Star White Bailu whitening maintenance method!


Star White Bailu whitening maintenance method!

Xiao Bian, even for people with lighter skin, will inevitably have a little freckle. Although it can’t be seen, it can still be found at close range.

Xiaobian is also very worried about how to remove the freckle of black people, seeing the star whitening and maintenance of the Heart Sutra, I am really happy.

Xiao Bian also found star care for those who want white and red skin.

  First of all, Xiao Yaxuan: The skin is too white, emphasizing freckle because of its natural whiteness. Xiao Yaxuan claims that he hardly tries whitening products in beauty skin care products, and does not even deliberately apply sunscreen.

“I actually want black, people who are often white want black, and black people want white.

“Even though the skin is inherently fair, as the saying goes, the whiter it is, the easier it is to get spots. Xiao Yaxuan Elva also has this trouble, because the skin is too white, so it is easy to see as long as there are a little spots. Therefore, Elva is easy to noticeof.
Whitening skin care products.

In addition, Xiao Yaxuan also strongly recommends grape juice and almonds, which are taken or rinsed with grape branch and leaf decoction, which has a good whitening effect.

Sweet almonds are rich in stool oil, protein, vitamin A, vitamin E and minerals, all of which are great nutritional supplements. They can help the skin resist oxidation and inhibit the formation of melasma.

  Second, Gao Yuanyuan: do enough moisturizing before whiteningIt will be more effective on skin full of moisture, just like a wet sponge, it can absorb moisture more.

“In addition, you must choose a sun protection index that suits you: Usually, the sun protection index is higher in summer and 15 times daily.” I’m not afraid of sun exposure. I wear hats in summer. I just fear sun spots.

Gao Yuanyuan thinks that girls don’t have to be too white, and their skin tone is evenly beautiful.

  Third, Kong Wei: pay attention to sunscreen and eat less celery. Sexy Kong Wei has become a new fashion darling because of her international face. Her personal experience in the whitening project is the most effective step. Sunscreen is the most effective step.The sun and ultraviolet rays have suffered more than 80% of the damage, so in summer I go out and apply sunscreen and then use an umbrella.

Use sunscreen when you apply makeup.

“Home-made whitening mask: Soak the mask paper bought from the supermarket outside in cucumber juice and leave it on for 15 minutes. The whitening and cleaning effect is very significant.

In addition, in summer, eat less celery, easy to grow spots, eat more foods containing vitamin C, some fruits.

“If you have been exposed to the sun during the day, you can try to cool the skin with ice-covered Fang Li, and cover it with a towel wrapped in ice cubes, so that it is not easy to leave spots.

  Fourth, Huo Siyan: Bai Li turns red to develop healthy skin. Huo Siyan, like Elva, is also a natural “bone essence”. Her skin is very white, but she is worried about the skin’s hydration.
However, sometimes because the skin is too white but there is no blood color, it is estimated that Huo Siyan’s favorite food supplements are barley kernels and red dates.Rock sugar, it tastes good, and barley has a good whitening effect.

“And adding red dates can make your face rosy and healthy, and look good.” In fact, I think the most beautiful girl should be a healthy color, and the skin with redness in the white is the most beautiful.Many beauty holy products.

“When Huo Siyan is okay, he will chew Ejiao dates for snacks.

Five Faces Reveal Female Revenge

Five Faces Reveal Female Revenge

Appearance can polish a person’s character, and inevitably popular physiology can explain the problem. In fact, this year, appearance is used to observe a person’s fortune, character, and so on.To correct your own mental problems.

  Speaking of revenge, compared to men, women must be weak in terms of physical strength, so if you want revenge, you must take up beauty and wisdom weapons. I believe that the “revenge goddess” in most people’s minds is amazing.Dazzling beauty and deadly gentle femme fatale with fractures.

  From the perspective of astrology, women with vengeful psychology generally show the following five faces. By coincidence, the author finds that among the many female stars who have played the role of “Revenge”, at the same time, there is also a little bit of relevant lattice characteristicsAfter taking the role, the person is particularly devoted, and it is particularly easy to get into the hearts of the people.

  The first: Eagle hook nose (characteristics: speculative calculations, biting the heart) The tip of the nose is not flesh and sharp, and it is called the Eagle hook nose. This kind of personality, whether male or female, will avenge himself for his own personal purposes,Even if there is no enmity, it will not count others. If there is real enmity, it will use all means to retaliate.

