years and has never had eye disease. The most important reason is not to rub the eyes casually.

  The messy eye drops work is tired and refreshing, and the eyes are red and itchy . As long as the eyes are uncomfortable, too many people ask for eye drops for help.

Actually, doing it harms your health.

Li Ying introduced that most of the eye drops currently contain preservatives. Long-term use may not only damage the cornea, but may also cause serious consequences due to symptoms.

  Light polluting the colorful lights in home decoration, outdoor stylish glass curtain walls, the little car lights . are the “accomplices” of injured eyes.

Nie Jing, associate professor of the Research Institute of Environmental Pollution and Health of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, pointed out that the light reflected from the walls of glass or mirrors, the polished marble floor, and various colored light sources are called “light pollution”, which will stimulate the retina reflection many times.Visual fatigue occurs and visual function decreases.

Especially for those who have been in contact with glass for a long time, and the light reflected by the mirror, the incidence of cataract will increase.

  Carbon monoxide produced during smoking can severely affect optic nerve function and cause vision loss.

  Eye care tips for ophthalmologists. In order to have healthy and bright eyes, in addition to changing the wrong habits, you must also pay attention to methods.

In this regard, the exclusive coup of the three ophthalmologists is the best eye care guide.

  Do not rub your eyes accidentally. If your eyes are uncomfortable, wash your hands first, then close your eyes and press lightly.

When there is a foreign body in your eyes, you should also close your eyes first, wait for a lot of tears to repeat, then open your eyes and blink a few times. In many cases, tears can wash out the foreign body.

  Do “5 no” reading without lying; discontinuous continuous, close-looking, more than 45 minutes, take a 10-minute rest, look at the distance first, then the near; do not lie on the table with your head tilted; do not lightLook in dark or too bright places; don’t look at books or screens that are too small.

  Home decoration to avoid light pollution as little as possible, install mirrors, glass and other accessories on wooden boards; choose paint with low light reflection coefficient, the wall is mainly light-colored such as beige, light blue; living room, study, kitchen headlights are best to chooseHue, that is, a light that can emit white light; direct light to avoid direct eyes.

  The reason why the multi-blinking eyeballs are black and white and watery is inseparable from the moisturizing effect of tears in addition to the special tissue structure.

But when looking at the computer, the number of blinks will be greatly reduced, resulting in dry eyes.

Blink more in dry winters and air-conditioned rooms.

  The color of sunglasses that you must wear when you go out in summer is best to choose a dark color, and it is best to use polarizers to eliminate glare from vehicles and buildings.

  Eat more yellow-green vegetables such as carrots, corn, broccoli, kiwi, etc., which are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which can prevent the degradation of eye function.

  When playing table tennis, the eyes will rotate through fast-moving objects to regulate and relax, delay presbyopia, and prevent myopia.

  Contact lenses that are worn less commonly The contact lenses that are commonly used now have a poor oxygen permeability, which makes the cornea hypoxic. Once there are bacteria and viruses, it is particularly vulnerable to infection.

Cataract diet principles

Cataract diet principles

As people get older, they are prone to cataracts. Cataracts are a serious blinding eye disease. Therefore, if you have cataracts, you should treat them early and pay more attention to dietary care. What are the dietary principles of cataract patients?

What is good for cataracts?

Cataract Diet Principles What to Eat for Cataract1.

Food science studies that eat more vitamin C have found that vitamin C has the effect of preventing the formation of cataracts.

Because the formation of cataracts is the result of long-term effects of light and oxygen on the lens, and vitamin C can attenuate the damage of light and oxygen to the lens, which can prevent the occurrence and development of cataracts.

Therefore, you should eat more vitamin C foods, such as tomatoes, jujube, prickly pear, and fresh green vegetables.


Eat foods with a small amount of zinc According to research, the zinc content is higher in the lens, while the zinc content in the lens of a cataract is significantly reduced.

Therefore, zinc deficiency promotes the formation of cataracts. Usually people with cataracts should eat more foods rich in zinc, such as herring, sardines, lean meat, peanuts, walnuts, oysters, etc.


Eating more trace amounts of selenium in food scientific research, when the body’s selenium content is insufficient, it can cause the glutathione exchange enzyme activity in the lens to decrease significantly, and the incidence of cataracts can be significantly increased.

Therefore, you should eat more selenium foods, such as asparagus, mushrooms, cereals, fish, shrimp and so on.


Changyincha Tea contains an inorganic acid substance, which has an antioxidant effect.

The occurrence of cataract is caused by the free radicals produced by the oxidation reaction in the body acting on the lens, so regular tea drinking can prevent the occurrence of cataract.

Some people have studied that drinking 5 cups of tea daily has a good effect on preventing the occurrence and development of cataracts.

