Five damaging eyes: smoking, light pollution, messy eye drops

Five damaging eyes: smoking, light pollution, messy eye drops

The latest data show that the daily outpatient amount of Beijing Tongren Hospital has exceeded 10,000. Among them, the daily outpatient amount of ophthalmology exceeds 4,500, an increase of 14%.

At the same time, the number of ophthalmological consultations at Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Friendship Hospital was higher than in previous years.

  People’s eyes can’t stand a Taiwan target against 10?
A survey conducted by 65-year-olds shows that most people stare at TV, computers, and mobile phones for an average of 49 hours per week. Nearly eight adults have experienced eye swelling, pain, tears, and dryness.

An epidemiological survey also found that the prevalence of dry eye disease is increasing, with the number of patients in Beijing alone reaching 2 million, of which white-collar workers account for a large proportion.

  Xie Peiying, director of the Optometry Research Center of the Peking University School of Medicine, pointed out that modern life makes Chinese eyes vulnerable, and each age has different problems.

Yu Minbin, a professor at the Ophthalmology Center of Guangzhou Zhongshan Medical University, points out that if you start to lose sight when reading at close range or continuous reading; when you feel dazzling when you shine directly into your eyes, it means your eyes are injured.

  What are the causes of the five major evils that make modern eyes more and more vulnerable?

  Working with eyes at the far end is tiring, and it is the first step to take away the bright eyes.

Xie Peiying said that whether it is more and more myopia children, or young and middle-aged people who are fatigued by eyesight and dry eye bleeding, the common feature is excessive use of eyes.

Long-term overload of the eyes can easily cause fatigue, blurred vision, dryness and itching.

These adverse reactions are exacerbated by incorrect sitting postures, wearing contact lenses, walking, reading books and electronic devices while riding in the eye.

  Poor eye hygiene habits When the eyes are uncomfortable, people will habitually rub them.

As everyone knows, the most bacteria on your hands.

Professor Li Ying, a myopia treatment center of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, has been an ophthalmologist for 20 years and has never had eye disease. The most important reason is not to rub the eyes casually.

  The messy eye drops work is tired and refreshing, and the eyes are red and itchy . As long as the eyes are uncomfortable, too many people ask for eye drops for help.

Actually, doing it harms your health.

Li Ying introduced that most of the eye drops currently contain preservatives. Long-term use may not only damage the cornea, but may also cause serious consequences due to symptoms.

  Light polluting the colorful lights in home decoration, outdoor stylish glass curtain walls, the little car lights . are the “accomplices” of injured eyes.

Nie Jing, associate professor of the Research Institute of Environmental Pollution and Health of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, pointed out that the light reflected from the walls of glass or mirrors, the polished marble floor, and various colored light sources are called “light pollution”, which will stimulate the retina reflection many times.Visual fatigue occurs and visual function decreases.

Especially for those who have been in contact with glass for a long time, and the light reflected by the mirror, the incidence of cataract will increase.

  Carbon monoxide produced during smoking can severely affect optic nerve function and cause vision loss.

  Eye care tips for ophthalmologists. In order to have healthy and bright eyes, in addition to changing the wrong habits, you must also pay attention to methods.

In this regard, the exclusive coup of the three ophthalmologists is the best eye care guide.

  Do not rub your eyes accidentally. If your eyes are uncomfortable, wash your hands first, then close your eyes and press lightly.

When there is a foreign body in your eyes, you should also close your eyes first, wait for a lot of tears to repeat, then open your eyes and blink a few times. In many cases, tears can wash out the foreign body.

  Do “5 no” reading without lying; discontinuous continuous, close-looking, more than 45 minutes, take a 10-minute rest, look at the distance first, then the near; do not lie on the table with your head tilted; do not lightLook in dark or too bright places; don’t look at books or screens that are too small.

  Home decoration to avoid light pollution as little as possible, install mirrors, glass and other accessories on wooden boards; choose paint with low light reflection coefficient, the wall is mainly light-colored such as beige, light blue; living room, study, kitchen headlights are best to chooseHue, that is, a light that can emit white light; direct light to avoid direct eyes.

  The reason why the multi-blinking eyeballs are black and white and watery is inseparable from the moisturizing effect of tears in addition to the special tissue structure.

But when looking at the computer, the number of blinks will be greatly reduced, resulting in dry eyes.

Blink more in dry winters and air-conditioned rooms.

  The color of sunglasses that you must wear when you go out in summer is best to choose a dark color, and it is best to use polarizers to eliminate glare from vehicles and buildings.

  Eat more yellow-green vegetables such as carrots, corn, broccoli, kiwi, etc., which are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which can prevent the degradation of eye function.

  When playing table tennis, the eyes will rotate through fast-moving objects to regulate and relax, delay presbyopia, and prevent myopia.

  Contact lenses that are worn less commonly The contact lenses that are commonly used now have a poor oxygen permeability, which makes the cornea hypoxic. Once there are bacteria and viruses, it is particularly vulnerable to infection.