Related Links: Fan Bingbing made her debut as an honest supporting actress of Yahuan many years ago, but now she has become a popular TV show recognized by TV audiences as the most expressive “Su Shiji” in many versions of “Feng Shen Bang” episodes.The reason why she was able to translate the image of the glamorous but cruel and vengeful vengeful goblin, in addition to her acting skills, the little hawk nose also added a little help.

  The second type: rhinoplasty (characteristics: difficult personality, vengeful heart) means that the bridge of the nose is obviously with bones protruding, and the woman with nasal section has a weird personality, because this part represents the liver and gallbladder, and the liver and gallbladder represent a person’s personality and temper,Her endocrine imbalance, so her personality is very embarrassing, offending her even sincerely apologizing to her has no effect.

  Related Links: Letting Guo Xianni play the role of “Xi Shi” who gave herself to the country is really terrible, but how old her face makes people feel very “treacherous” but not very easy to say, the author thinks that the twists and turns of the nose are one of the featuresEarlier, she played a stubborn wayward, selfish, and revengeful princess Zhaoren.

  The third type: triangular eyes (characteristics: smart, poisonous, biased). The woman with a triangular shape of eyes is very clever, but it is easy to think of hate, even if someone accidentally hurt her or there is no big deal, but sheI will definitely retaliate.

Related Links: Wang Xifeng is a triangular inverted Phoenix eye, remembering her second sister You, who will have the hatred of her husband, Qiu Tong really had to admire her cleverness after finishing the scene.In the performances of the 1970s, I really look forward to having the latecomers.

  The natural drooping woman’s mouth is very deep, she will remember it in her heart, slowly wait until the time is ripe before revenge.

Related Links: With the temptation of Eve, Jin Suyan played Xu Yingmei, who was despicable because of jealousy, and quickly became popular. In the play, the camera often focused the audience on her mouth, because the slightly drooping corners of the mouth were even broadcasted during the news.Tell others that this is a role full of resentment.

  Fifth type: Three white eyes (characteristics: revenge must be revenge, no matter what means) If you see that the eyeballs are relatively small hanging up or down for a long time, the woman with more exposed white eyes should be very vigilant, because if anyone offends her, she will definitely wantWays to retaliate, even with sinister and malicious means.

Harmful effects of mixed facial masks on skin_1

Harmful effects of mixed masks on skin

People are always very creative on the road to chasing beauty. From the earlier creams to today’s refurbished skin care products, the update speed is just as good as the upgrade of electronic products.

As far as the mask is concerned, it used to be only whitening and moisturizing products, but now it has deep cleansing, deep repairing, anti-ageing and firming, soothing and calming, deep nourishment . It ‘s fine to separate, so it ‘s natural to use it carefully.

Recently, there have been posts on the Internet that are expected to guide Ms. Amy how to use the mask properly.

Among them, the theme of “mix and match masks, efficient skin care”.

The so-called mashup mask refers to the simultaneous use of two or more of the above-mentioned films to achieve multiple effects.

  However, Zhong Shaomin, a doctor of dermatology at Peking University First Hospital, and Shao Miao, a national senior cosmetologist, both said in an interview with the Life Times reporter that this mashup usage is not recommended, or even “1 + 1 = 2″Effect, may also cause some damage to the skin.

  ”The active ingredients in the mask are relatively high, coupled with the time complications of its effect on the skin, so it is known as an intensive care product and is not suitable for alternative use, up to twice a week,” Zhong Shaomin”And using multiple masks at once clearly violates this principle.

Shao Miao believes that the absorption capacity of the skin is limited. If two types of masks are used at the same time, the skin is likely to be unable to absorb and the problem of increased load will occur.

In addition, a mask that claims to have a certain effect actually has other functions, but the effect is relatively weak.

Therefore, when using certain specific masks, other problems can also be taken into account. There is no need to “seat in the right place.” Surrounding whitening masks can only whiten, and moisturizing masks can only hydrate.

  In short, there is absolutely no claim that the masks are more effective when used in overlapping. When choosing, it should still be determined according to your skin type and recent problems with prominent skin performance.