Prevention of influenza spread furniture disinfection is the key

Prevention of influenza spread furniture disinfection is the key

As the weather changes, the temperature is cold and hot, causing the flu disease to be high.

  In order to prevent the spread and transmission of influenza virus, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Chest Hospital, which is responsible for the prevention of infectious diseases in Xinjiang, issued a reminder: correct disinfection of households can prevent the spread of influenza.

  Pu Kaixi, director of the outpatient department of Xinjiang Chest Hospital, said that conventional anti-virus agents can kill the flu virus.

Household disinfection should be based on physical disinfection methods such as ventilation and sun exposure. Reasonable use of disinfectant, caution use of UV lamp, peracetic acid disinfectant for disinfection.

The short-wave ultraviolet radiation of ultraviolet light causes direct damage to the human body, which can burn eyes and skin and even cause skin cancer. Peracetic acid disinfectant is a strong oxidant. Improper use may cause chemical burns to the human body, followed by dry throat, chest tightness, and breathing.Difficulties and other allergies.

  Pu Kaixi characterization, should avoid the use of a variety of disinfectants at the same time, do not mistakenly think that the concentration of disinfectant is getting better and better, the more disinfection times, the more safe, which will affect health.

He pointed out that residents should correctly master the disinfection method to keep away from the flu virus: if there is a flu patient at home, it should be sprayed or wiped with 84 disinfectant, decontamination, and Jianzhi tablets solution.

The ground, floor and ceiling should be cleaned regularly. The used mop should be placed in the sun and away from the dark vertical corners to avoid bacterial growth.

  The door and window handles of the living room, electrical buttons, switches, coffee tables, television sets, etc. should be cleaned with water and detergent every day.

In addition, the child’s resistance is weak, so the items that are likely to cause the child to contract the disease are disinfected.

  The items in the bedroom are mainly bedding, clothing and other fabrics are supplemented. The basic disinfection method is boiling disinfection method: put the items into water and boil for 20 minutes to 30 minutes, or add appropriate amount of disinfectant;Chemical fiber or pure wool fabric can also be directly immersed in disinfectant; for large bedding, it can be directly exposed to sunlight for 4 hours to 6 hours.

  The cooking utensils of the kitchen, the countertops, and the dining table are basically disinfected by a disinfectant solution.

The kitchen should be ventilated. The chopping board should be scraped clean with a knife after cutting the raw food. Rinse with hot alkaline water and scrub with a disinfectant solution. Wash and dry after 30 minutes.

Tableware should be sterilized by boiling, or the sterilizer can be replaced for disinfection, or microwaved for microwave disinfection.

Five Faces Reveal Female Revenge

Five Faces Reveal Female Revenge

Appearance can polish a person’s character, and inevitably popular physiology can explain the problem. In fact, this year, appearance is used to observe a person’s fortune, character, and so on.To correct your own mental problems.

  Speaking of revenge, compared to men, women must be weak in terms of physical strength, so if you want revenge, you must take up beauty and wisdom weapons. I believe that the “revenge goddess” in most people’s minds is amazing.Dazzling beauty and deadly gentle femme fatale with fractures.

  From the perspective of astrology, women with vengeful psychology generally show the following five faces. By coincidence, the author finds that among the many female stars who have played the role of “Revenge”, at the same time, there is also a little bit of relevant lattice characteristicsAfter taking the role, the person is particularly devoted, and it is particularly easy to get into the hearts of the people.

  The first: Eagle hook nose (characteristics: speculative calculations, biting the heart) The tip of the nose is not flesh and sharp, and it is called the Eagle hook nose. This kind of personality, whether male or female, will avenge himself for his own personal purposes,Even if there is no enmity, it will not count others. If there is real enmity, it will use all means to retaliate.

Related Links: Fan Bingbing made her debut as an honest supporting actress of Yahuan many years ago, but now she has become a popular TV show recognized by TV audiences as the most expressive “Su Shiji” in many versions of “Feng Shen Bang” episodes.The reason why she was able to translate the image of the glamorous but cruel and vengeful vengeful goblin, in addition to her acting skills, the little hawk nose also added a little help.

  The second type: rhinoplasty (characteristics: difficult personality, vengeful heart) means that the bridge of the nose is obviously with bones protruding, and the woman with nasal section has a weird personality, because this part represents the liver and gallbladder, and the liver and gallbladder represent a person’s personality and temper,Her endocrine imbalance, so her personality is very embarrassing, offending her even sincerely apologizing to her has no effect.

  Related Links: Letting Guo Xianni play the role of “Xi Shi” who gave herself to the country is really terrible, but how old her face makes people feel very “treacherous” but not very easy to say, the author thinks that the twists and turns of the nose are one of the featuresEarlier, she played a stubborn wayward, selfish, and revengeful princess Zhaoren.