For example, because of the yellowing of the skin or the swelling of the face caused by hard work, it is suitable to use a soothing and calming mask to help you get rid of fatigue; if your skin becomes dry and dull due to the spring sand in the north, you should use a moisturizing mask.

Women need to be torn and technical

Women need to be torn and technical

There are no women who are not disappointed, but there is no repetition of technical content. They are often regarded by men as “winds around the ears”. When the wind blows for a long time, men may have “fever on fire” tit-for-tat;Injury solves the problem and increases the intimacy of both parties.

  Let’s not take a partial approach and discuss the matter “you just don’t count, and you are simply irresponsible”. In fact, it may be because you have agreed to have dinner together, and his temporary company has something that can’t go.

  Expert analysis: Don’t take his personality for comment. This will hurt the self-esteem of the man. The biggest way for a man to gain recognition and self-confidence is to be the closest person.

Smart woman, it is best to “soften” in time and change it to “I told you to eat together tonight, but you left me alone for so long”, so it made him feel guilty, and avoided one word at a timeThe battle will be doubled.

  Put away the attack and say that many women need to say something like: “You don’t care about me at all, all you think about is work, you never think about me”, “You can’t remember my birthday”, “Do youCan’t you stay with me “.

  Expert analysis: The words that cannot be resolved are actually “responsibility preparations” and “commands”, which will make the other half feel that you are unreasonable and unwilling to communicate with you.

  In fact, in a different tone, tell him that you need him very well, especially the nature of men is to expect to be needed.

For example, “I want to be cared for by you, but it always seems that I tirelessly call you to greet you”. In fact, just changing the tone of voice, turning accusations and orders into your emotional expression.

  Obviously, when you are angry, you can throw things when you are angry. This is also a common trick for women to vent their emotions, or run away from home, waiting for men to chase them back.

  Expert analysis: This kind of extreme emotion is just the right thing to say. Don’t really put it into action. This is the most obvious way.

For example you can say: “I am so angry that I want to drop something!

“As long as you express the true feelings of birth gas, the destructive practice of throwing things can be completely omitted.

  ”Emotional light does not practice” Although it does not cause the problem to disappear, it is a very effective intimate invitation.

Just send an intimate invitation to the other side to let him know your feelings better and make him understand: My purpose is not to hurt you, but to want to be closer to you.

Netizens reveal the inside story of undressing, online sales are slow due to grading

Netizens reveal the inside story of “undressing”, online sales are slow due to grading

After daily newspaper reports, the situation of erotic video chat on the Internet has converged, but similar situations are still occasionally seen in some video chat rooms.
To this end, the reporter learned in-depth interviews with some senior netizens to understand the reasons for the existence of erotic video chat and the inside story.
  Motivation for erotic chat A senior “networm” told reporters that many girls who pose in the video chat room are actually “childcare” requested by the website.
They often act as the so-called chat room homeowners, using the “color” action to provoke Internet users, thereby increasing website visits and realizing value-added room benefits; there are also “strip shows” in some rooms that are simply a way for some netizens to vent.
There are also older women who also expose themselves in chat rooms.
In these people, people may not think of them at all, but there are many people who tease them on the Internet. For the teaser, they are very repressive in reality, and they may use imagination when they chat with others in a passionate chat.To meet their own psychological needs, to the person being teased, things that can’t be found in reality can get a little psychological compensation on the Internet, satisfying their vanity.
  Wealth trading in online games The reporter also learned that the appearance of this kind of pornography is not limited to the current universal video chat tools. In online games, there are also players who do not hesitate to “get off” in order to gather “fortune”.
On October 21st, the reporter entered a currently popular online game through a friend’s account. As expected, some players publicly called for “Pay 100,000 gold coins (virtual currency in the game) for a blood-sweeping beauty video.”After the reporter got in touch with the player who posted the message, she responded very briefly: “Master guarantees, pay half first, and finish the conversation.”
When the reporter got in touch with his chat tool, he saw a young girl on the video. After paying, the other party started to perform in front of the video and made various provocative moves.
It was later learned that this player is a junior player, because the grading is too slow and it takes a lot of virtual currency. In order to gather “wealth” in a short time, this player has been selling “off” online for a while.
  情色视频聊天已成网络暗疮   2003年初,韩国开发的一款新视频软件在线用户就达到了7000人,但由于管理不善,一些聊天室出现了色情和违法乱纪的情况,导致这款聊天软件被Blocked.
Learning from the lessons, various operators have also formulated strict investigation and punishment regulations to minimize the negative effects.
However, judging from the investigation by reporters, the intensity of management is obviously not enough.
  On the other hand, although there is an erotic phenomenon at present, more chat rooms are relatively healthy places, and face-to-face communication with many people is a communication method that many netizens like.
During a reporter interview, a member believed that the tool is never wrong, and what is wrong is how to use it.
However, the innocence of software does not mean that the operator can let it go and let all the blame go to the netizens for breaking the rules.
Attorney Lei Sheng of the Law Firm of Gansu Tongrenxing said: “The things transmitted by the Internet should be healthy. Although all parties exposing each other in a video chat room are often voluntary, the Internet is a public place after all, so some netizens have sexThe behavior of chatting is against the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Public Security.
In any case, related to the current erotic chat phenomenon of various chat tools and chat rooms, the relevant operators have the responsibility and obligation to implement a more complete and effective management of their video chat rooms.

Teach you 5 strokes to lose face 姨

Teach you 5 strokes to lose face 姨

How is the most effective face-lifting?

Many women who love beauty will export this sentence and ask this sentence. How is face-lifting most effective?

This problem is not difficult. As long as you know the factors of fat face, you can treat the disease and know how to face-lift is the most effective.

  How is it thin?

Let’s first look at the factors of fat face.

  The three factors of fat face are the factors of face fatness 1 – 姨: Excessive body over-extension will be reflected in the waist and abdomen, and the face is also the most obese place.

Too many faces, but very little exercise, it is easy to turn into a chubby apple face.

  The factor of face fat 2 – skeletal bone: If you are born with a “big face”, “big bones”, then no matter how thin you are, you can’t become a little face beauty.

  Facial factor 3 – Muscle: The development of facial masseter muscle is also a major factor in your fat face.

  After knowing the factors of fat face, we should think about how to face-lift, then how to face-lift?

Next we will look at the method of face-lifting.

Divided sports, diet, bathing, face washing, spoon face-lifting methods.

  The method of face-lifting is not difficult now, as long as you follow the rules below, you can definitely lose face.

  Face-lifting method 1: exercise method can also face-lift!

The effect of exercise weight loss is all-round. If your face is really “swollen”, a large amount of perspiration after instant exercise can be quickly transferred to the body by using water.

  Method of face-lifting 2: Dietary methods Eat more fruits and vegetables, such as melon, which can be swollen and damp.

If your face is obese due to muscle buildup, please reject chewing gum, sugar cane and other foods that exercise your chewing muscles, because they only make your facial muscles stronger.

  Face-lifting method 3: Bathing method We all know that high-temperature bathing is a good way to lose weight, and the same high-temperature bathing can also face-lift.

You can sit in the bathtub at a temperature of 38 ° C every day, deep into the heart of the heart, and massage the face with a face cream, bath time is 20 minutes.

  Method of thin face 4: Wash your face to change the way you usually wash your face, wash your face with warm water and cold water to promote blood circulation and metabolism.

  Face-lifting method 5: spoon face-lifting method Apply some olive oil to the spoon and the back of the small steel spoon. Repeat the contour of the face with the spoon and the back of the spoon to get the face you want. He Jie also uses this.The way!

Five foods alleviate spring fires

Five foods alleviate spring fires

With the advent of spring, many men’s friends accidentally get angry, so what should a man do when he gets angry?

What should we eat when we get angry?

What foods around us can help us?

Don’t worry, let’s meet the following foods together and let them provide us with a moist spring.

  It is easy to get angry in spring, and blind covering is also likely to cause “spring fire”.

What to do with spring fire?

These five treasures can be greatly relieved!

  Clearing heat and reducing phlegm Eating green radish and radish has the effect of clearing heat and reducing phlegm, and it has a significant effect on masculine depression, especially green radish.

Red-skinned and white-hearted radishes are also possible, but carrots are not, so if a man’s stomach is uncomfortable, he can choose to eat more radishes for conditioning.

  Radish can be eaten raw and has a good ventilation and smoothing effect. If men are not comfortable with the spicy taste of radish, they can also choose to use radish filling soup, which will taste more luscious.