  The third type: triangular eyes (characteristics: smart, poisonous, biased). The woman with a triangular shape of eyes is very clever, but it is easy to think of hate, even if someone accidentally hurt her or there is no big deal, but sheI will definitely retaliate.

Related Links: Wang Xifeng is a triangular inverted Phoenix eye, remembering her second sister You, who will have the hatred of her husband, Qiu Tong really had to admire her cleverness after finishing the scene.In the performances of the 1970s, I really look forward to having the latecomers.

  The natural drooping woman’s mouth is very deep, she will remember it in her heart, slowly wait until the time is ripe before revenge.

Related Links: With the temptation of Eve, Jin Suyan played Xu Yingmei, who was despicable because of jealousy, and quickly became popular. In the play, the camera often focused the audience on her mouth, because the slightly drooping corners of the mouth were even broadcasted during the news.Tell others that this is a role full of resentment.

  Fifth type: Three white eyes (characteristics: revenge must be revenge, no matter what means) If you see that the eyeballs are relatively small hanging up or down for a long time, the woman with more exposed white eyes should be very vigilant, because if anyone offends her, she will definitely wantWays to retaliate, even with sinister and malicious means.

Tianmingzhu sting cream-mosquito sting, bitch is not afraid

Tianmingzhu sting cream-mosquito sting, bitch is not afraid

Summer is the season for mosquito breeding and rampant madness, as well as the high incidence of maggots. I recommend the “Tianmingzhu Dingshuang Cream”, which is a very good baby and child care product for itching, swelling and defecation.

  The big red envelope that swelled after my baby was bitten by mosquitoes was not able to go for a long time. Due to the pain and itching, the baby often scratched and tried many baby products.

By chance, the propaganda staff at the entrance of the mall gave me a small bag of Tianmingzhu Dingshuang Cream. I thought that the attitude of trying, I went home and painted the baby, and found it worked.The big red envelope was gone.

  One night when I washed the baby, I found that he was full of mules, and I tried to apply it. I did not expect that when the baby was washed the next night, the mules disappeared.

Now my baby has been using it all the time. Not only the effect is good, but it also has no smell, and it has no irritation to the baby’s delicate skin.

It is best to sleep 7-8 hours a day

It is best to sleep 7-8 hours a day

After getting rid of the heavy physical labor, people find that there is still a long way to go before the ideal happy life.
Because most people find it difficult to enjoy a comfortable sleep-lethargy and insomnia bother people.
In order to make more people have better sleep, recently, scientists in Japan and the United States have begun to study sleep as a separate subject.
  The Japanese Academy of Sciences, composed of representatives from various societies, recently decided to establish sleep science.
This is a brand-new comprehensive discipline, involving interdisciplinary collaborations such as molecular biology, psychology, and sociology.
According to researchers, sleep science consists of three parts: 1.
Study the principle of sleep through biological experiments and molecular biology to establish sleep science; 2.
In order to treat insomnia and narcolepsy, establish sleep medicine to treat mental disorders; 3.
By preventing accidents caused by insomnia and mental disorders, establishing a sociology of sleep that improves the working environment and avoids economic loss.
  A survey by the National Psychiatric Center of Japan showed that nearly 20% of the Japanese population suffer from insomnia, and there are 20.96 million people with insomnia of all ages.
They are tortured by insomnia: elderly people suffer in their later years, middle-aged people still have frequent accidents, and their children’s minds are distorted.
At the same time, there are 840,000 people suffering from narcolepsy, and these people can’t get anything done except to sleep.
  Researchers believe that the causes of abnormal sleep are different: the elderly are mainly not adapted to the role change, and the mental distress caused by the feeling of insomnia makes them insomnia or drowsiness; middle-aged people have insomnia because of stress and depression; adolescent insomnia isAdolescents are depressed and lack communication.
  American scientists have focused their research on the effects of sleep on life expectancy.
  A survey showed that in the United States, 13% of the surveyed people had less than 6 hours of sleep, and 3% had reached or exceeded 9 hours.
At the annual conference of the Federation of Sleep Professionals in June of this year, researchers proposed that based on the results of three independent studies, too much or too little sleep may lead to death. Adults who sleep 7-8 hours a day have heart disease.It has the lowest probability and is easier to live longer.
Medical workers analyzed data from 4,541 studies, and the results showed that those who slept 9 hours or more per day had a 70% higher mortality rate than those who slept 7-8 hours in 14 years, and a 50% higher mortality rate when they sleep less than 6 hours%.
  However, experts from Boston University School of Medicine also said that the data they collected from heart studies showed that although sleep and death were linked, it had not yet been proved to be causal.