  Yangwei anti-inflammatory drink buckwheat porridge A man’s stomach fire rises due to irregular diet or work and rest. It can be said that it is easy to happen every season, and spring is no exception.

  And lowering the stomach fire, “Drinking light buckwheat porridge is a good way to deal with it.

“Experts say that buckwheat tastes bitter and sweet, and the effect of removing fire is particularly good.

  And some of the flavonoids in buckwheat also have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, cough, asthma and expectorant effects.

  Therefore, buckwheat is also known as “anti-inflammatory food”.

When making porridge, it is best to mix with other ingredients, such as shredded pork and cucumber, to avoid the rough taste of buckwheat.

  Peaceful bubble cup flower tea rose is very beautiful, in addition to looking pleasing to the eye, and the smooth and condensing effect of rose petals is also very good.

  When men drink water, they can soak a few rose petals, and breathing the aroma of roses can also help men calm down.

  Therefore, it is a good enjoyment to prepare some dried rose petals in the spring and to drink a cup of rose tea in the afternoon.

  Moreover, men can often buy some fresh roses and put them in vases at home, which can also help us adjust our mood and improve our mood.

  Chest tightness, abdominal distension and more eating hawthorn Hawthorn has the effect of smoothing digestion.

Hawthorn can alleviate the problems such as chest tightness and bloating caused by men’s accumulation of food.

  In fact, if men are angry and have a faster heartbeat and arrhythmia, hawthorn leaves have an improvement effect.

  In addition, hawthorn is eaten in a variety of ways. You can buy fresh hawthorn as a fruit, and you can also dry it, slice it, soak it in water, or put it in cooking.

  Nourishing the liver and eating the first fruit of strawberry in early spring is the strawberry, especially for men who have a strong liver, strawberry can not only raise the liver, but also be a master of anger.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, strawberries are cool, sweet and sour, can nourish the liver and protect the liver, and because of the red color, they can go to heartbreak.

  In addition, strawberry is a typical metabolite. Vitamin C is rich in content, which helps men absorb iron and nourish cells. It contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that can reduce the amount of free radicals to keep brain cells active.

  In this springy sleepy season, it can also help refreshing.

  However, strawberries are cold, do not eat too much at a time, especially the spleen and stomach are cold, prone to diarrhea, people with too much acid should control the amount.

  What kind of fruit to eat on the fire1. Banana is not only a delicious four season fruit, but also a good helper to improve skin problems, because bananas are very rich in nutrients from the inside to the outside. The pulp of bananas has the effect of reducing cholesterol.The most amazing thing is that hesperetin inhibits inhibition and bacteria, and treats skin itching. If you eat bananas often, you can moisturize the skin and prevent skin dryness.

  2. Sugarcane returns to the lungs, stomach meridian, sweet and cool green-skinned sugarcane, is one of the best foods for clearing the lungs.

  In addition to rich sugar and moisture, it also contains a lot of vitamins and other substances that are very beneficial to the metabolism of the human body. People in the south are accustomed to use it to cook a variety of sugar water. The sweet and flowery juice makes the winter beautiful.

  3. Grape grapes nourish qi and nourish blood, strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, have high nutritional value, and the sweet taste is very popular, and it has always been a symbol of auspiciousness with its fruity appearance.

Although grapes have a high sugar content, they are easily absorbed by the body, and proper consumption will not cause too much burden.

  In addition, grape seeds have recently appeared in skin care products of major top brands, and its antioxidant and maintenance effects are evident.

  4, persimmon fruit taste sweet, cold, into the lungs, spleen, stomach, large intestine, heat and lungs, enjoy it.

  5. The gentle personality of citrus citrus makes it the king of fruit. Although citrus can be found every season now, mature is the best product that absorbs the essence of heaven and earth.

  Needless to say its benefits, just thinking of its fresh taste is enough to get rid of dryness and refreshing.  What to eat To fire 1, the most effective fire-reducing foods are green tea, beer, coffee, chrysanthemum tea, crab, honey, mung bean cake, cold skin.

  2. Vegetable defire bitter gourd, kale, spinach and rapeseed, celery, winter melon, raw white radish, cucumber, raw lettuce, lettuce, eggplant, loofah, loquat, citronella, laver, lettuce (dried), kelp, bamboo shoots,Winter bamboo shoots, chrysanthemum vegetables, potatoes, green sprouts.

  Other peanuts, lotus seeds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, lilies, ginkgo, jujube, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seed sauce, roses, agar, tempeh, salt, green tea, sugar, honey, cocoa.

  The diet quickly reduced the fire. Two cold bitter chrysanthemum materials, bitter chrysanthemum, 50 grams of cooked sesame, 3 garlic cloves, salt, sugar, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sesame oil, and chili oil.

  Method 1, chopped garlic cloves, add to a small bowl, add salt, sugar, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and sesame oil and mix well.

  2. Put the cooked sesame in a bowl and set aside.

Wash the bitter chrysanthemums and tear your hands, add the prepared sauce, add the above chili oil and mix well.

  Efficacy What to eat on fire, cold bitter chrysanthemum has a good fire-reducing effect, bitter chrysanthemum has a bitter taste, green color, can be fried or cold, it is a delicious food to remove heat.

  Second, cold radish shredded raw white radish, carrot shredded, leek shredded, 1 tablespoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of paprika, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon of green onion, 1/2 tablespoon of garlic, 1/2 of ground ginger1 tablespoon of vinegar, 1/2 tablespoon of sesame oil, 1/2 tablespoon of sesame.

  Method 1: Use a spatula to hang the cuticle off the white radish.

You don’t need to shave very thick, just cut a thin layer, then cut into 5cm silk, put in salt, wear gloves to knead the radish evenly, make it soft, blend with the salt, and leave for two hours.

  2. After two hours, pour out the submerged water, and then squeeze some excess water from the radish. Add carrot, leek, and onion, ginger, and garlic and mix well.

  Efficacy has the functions of digestion, phlegm and asthma, clearing heat and smoothing air, and reducing swelling and silt.

It can be described as the holy fire.

  Three, strawberry coix seed yogurt material six strawberries, a box of yogurt, coix kernel 100 grams.

Method 1: Boil the barley kernels with water. After the water is boiled, wait until the barley kernels are cooked through. The soup is thick (about one hour).

Refrigerate after cooling.

  2. Wash the strawberries, remove the pedicles, cut in half, and place them in the plate.

  3. Pour into yogurt, barley and serve immediately.

  It’s easy to get angry in spring. Men’s friends should be careful. We can make more adjustments to our diet to keep away from the anger.

The above about what men’s friends eat when they get angry, and the food that lowers fire in daily life, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

Orange peel man and strawberry man elimination battle


Orange peel man and strawberry man elimination battle

At the end of spring, ultraviolet rays are getting more and more intense. These are all exacerbated by the problem of enlarged pores.

And most men have skin problems with large pores. In addition to objective factors such as polluted environment, most are also caused by incomplete cleaning and wrong care methods.

If the large pores are not properly treated, they will become “large orange peels” after time grinding. The T area is a strong area for oil secretion. The pores tend to gather dirt and easily form a “strawberry nose.”

Do you want to have the titles of “Big Orange Peel” and “Strawberry Man”?

Here to teach you.

  Who is the “orange peel man”?

  Judging from the formation of “orange peel”, it can be roughly divided into three types: youthful, aging, and human.

  Youthful: For men aged about 20 years, the skin is in adolescence, and it is easy to form a pair of acne pores, which makes the pores be forced to grow.

  Older age: At about 30 years of age, men’s skin becomes mixed or dry, and the hair follicles that have lost their skin support begin to relax and pores become more pronounced.

  Human appearance: Age conditions are widely distributed. Among them, frequent maintenance will cause skin defects and dry when oily; or incorrect maintenance will make the skin become sensitive and red.

Although the black dirty spots in the pores become lighter, age sensitivity reduces the skin’s self-defense ability.

  Symptomatic smashing countermeasures to solve the “orange peel” is like pulling a cocoon, understanding the cause of the “orange peel” first, then judging that the skin belongs to a certain type, and then symptomatically solving it, so that it can be quickly and effectively.

  Coping with youth: deep cleansing, balanced oil secretion is particularly strong from oil secretion, deep cleansing and balancing oils are just necessary.


It is best to use a facial cleanser (with rich foam) for daily cleansing to ensure smooth skin.


When washing your face, wash your face with warm water at a slightly lower body temperature. The warm water can help clean the skin.


A refreshing skin care product that uses astringent ingredients and conditioning oils.

Skin care products, do not rush to use immediately after washing your face.

Wait 5 minutes after cleansing. At this time, the skin will secrete a lot of oil, wipe it off with oil-absorbing paper, and then use skin care products.

Because the skin is young, you only need to cleanse, tighten and balance the oil in three steps to achieve a good preventive effect.

  Of course, in order to make the skin look better, it is best to do it 2 times a month?
A deep cleansing mask 3 times to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

  Dealing with aging type: Moderately clean and timely replenish nutritional aging type pores due to skin aging.

In addition to maintaining proper cleanliness, this type of skin is supplemented with anti-aging ingredients such as collagen eggs that increase skin elasticity, which is very necessary.

The dermal layer of collagen and elastic fibers is obtained, the skin becomes full again, and the sunken pores will no longer be obvious.


Daily cleansing cannot be ignored, but it is best to avoid frosted products to reduce the wear on the skin.


Some people’s aging pores are accompanied by a large amount of oil at the same time. At this time, it is better not to control the strength of the oil. You only need to replace the used maintenance products with a small amount of refreshing products, and regular deep cleaning can solve it.


In addition to cleansing, add anti-aging and anti-oxidant essences to repair the base layer and restore skin’s firmness and elasticity.

So in the daily three steps of cleansing, toning, and sun protection, add the essence of this step.

The essence is used after toning and before sun protection.

  In order to achieve better maintenance results, you can do 1 every week?
The 2 times nourishing mask allows the skin to get more nutrition.

  Corresponding to the sensitive type: Correct cleaning, learning the anti-allergy repair is simple and effective is the connection of skin care.
Just clean, control oil and repair, you can solve your “orange peel” problem.

Clean it moderately. Do not use products that contain scrub particles and exfoliating acids every day.

A mild cleansing product with moderate cleansing power is sufficient.


A refreshing, oil-control skincare product that keeps your skin in better condition.

Young skin should be far away from those highly concentrated essences, and letting the skin “eat” too full is actually an abuse.


For already sensitive or slack skin, you can use the repair essence to repair.

After the repair essence is applied, it is best to use a pat and massage to accelerate penetration.

  In addition to the above improvement methods, good living habits can make the artificial “orange peel” fundamentally solved.

Smoking and killing wine will accelerate the oxidation of the skin and make the secretion of oil irregular; a small amount of excessively high food or irritating food is an invisible killer that enhances oil secretion.

  I am “Strawberry Man”!

  The nose with strong oil secretion is a clean dead corner, so it becomes a happy gathering place for blackheads.

To clean up these dirty and stubborn blackheads, you must have patience and methods.

Of course, don’t go too far and avoid over-cleaning.

Therefore, the best way to get rid of blackheads is based on their severity.

  Mild “strawberry men” with a small amount of blackheads is a common skin problem and the most easily resolved type.

Generally, this type of blackhead is a shallow type with a short formation time (prone to youthful pores). The blackhead has a lighter color and floats on the surface.

  People who peel off the “berry” method are usually more acid-resistant, and the pH value is much higher than normal. Adjusting the skin pH value is a good way to solve this type of “strawberry man”.

Medium-concentration fruit acids have the best conditioning, and ordinary fruit acid products on the market have a low concentration, so it is best to use professional fruit acid brand products.


Soak a cotton pad with a sufficient amount of fruit acid, then apply it on the nose and wait about 5 minutes before cleaning it.

Fruit acid has a good effect of exfoliating and regulating skin, but because it is irritating earlier, it is best not to use it on the entire face, of course, sensitive skin can.


After using acid, apply some firming toner.

  Even if the severe “strawberry man” is not serious in terms of area and depth, there are still ways to solve it.

This type of blackhead is dark in color, especially with large blackhead acne in the creases of the nose wings.

  Induced “berry” method, such a “strawberry man” is common in aging pore problem groups.

Due to poor skin metabolism, the accumulation of aging cutin is more serious.

For this type of blackhead, the most thorough method is to clean it in a large area.

But pay attention to the intensity of use. Excessive force may hurt the “Ben”, and gentle “induction” is a good way to solve the “strawberry man” that starts to age.


Use a hot towel to heat the nose area, and then apply a cotton pad soaked with blackhead replacement fluid on the blackhead area. Wait 5?
10 minutes.


Then use the round head of the sterilized acne needle to scrape up the black head that has floated from top to bottom.

Note that when scraping, you must press down firmly, and then scrape again, so as to completely remove the blackheads.


After the treatment, apply the essence to tighten the pores and calm down.
  Stubborn “Strawberry Man” This type of blackhead is the biggest from the difficulty of cleaning up.

Because it is buried deep, and restored and removed after removal, the color is dark, and the distribution area is mainly on the sides of the nose and wings, but the area is slightly smaller than the heavy type.

  The excessive removal of fat from the “berry” method and excessive pollution of the living environment are the primary causes of such blackheads.
In the face of such a “strawberry man”, patience is the most important thing, because it has the nature of “spring breeze blowing”.

Although these blackheads are stubborn, it is not difficult to get rid of them. As long as you do daily cleaning and deep cleaning, you can greatly improve them.


For deep cleaning, you can use cleansing oil (or baby oil, makeup remover) and deep cleansing mask to solve it.

Apply the cleansing oil to the blackhead area that needs to be cleaned, then massage in a circular manner for 3-5 minutes, wait for all the black dirty things to come out, then wipe it off with a cotton pad and clean with warm water.


After cleaning the oil, apply a deep cleansing film (the best paste type) to the blackhead area. It must be thick so as not to see the skin.


In order to enhance the effect, the area covered with the mask can be covered with cling film, and then covered with a hot towel on the cling film.

Such cleaning 1 every week?
2 times, you can make stubborn blackheads completely disappear.

Work out in the morning in 5 minutes

Work out in the morning in 5 minutes

When you wake up in the morning, place the pillows behind your back, straighten your hands backwards and stretch your body; do sit-ups 3 times; place the pillows behind your back, bend your knees together, take turns to the left and right, and make them touch the bed, Still clinging to the bed when both hands are not moving.

  When wearing clothes, hold your hands behind your back and straighten your chest while straightening your hands; your upper body will hang down naturally, your hands will swing left and right, and your waist will twist to the left and right;

  Put on your pants to do a quick squat, with your feet upright, shoulder width, shoulders and waist straight when squatting and standing, with your hands flat, your legs stretched evenly, squatting to the end, and getting up fast.

Jump a few times at the beginning, then you can switch to a continuous continuous jump in the same place, so that not only strengthens the strength of the legs, but also exercise the heart, and improve cardiopulmonary function.

  After getting up to do 10 push-ups, 100 steps to raise your legs in place.

If you have time, you can also stick to the wall to do an inverted stand. This will not only strengthen your upper limbs, but also promote blood circulation.

Have a good idea for toothache

Have a good idea for toothache

In acupuncture, there is a very important acupoint called “Siguan Acupoint”.

In “Lingshu · Nine Needles and Twelve Primitives”, “the five internal organs have six progenitors, the six prostitutes have twelve progenitors, and the twelve progenitors are derived from the four stages.”

The Siguan point generally refers to the bilateral Hegu point (commonly known as “Hukou”) and Taichong point, the former located between the first and second metacarpal bones, and between the first dorsal and second metatarsal bones.

  In the meridian theory, the Hand Yangming Large Intestine Meridian starts from the hand, runs along the side of the arm, and ends at the Yingxiang point of the head and face.

Therefore, head and face and facial features, such as headache, sore throat, dry mouth, nosebleeds, toothache, etc., are treated and prevented by cupping at Hegu Point, so there is a “face and mouth Hegushu”.

At the same time, regular cupping in Hegu Acupoint can also keep the qi and blood of the large intestine meridian unobstructed, so that metabolites and toxins in the body can be excreted in time.

  Foot Jue Yin Liver Meridian starts from the foot, passes through the lower limbs, bypasses the genitals, follows the two ribs, and reaches the top of the head.

Therefore, cupping at Taichong Point can suffer from dizziness, headache, red eyes, pain, abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, and kidney qi.

Cupping on the Taichong acupoint can also lower blood pressure, and has enhanced sexual function, adjusts emotions, clears heads, and can keep people full of energy and relaxed mood.

  When operating, please pay attention to the fact that because of the two acupoints of Hegu and Taichong, the muscles in the area are not very rich, and the diameter of the mouth of the cup is smaller (1).

5-2 cm).

Cupping frequency should be 2-3 times a week.